SQLAuthority News – Recap Year 2008 – Two Most Important Event of My Life

Year 2008 is about to complete in next few hours. It was one of the most interesting year for me in my life. There were so many things happened and fortunately all of them are good.

If I have to list events special to me in year 2008 there can be many, I will list two most important events of my life in year 2008.

I am awarded as SQL Server MVP by Microsoft
I am very thankful to Microsoft to recognize my talent as SQL Server Expert and Community Leader. I had great fun this year when I visited MVP Open Day at Goa.

I got married
This is another event of my life for which I am thankful to almighty god. I got married to Nupur on December 12, 2008 and my life is really changed in good way. Marriage life is wonderful and my wife supports me in writing my blog.

I want to wish you very happy new year in advance and I wish new year bring all the happiness in every bodies life.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Wedding Day of Author – Photographs – Mr. and Mrs. SQLAuthority

On December 12, 2008 I had posted a note on blog when I completed 800th Article on this blog. The same day was also my wedding day. Read more about the same here SQLAuthority News – Wedding Day of Author.

Thank you very much for your wishes and wonderful emails. I have received many emails and I have replied almost all of them with thank you note. Almost all of them have requested to send photographs of my wedding day. I have shared few of the photographs here. Those who were present at the occasion and want their own personal copy of the photograph, please leave a note and I will send you personal copy of the photograph with SQLAuthority gift. When one of the reader who did not know my wife’s name addressed her as Mrs. SQLAuthority we all laughed together. My wife’s name is Nupur and she does love my blog besides me.

Marriage is wonderful thing and it has changed my life for sure in good way. Nupur and I, both of us consider ourselves very lucky to have each other as our life partner.

1 SQLAuthority News   Wedding Day of Author   Photographs   Mr. and Mrs. SQLAuthority

Nupur and Pinal

6 SQLAuthority News   Wedding Day of Author   Photographs   Mr. and Mrs. SQLAuthority

Wedding Place

9 SQLAuthority News   Wedding Day of Author   Photographs   Mr. and Mrs. SQLAuthority

Pinal and Nupur

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SQLAuthority News – Wedding Day of Author – 800th Article of Blog

Today is big day for me. I am getting married today. Wedding is just one hour away and I am writing this article. I will post more information tomorrow about this event of my life. While assigning categories to this article, I laughed when I selected “SQLAuthority Author Visit” tag.

The way I receive one question repetitively “What are the differences between SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise Edition?”, I think Microsoft receives the same question again and again so they have created PDF answering the same question. Download SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Standard Feature Compare.

In November 2008 I was fortunate to attend MVP Open Day 2008 at Goa and it was lots of fun. Read events details here.

This is 800th article on SQLAuthority.com. I think YOU for staying along with me in this journey for more than 2 years. We will continue sharing technical information regarding Microsoft SQL Server.

Thank You!!!

UPDATE: I am just back from my own wedding and now I am married to wonderful person. She is beautiful and understanding.

Pinal Dave ( http://www.pinaldave.com )

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)