It’s a New Year, Take Advantage of It – Notes from the Field #110

[Note from Pinal]: This is the first episode of Notes from the Field series in the year 2016 and 110th overall.

There is one place where I see the maximum crowd in the new year – fitness center (gym). It is indeed a good thing that we all want to stay fit and active. However, the reality unveils itself from the second week when the gyms are empty once again. We all start strong, but only few finish strong as well. Earlier last year when I was taking advice from Mike about staying healthy, I had narrated this scenario to Mike. I was expecting that Mike will stay that he understands my feeling we will soon start talking about something related to SQL – in reality, that did not happen. When I mentioned this to Mike, he said it is indeed a good thing and he is, suggested why not we take advantage of initial enthusiasm to set a strong base for the future and healthy lifestyle. Mike did make a great point. We kept on talking about various ways to stay healthy. When we ended our conversation, just as expected, we talked about SQL. Just like health, Mike had had a wonderful insight about the database.
mikewalsh Its a New Year, Take Advantage of It   Notes from the Field #110

In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Mike Walsh presents his thoughts about why we should take advantage of the opportunity present at new year and build a stronger base for healthy databases. Trust me, you want to read it!

Us technologists, we are good at what we are good at. We excel at troubleshooting, solving complex challenges and rising to the occasion. We keep our systems up, we rush in to save the day (especially the DBAs). We ace tests, we love digging in and tuning queries. We’re good at our jobs for the most part.

Sometimes, though, some of us aren’t so great at getting things done. Maybe you suffer from that problem? I know I do. I am quick to pick up the next thing before the current thing is done. I am good at putting things on my to-do lists (in fact I actually have a lot of to-do lists in different forms in different places) but I’m not so good at checking things off of the to-do lists.

smile Its a New Year, Take Advantage of It   Notes from the Field #110I get the urgent things done, but the important and not so urgent things? They can take a back seat. Are you like that? It seems that many of us technologists are. Not all of course, but we live distraction full, device driven “NOW!” controlled lives lately.

This post is a departure from the great guest feature Pinal allows us at Linchpin People to offer. Normally we are answering a technical question, helping point you in the direction of an answer or a better way of doing something. Today, I want to slide back to Professional Development.

It’s a New Year, Take Advantage of It

Worried? Stop and do something about it :-)

On the Gregorian Calendar, this week signifies the start of a new year. You often will see New Year’s resolutions come out this time of year. People say this is finally the year they’ll start eating better, quit a habit, get in shape or do something they’ve been meaning to do.

I’m not asking you to make a resolution. But I am wondering if we can agree that there are things we all meant to do at work last year but never did. Are there services we never took care of? Improvements we left unchecked. If there are, and if you are like me there probably are, make a plan to do something about them. Not a plan that won’t get touched like my to-do lists all over the place. But start today, be persistent and let’s get it done.

This is a new year and we have an opportunity to have a reason and push to do something different for a change. Let’s take advantage of it.

 Its a New Year, Take Advantage of It   Notes from the Field #110

Some Ideas

There are a lot of categories we could look at here.

Learning –

Yes, your own growth is important and something that we end up letting get neglected if it isn’t part of your official job description and your employer/manager doesn’t sort of force you along on that path. SQL Server 2016 comes out this year.  Here’s an action plan for you – Go to this site(, learn about what’s coming, download a Community Technology Preview and play with some of the features and get familiar.

Maintenance –

Especially if you are a DBA – how is your environment? When is the last time you’ve given it a health check? You don’t have to reach out to Linchpin People to have us do a WellDBA Exam – though we’d be happy to help you do that. Look at the free tools out there, spend time with your key SQL Servers – look at how they are configured and running. Are things good here? What can be done differently? What maintenance is missing? Make a list and start knocking things off as you get to them.

Plan Ahead –

How old are your servers? When’s the last time you had that conversation about data archival? What are the business’ plans this year and you can your systems handle those plans? Have a conversation with the technical teams and make sure you are ready for 2016 and beyond.

What Else?

