SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Reading XML File Using T-SQL

In one of the previous article we have seen how we can create XML file using SELECT statement SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Creating XML File Using T-SQL. Today we will see how we can read the XML file using the SELECT statement.

Following is the XML which we will read using T-SQL:

SQL SERVER - Simple Example of Reading XML File Using T-SQL samplexml

Following is the T-SQL script which we will be used to read the XML:

SET @MyXML = '<SampleXML>
<Color4 Special="Light">Green</Color4>

a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color1[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Color1,
a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color2[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Color2,
a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color3[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Color3,
a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color4[1]/@Special’,‘varchar(10)’)+‘ ‘+
a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color4[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Color4,
a.b.value(‘Colors[1]/Color5[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Color5,
a.b.value(‘Fruits[1]/Fruits1[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Fruits1,
a.b.value(‘Fruits[1]/Fruits2[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Fruits2,
a.b.value(‘Fruits[1]/Fruits3[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Fruits3,
a.b.value(‘Fruits[1]/Fruits4[1]’,‘varchar(10)’) AS Fruits4
FROM @MyXML.nodes(‘SampleXML’) a(b)

Please note in above T-SQL statement XML attributes is read the same as XML Value.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal Dave,

    I am new to XML and i need to insert following XML data to SQL Table(PID,CID,phone..). Pl help me in this.

    thanks in advance.

  • Jesus cortes
    June 13, 2018 3:26 am

    Thanks pinal

  • Hi Dave,

    Is there any way to read the data, More in more generic manner, In above scripts columns names/XML tags are hard codes.
    If we can soft code it then it might be more helpful.


  • Can you supply a sample of using an actual XML file rather than a variable to hold the XML data?


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