SQLAuthirty Author Visit – SQL SERVER – User Group Meeting – Ahmedabad – August 30, 2008

I always enjoy participating in SQL Server User Group. We had recent meeting of Ahmedabad User Group on August 30. We had many things discussed in meeting.

I enjoyed meeting fellows from different company who visited user group. The major discussion we had was quality of programmers and quality of work done by programmers. We all felt that looking at current market everybody is rushing for IT jobs. Finding right job is difficult and finding right candidate for job is even more difficult. User groups are the place for good developers to show up for good networking with industry leads and fellow developers.

One question I constantly discuss with user group president Jacob Sebastian (SQL Server – MVP) is that not many people are aware of what is User Group.

User group is place to meet fellow developers like us and learn something new at no cost. User groups are free and there is no fee. A users’ group may provide its members (and sometimes the general public as well) with one or more of the following services:

  • periodic meetings
  • public lectures
  • a newsletter
  • a library of media or tools
  • a software archive
  • an online presence such as a dial-up BBS or Internet website
  • swap meets
  • technical support
  • social events

During latest meeting we all enjoyed great demonstration of SQL Server Transaction Isolations Levels by Jacob Sebastian. He has explained lots of details which are interesting to learn. His presentation was followed up by small discussion about Common Table Expression by Pinal Dave.

If you have missed meeting on August 30, I suggest you attend the next meeting for sure. It is really great to meet SQL Server Experts in one place and learn so much in less than 2 hours. I will keep all of you posted with updated news about next meeting of SQL Server User Group of Ahmedabad.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com) , Wiki – User Group

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  • Hi Pinal,

    If possible can you please put the documention of the topics covered during the sessions.


    September 20, 2008 8:41 am

    Hi Dave Ji,

    What about the people who are unable to attend , KINDLY PUBLISH THEM ON WEB.

    Kind Regards


  • HI,
    Would the meeting be conducted always in Ahmedabad or do you plan to extend this across other cities as well?
    If possible, that would be great!!!



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