I don’t know about you, but when I read a post like this or hear people talk about procrastination or missing to-do items – I get this feeling inside. This sort of angry, panicky voice that says “Oh yeah!! I have to do ______” are you getting that voice about anything? I am just typing about it. So what I’m going to do is stop writing this post and go get those things done. You should stop reading and start getting those things done, or delegate them, or realize they weren’t important and you should stop worrying about them. Happy 2016!

If you want to get started with performance analytics and triage of virtualized SQL Servers with the help of experts, read more over at Fix Your SQL Server.

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SQLAuthority News – 9th Year Blog Anniversary

9th SQLAuthority News   9th Year Blog AnniversaryToday is an amazing day!

9 years ago on this day, I started to write this blog.

Since then I am producing one blog post a day everyday!

During this year there are so many changes have happened in the blog and my professional career as well as on my personal life. I have always shared my true feeling on this blog all the time.

Today, I feel like writing a lot of things, but I am pretty sure that readers are more interested in learning SQL rather than reading my monologue.

Here is my promise, I am going to continue my journey to SQL for the next year!

One more thing – THANK YOU for your love and support!

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The Milestone- Linchpin People – Notes from the Field #100

[Note from Pinal]: This is a 100th episode of Notes from the Field series.

This is amazing and shows the true dedication. Almost two years ago, Team Linchpin and I discussed that we want to share something different. When we started none of us know what we actually wanted to build. We only knew one thing – we want to bring real world scenarios and real world examples in front of the world. We do not want to talk about situations which are so special that it will never happen, we wanted to bring the vast experience of the Linchpin People together we situations which DBA and Developers face every single day. When we started, we were not sure if this will be a successful experiment or not. However, when I look back in last two years, I think the amount of content which we have built it is amazing. There are over 100 different stories which DBA and Developers every day come across and Team Linchpin People help them improve their lives.

I indeed feel emotional when I see this 100th blog post from Linchpin People. Their experience with SQL Server is amazing, but their discipline and zeal to help community overall is astonishing.

mikewalsh The Milestone  Linchpin People   Notes from the Field #100

In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Mike Walsh presents his thoughts about this entire experience of Guest Blogging with real world situations. Trust me, you want to read it!

Hello friends at SQLAuthority. I hope that Pinal allows me to share some off topic thoughts with you in this week’s “Notes from the Field” guest post from Linchpin People. This will be, if my math is correct, the 100th guest post that Linchpin has shared on this blog that Pinal has nurtured for the SQL Server community.

These thoughts will be a combination of editorial question & random observation, a preview of what’s in store and a thanks to Pinal. And I’ll try and keep it short.

How Can I Better Give Back to Our World? How Can You?

I’m not going to get to the full heart of this question in a post I’m trying to keep short. I’m going to play with this question more on my blog ( and on Linchpin’s Blog ( in the coming weeks, or months, maybe years.

100 1 The Milestone  Linchpin People   Notes from the Field #100Here’s what I mean though. We live in interesting times. Our world is connected in ways it has never been. Information is being shared in ways it has never been shared. The Pinal’s audience is such a great example of these facts. You are reading this post from India, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. At the same time you are reading this post from a city with luxuries and amenities and fast internet someone is reading this in a remote village or rural outpost, perhaps with an intermittent satellite connection. Some are using a translation app to read these thoughts (and I hope they come out the same as I intended!)

We are not as distant as we once were. We are not as far apart as we once were. In many parts of the world we are advancing in many ways. The disease is receding, poverty decreasing, hunger and thirst accounting for less suffering and death. Yet, it isn’t widespread. Words like “Facebook” or “iPhone” are quickly becoming widespread. This access to data and connectivity is moving forward faster than anyone imagined. The speed at which the move is happening is faster than expected. The world’s challenges are not going away at that same rate, though. Perhaps I should say they haven’t been.

