SQL SERVER – 2008 – November CPT5 New Improvement

The progress map of SQL Server 2008 is diagrammatically listed here.

I am listing the new improvements here as list.

  • Data Collection and Performance Warehouse for Relational Engine
  • Service Broker Enhancements
  • Registered Servers Enhancements
  • Synchronous net-changes change tracking for SQL Server
  • T-SQL IntelliSense
  • Declarative Management Framework (DMF) Enhancements
  • Geo-spatial Support
  • Analysis Services Query and Writeback Performance
  • Robust Report Server Platform
  • Integration Services – Lookup Enhancements
  • Analysis Services MDX Query Optimizer – Block Computation
  • Analysis Services Aggregation Design
  • Analysis Services Cube Design
  • Reporting Services Scale Engine
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Resource Governor – Limit Specification
  • Backup Compression
  • Plan Freezing
  • Fully Parallel Plans Scale on Partitioned Tables

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com) , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 CPT5

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