SQL SERVER – 2005 – List All Stored Procedure Modified in Last N Days

I usually run following script to check if any stored procedure was deployed on live server without proper authorization in last 7 days. If SQL Server suddenly start behaving in un-expectable behavior and if stored procedure were changed recently, following script can be used to check recently modified stored procedure. If stored procedure was created but never modified afterwards modified date and create date for that stored procedure are same.

FROM sys.objects
WHERE type = 'P'
AND DATEDIFF(D,modify_date, GETDATE()) < 7
----Change 7 to any other day value

Following script will provide name of all the stored procedure which were created in last 7 days, they may or may not be modified after that.

FROM sys.objects
WHERE type = 'P'
AND DATEDIFF(D,create_date, GETDATE()) < 7
----Change 7 to any other day value.

Date condition in above script can be adjusted to retrieve required data.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal Dave,

    I have a requirement like trying find the script for alter the Stored procedure and take the backup of existing SP in development server and that should be automated or just script anything is fine.

    Every time if any changes on SP’s in Development Server those data not be reflected in Prod server.

    So is there any other solution for solving the issue.

    Please Help with this.

  • The script gives me the date and time the stored procedure was changed, but how do I find the login of who changed the SP

  • How to do Undo alter stored procedure?

  • Hi Pinal Dave,

    I was wondering is there any possibility to see the content of changed procedure. I’m looking for the old content. Is there a tracking data in the database with that amount of detail.

    Kind regards


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