SQLAuthority News – Interview of Author on 60 Seconds with Pinal Dave

Vijaya Kadiyala is my fellow .NET and SQL Expert and very respected member of the technology community in India. He is known for his easy but to the point attitude for technology. He regularly writes on his blog : DotNetVJ. I happen to meet him at MVP Summit in Seattle and have learned a lot about him. In my recent travel to South India, I have learned a great deal about his community services and enthusiasm about cutting edge technology.

Vijaya has started interview series on his blog where he takes very quick interviews of community leaders. He asked following five questions in his interview series of 60 Seconds.

  1. Please tell us something about yourself.
  2. What motivated you to become an MVP.
  3. Please share with us your journey of becoming an MVP.
  4. Tell us about your MVP Summit experience.
  5. Any message to the Technologists.

It was my honor as expert like Vijaya has asked for my interview. Read my answers to Vijaya’s question on his blog.

Read 60 Seconds with Pinal Dave.

Vijaya is also planning to write book, and poll aobut his book is open on his blog. I strongly urge all my readers to participate for the same.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal,

    Realy you are very energetic and valuable person. How do you manage your things alot? God bless you! keep it up.

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