SQL SERVER – 2008 – User Account – sa or sysadmin

Just a day ago, I noticed ‘sysadmin’ user in SQL Server 2008. While looking more into it, I found that it has same account rights as ‘sa’ account. ‘sysadmin’ is actually replacement for legacy ‘sa’ account. ‘sa’ still exist in SQL Server 2008, however, it will be deprecated in future versions of SQL Server. It is recommended to all the users who switch to SQL Server 2008 to start migrating to ‘sysadmin’ from ‘sa’.

Additionally, security is improved in SQL Server 2008 from SQL Server 2005. In previous version of ‘sa’ account were allowed to create without password, however in new version of 2008 ‘sa’ account can not be created without providing password.

Summary, start migrating from ‘sa’ to ‘sysadmin’ as we upgrade to SQL Server 2008.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • But you can still reset the sa passowrd to null.

  • hi,
    my question is when you are installing SQL server 2008 can i create 2 sa account and remove one after the install is completed. if so how can i do it?
    another question
    how do i start and stop services in SQL server 2008?

    i would be greatful if you can answer these questions for me


  • HI,

    Where can we find the sa login password.

      October 25, 2013 9:27 pm

      you can find sa login password through the admin who has created it but if u dont know the password you can change it by right clicking the the ‘security’ and then ‘sa logins’ to properties and then you can see sa’s password and the you were able to change it.

  • the sa password cannot be changed

  • Hi,

    May I know from what Microsoft article was it mentioned that the sa account is being deprecated in the future versions of SQL? I am trying to find out to justify the effort of “migrating” from sa to sysadmin.


  • Hi,
    May I know the password of the sa, for SQL 2005 ?

    Thanks in advance


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