SQL SERVER – 2008 Katmai – Your Data, Any Place, Any Time

I was following up on the news of first Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Conference held at Seattle. Good news is – SQL Server 2008 code name ‘Katmai’ is announced. I went to the official website I like the catchy line “Your Data, Any Place, Any Time“. As per my opinion the most important thing about Katmai is that it can be used to manage any type of data, including relational data, documents, geographic information and XML.

The question I received many times since yesterday is :
I am still using SQL Server 2000, I was planning to upgrade to SQL Server 2005 very soon. Should I wait till Katmai is released or upgrade to SQL Server 2005 any way and do the upgrade process again next year?

My answer is : Upgrade to SQL Server 2005 any way.
There are many advantages to upgrade to SQL Server 2005. They can be easily find online and almost every where. You can always go to SQL Server 2008 Katmai if you prefer.

Now for me the real question is : What Katmai brings to me and my organization additionally to make me upgrade to it?
Many sites list the advantage of it : 1) MS Press Pass 2) MS SQL Server

The real factor drives the success of the any software are :
No software is perfect. There will be service pack for Katmai. Katmai may be expensive for some organization. It may (most likely) require more upgraded hardware to run the server. Corporation should be in need of features provided by Katmai. If all of this are in order, upgrade to Katmai sooner to take advantage of the latest technology in 2008.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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