SQL SERVER – Create a Comma Delimited List Using SELECT Clause From Table Column

I received following question in email : How to create a comma delimited list using SELECT clause from table column?

Answer is to run following script.

USE AdventureWorks
SELECT @listStr = COALESCE(@listStr+',' ,'') + Name
FROM Production.Product
SELECT @listStr

I have previously written a similar article where I have demonstrated this method using three sample examples. You can read the article for further information. SQL SERVER – Creating Comma Separate Values List from Table – UDF – SP

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Simple CSV implementations may prohibit field values that contain a comma or other special characters such as CSV. The CSV file format is not standardized. CSV is a common data exchange format that is widely supported by consumer, business, and scientific applications. CSV formats are best used to represent sets or sequences of records in which each record has an identical list of fields.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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