SQL SERVER – FIX : ERROR : Could Not Connect to SQL Server – TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x7e, status code 0x60

This is a very common error faced by so many people and I get lots of questions regarding this error. This error occurs due to many reasons and I have already posted few solutions on this error, see if you can find your solution here

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Recently when I was trying to create new user and connect to SQL SERVER 2008, I faced this same error and could solve it after some search which I was unaware about and thought to share it so that it would help out many people.

This is the error that occurred when I was trying to connect to SQL Server 2008. I tried to start the services of SQL Server from SQL Server Services in SQL Server Configuration Manager, but again an error occurred that the request failed.

This is the error which was found in event log viewer. And from this information provided I disabled the VIA Protocol and tried again.

To disable the VIA follow the steps:

1. Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager.
2. Click on SQL Server Network Configuration node.
3. Click on Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
4. Disable the VIA Protocol.
5. And start the SQL SERVER (MSSQLSERVER) services again.
6. As the services are started connect to SQL SERVER.

VIA is an abbreviation for Virtual Interface Adapter protocol. If you enable the VIA protocol on a computer that does not support the VIA protocol, the SQL Server service will not start.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Thanks!!!!

    Solved my problem instantaneously!
    And it was th firs link I found about the subject!

  • Thanks a ton Dear! I just faced this problem in a different way by wrong setting to copy protection of my site. However after reading your article, I remove settings and then it worked fine!

  • Thanks For this help But this same error is occurred with my Sql server and I tried this but there is no affection in starting the server

    I could’t start my SQL server service So if any other aspect for this error then please Reply.


  • Thank you so much! :)

  • even through these steps i could not get the solution to my problem can u help me some other way

  • Thanks for support. It resolved my issue.


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