SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – Tech User Group Meeting, Markham, Canada and Toronto CA Solutions

I can talk about database almost all the day. Yesterday I had two technical meetings. One with Tech User Group of Markham and another with TorontoCASolutions. Let us go over my summary of both the meetings.

Tech User Group of Markham, Canada
Steve Jagadishan is very enthusiastic leader of the Tech User Group. This user group is very new UG and learning all the tricks and treads. UG is still very small and it has only 6 members so far. There are lots of challenges they are facing and we had interesting discussion at Timothy’s Coffee (a famous Canadian coffee chain). All the members were very enthusiastic and wants to make sure that their UG gets necessary encouragement and exposure. I think this is dream of every UG that they get required promotion and exposure so they can grow and recruit more members. Without good number of members UG just becomes group meeting. Sometime we have more members in our family then UG. Tech UG of Markham does not have website so they will be working on it right away.

I have following suggestion for any UG who is looking for exposure.
1) Make sure that you have website and it is updated at regular interval. Stale website has no value.
2) Website should have necessary sections completed : Current Meeting Info, Previous Meetings Archives, Photos, Give Away Info, Affiliation, Officers
3) Always have atleast one presentation from your UG members. You do not have to have people coming in from outside always, pick one of the member from your team and have meeting.
4) Invite MVPs, Industry Leaders, Microsoft Employees and any prominent people who are traveling in that area.
5) Do not miss any meetings. It is very important that meetings are done at regular intervals and are not missed. Once meetings are started to skip this will keep on happening.

Toronto CA Solutions, Toronto, Canada (Website)
This firm is privately held and owned by two leading CAs in Toronto. I had a great meeting with them and have learned quite a lot from them. I will write in detail review about my meeting with necessary information in a separate article. However, today we will go over a couple of the most important details which we had discussed.

Toronto CA Solution is totally environmently friendly organization. This organization is 100% paperless. It is really hard to believe that office of CA is paperless but when I visited it accidentally, I did not find any paper on any CA’s desk. Toronto CA Solutions used Intel-based technology to move from a paper-bound environment to a greener paperless office. As everything is paperless it is necessary for company to take backup of whole database and documents at multiple levels for high availability. I had in-depth discussion with company owners Pramen Prasad and Alpesh Joshi regarding how the security, scalability and performance of the complete file management can be improved. Owners of the company are really tech geeks and knows the ins-outs of technology. Being CA and dealing with Tax and complex accounting issues, I did not expected that they would sit with me for technical discussion.

Few of the things which we discussed with them are as following:
1) Improve Security of Access Management and how SQL Server can help them with its native features.
2) Backup and online storage as well as high availability of application (application server and database server).
3) Instant response of database and accuracy of data retrieved.

SQLAuthority News - Author Visit - Tech User Group Meeting, Markham, Canada and Toronto CA Solutions DSC03762
Prameen Prasad, Alpesh Joshi

I will write detail about discussed issues and proposed solution soon. It was very interesting discussion and I will consider one top notch technical solution was proposed to their unique requirement.

Following is my travel itinerary so far:

Feb 27, 2009 – Departing Ahmedabad to Mumbai
Feb 28, 2009 – Departing Mumbai to Seattle Sheraton Hotel
March 1, 2009 – Day 1 at MVP Summit
March 2, 2009 – Day 2 at MVP Summit
March 3, 2009 – Day 3 at MVP Summit
March 4, 2009 – Day 4 at MVP Summit
March 5, 2009 – Departing Seattle to Toronto
March 6, 2009 – Tech User Group Meeting, Markham, Canada
March 7, 2009 – Departing Toronto to Mumbai
March 8, 2009 – Missing Day due to Day Line Crossing
March 9, 2009 – Arriving to Ahmedabad

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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