SQL SERVER – Get Current Database Name

Yesterday while I was writing script for SQL SERVER – 2005 – Find Unused Indexes of Current Database . I realized that I needed SELECT statement where I get the name of the current Database. It was very simple script.


It will give you the name the database you are running using while running the query.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Thank u sir….

  • 1) I have 2 db one is parent db and another one is child db.

    2) suppose while using child db i need parent table information normall we are using parent..tablename.

    3) statically we declare @db=parent at that time we use exec() the query.

    for ex:

    declare @DB varchar(20)
    set @db= parent

    ‘select * from child inner join
    SELECT distinct ia_grn_num FROM ‘+@DB+’..invtb_adjust where ia_stock_num = ”TYREI”
    ) b on ir_grn_num = b.ia_grn_num’

    4) I want to use set @db= parent but i dont want to use exec() the query. Is it posible to sql server?

  • Hi Dave, similar question: I have multiple DBs with similar Schemas (for different levels of development). I need a way to dynamically specify which of these schemas is the one I want.

    Kind of like a: “USE [Ask me for which DB and insert it here]” statement at the top of the script.

    Any ideas?


  • Thank you very much Pinal.

  • Dear Sir,

    Can please advise “How to find database name using table name in sql”

  • very useful thanks

  • Tks!!! Tks

  • Great post. Another one is very useful is:
    select @@servername to get the server’s name.

  • Harirajan Varadaraju
    November 1, 2013 2:29 am

    MSSQL – How do you find which db the query is running.
    i am aware of db_name()

    query is :

    select dbname1 from dbname1.table1
    union all
    select dbname2 from dbname2.table2

    here i am using union to query two dbs.
    i do i get dbname1, dbname2 in output column automatically.

    in this case i cannot use db_name()

  • thank you sir,
    i have one task..,
    how can i get databases having same login,Password

  • Hello. I’m hoping for a solution to an issue I have.

    There seems to be an explicit name set in a stored procedure, to a database that I had renamed for the sake of doing lab work.

    The original name of the database was FOO1, and I restored it as FOO2. I’m using a tool in learning how to reverse engineer a database when I noticed that I have quite a few errors because of a reference in a Stored Procedure that references FOO1 explicitly.

    The error I’m getting is:
    Unable to resolve object ‘FOO1’.[myTable] in unknown ‘[MyServer].[FOO1]’ referenced by stored procedure ‘[MyServer].[FOO2].dbo.[myStoredProcedure]’

    So I understand the error it’s looking for something in what was the original name of the database.

    I found the line in the stored procedure that makes this reference:

    FROM FOO1.dbo.Usertable p, ….

    Is there a way (in a stored procedure) to automagically get database name, set it as a variable for example as, @DBNAME, so that I can change it to look like:

    FROM @DBNAME.dbo.Usertable p …

    Could someone please provide insight :)

    Greatly appreciated.

  • thank u..

  • I have 3 databases in one server named A, B,C. One procedure sp_1 is in B. I will call that procedure from either A or C.According to calling database (i.e A or C) I have to set @Calling_Db_name which is in Procedure sp_1.

    How I can do this.

    Please help me..

  • How can you use the current database name to populate a field. The login default database in sql server query Cheers Nick

    • Can you please explain a bit more on your requirement Nick? DB_Name() would give you the value and it can be used with INSERT / UPDATE statement for you. So let me know.

  • How to search by database name within SQL server management studio because I have over 3,000 database attached to each instance

    • Can you provide more details? have you tried using Object Explorer Details window? There is a search option there

  • James E. Espitia C.
    January 20, 2016 3:34 am

    Good afternoon Pinal

    May you help me telling me how to pass db_name() as default paramenter in a user defined function in sql server 2008, something like this:

    CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[test](@p_e1 AS [SYSNAME] = @@SERVERNAME, @p_e2 AS [SYSNAME] = DB_NAME())
    IF @p_e2 = N’Some Data Base’
    RETURN 1;
    RETURN 0;

    Thanks a lot for your valuable help.

  • Thank you very much. Great.

  • Is there a way to find the database name or ID from within a stored procedure? DB_NAME() always returns the name of the database that the procedure is defined in. I want to know the name or ID of the database that the stored procedure was called from. Is this possible?

    For example, If I have a procedure called MY_PROC, defined in MAIN_DB, that displays a database name,
    EXEC MAIN_DB.dbo.MY_PROC — Should Return ‘DATABASE_A’

    EXEC MAIN_DB.dbo.MY_PROC — Should Return ‘DATABASE_B’

    Thank You,


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