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Today is first day of MVP Summit 2009 in Seattle and I am very excited to attend it. This is first time I am in Seattle and I am really liking it. I am planning to visit Seattle Needle and Starbucks coffee shops.

One question I have received many times so far is Where am I am from? and once I answer that question I get follow up question about Why I did so? Let me answer this question on my blog today so my readers know about it.

I am currently located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and working as SQL Expert. My specialty is Query Optimization and Database Architecture. I take SQL Server Tutorial Tracks in all over India. Before I moved to India, I was in USA for about 7 years.

I studied in University of Southern California (USC) – Los Angeles, California, USA. My area of expertize was Masters of Science in Computer Networks and yes, I am still good at networking after these many years. I think my success as Database Architecture is due to my strong background in network architecture. My understanding of system architecture and network system gives me an edge in my work and career. I am able to provide unorthodox solutions.

I have worked in Las Vegas in leading automotive industry as Database Administrator and have learned great deal of database optimization and system architecture. If you are wondering what if I ever gambled in Las Vegas, let me clearify that I never did!

I moved back to India approximately 14 months ago to stay with my family. In Last 14 months, I have got two important event of my life. One I was awarded Microsoft MVP Award and second I got married to girl of my life.

Today, I am completely satisfied with my progress and I am planning to continue my journey with SQL Server and database architecture. I still think that I have lot to learn before I can call myself SQL Guru and I am looking forward to meet some great SQL Gods in MVP Summit.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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