SQLAuthority News – Request SQLAuthority.com Stickers and SQL Server Cheat Sheet

I have been overwhelmed with the request for SQL Server Cheat Sheet recently. I absolutely think it is tremendously useful; its hand written form is adorning my wall since a long time. Having realized its usefulness I got it done professionally and distributed it at TechEd in Hyderabad, TechEd in Ahmedabad, and TechEd on Road in Trivendrum. Now, they are very much in demand.

Every morning when I wake up and check my email, I receive 50+ requests for SQL Server Cheat Sheets. Just a few days back I got few SQLAuthority.com stickers done and I now am getting so many requests for the same. Thank you very much for your great support and response. It gives me great pleasure to come with something innovative and useful for you all!

SQLAuthority News - Request SQLAuthority.com Stickers and SQL Server Cheat Sheet sqlcheatsheetsticker

I have SQL Server Cheat Sheet already available online where its soft copy can be downloaded easily.

Download SQL Server Cheat Sheet from here.

So far, I have been giving away SQL Server Cheat Sheet to everyone who has been requesting me. However, now only a few copies are left with me. It has been very expensive for me to send out this to everybody nationally and internationally.

As I have limited piece of stickers and cheat sheet at this moment. I have just come up with an idea. Send me your physical address with 3 of your most favorite articles of SQLAuthrority blog. I have created a list of top 10 articles. If the 3 articles selected by you is a part of my top 10 articles, I will right away send you SQL Server Cheat Sheet with SQLAuthority.com stickers. Make sure that you have your physical address included along with your email address where you would prefer get informed if you are selected.

I just hope this way I will be able to send these to my every dedicated fan. Follow me on twitter.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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