SQL SERVER – Top 10 Hidden Gems in SQL Server 2005

Top 10 Hidden Gems in SQL Server 2005
By Cihan Biyikoglu

SQL Server 2005 has hundreds of new and improved components. Some of these improvements get a lot of the spotlight. However there is another set that are the hidden gems that help us improve performance, availability or greatly simplify some challenging scenarios. This paper lists the top 10 such features in SQL Server 2005 that we have discovered through the implementation with some of our top customers and partners.

  1. TableDiff.exe
  2. Triggers for Logon Events (New in Service Pack 2)
  3. Boosting performance with persisted-computed-columns (pcc).
  4. DEFAULT_SCHEMA setting in sys.database_principles
  5. Forced Parameterization
  6. Vardecimal Storage Format
  7. Indexing made easier with SQL Server 2005
  8. Figuring out the most popular queries in seconds
  9. Scalable Shared Databases
  10. Soft-NUMA

Read original Microsoft TechNet Article for detailed explanation.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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