Something is changing, though. Things that so many reading this post (I include myself there) take for granted are still out of reach for populations that are too large. Clean water, education, shelter, opportunity, equal access to education for young boys and young girls, freedom from oppression or persecution, or access to basic medicine… These things is still wanted by many in our world. That’s not the change, that’s the steady state. The change, though, is a new ethos. A new ethic. A new mindset. A new action. We live in a time when some of us who have access to all those, dare I call them human rights, are combining our technological know-how, our data, our social media, our tools with the freedoms we have to use them and initiatives are starting everywhere. In this generation, the world’s problems feel closer than ever. Social media is full of stories. The horrors of war are personalized. The faces of children dying from a lack of clean water are seen. The knowledge of repressive systems that seek to rob education from women are no longer hidden. The reality that we all share this one earth and its environment is apparent to more now than it ever has been.100 3 The Milestone  Linchpin People   Notes from the Field #100

If you look around at what many high profile technologists you’ll see diverse answers to these problems starting up. The inventors, innovators, tech leading companies are spending their time, money and platforms to do something. Clean water throughout the world is possible to achieve in this generation – inventors like Dean Kamen are spending time and money on it. Diseases are being eradicated through foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. AIDS is being fought. Education with open and free world class education at Khan Academy (sponsored and helped along by so many tech giants) is spreading. Women in societies where education isn’t available to them are receiving educations in secret.

This generation is doing a lot. Yet. Many of us fall into complacency. As I type this, I am on a flight back from a client visit. I was upgraded to first class. I was frustrated that it was an older plane on my airline – without the newer, more comfortable seats… Tomorrow I’ll wake up and get buried in many e-mails and the quest to succeed and keep customers happy. I’ll get into a fight about American politics on Facebook.

100 2 The Milestone  Linchpin People   Notes from the Field #100

This technology that we are a part of growing and creating and supporting. It can do so much. We, who are blessed by education, location, and opportunity can also work together to change this sphere we live on. How? That’s up to you. That’s up to me. But I think if we look inside ourselves. If we look at our passions, if we see which TED talks makes us well up with emotion – we can find areas of focus. If we think long enough about it – we can use our creativity, our innovation, and our situations to help promote these changes. That’s what I want to leave you with here – I’ve already used enough words. Think about it. Think about which “big challenge” moves you to emotions. And ask yourself how you can instead be moved to action. In our global economy, and global connectivity doesn’t have to be all bad news. Let’s use it to change the state of the world. Let’s use it to responsibly rise the standing of everyone. I’m not saying profit is bad, or working hard is bad. I’m saying we have an amazing opportunity to change things from the bottom up as individuals. Perhaps more than any government mandate, program or declaration could ever do. More on this later on my blogs. It’s a question we’re asking at Linchpin People. It’s a question I’m asking myself. It’s a question I hope more of us ask.

What’s Coming In Our Posts Here?

100 4 The Milestone  Linchpin People   Notes from the Field #100Probably not more off topic posts. At least not a lot. Our team is growing at Linchpin. We’ve enlisted more new faces to blog here and we’ve asked the same faces to blog. Expect content from all angles of the Data Platform at Microsoft. Expect to hear from Linchpin People you’ve not yet read here like Bill Anton (about Business Intelligence and Warehousing and ETL), Ryan Adams (maybe about PASS, definitely about the Relational Engine), Mike Lawell or many others on our team. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to write. I suspect it will be a month or two before you hear from me again here! That’s how big the lineup will be. Looking forward to sharing.

A Thanks to Pinal

I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate this site. Pinal’s tenacity, consistency and desire to cover simple topics and complex topics is a great example of someone giving back. I’ve had quite a few chats in person with my friend Pinal, and it’s clear to me that he loves this SQL Server community. He loves helping and sharing. And I don’t see any sign of him stopping. Thanks Pinal. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for giving back. And thanks for this opportunity to randomly share on your blog.

Here’s to another 100 posts!

If you want to get started with performance analytics and triage of virtualized SQL Servers with the help of experts, read more over at Fix Your SQL Server.

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SQL Authority News – 100 Million Views and Onwards

I will always remember August 20, 2015 as a landmark milestone for

100m sky SQL Authority News   100 Million Views and Onwards

On August 20th, this blog crossed 100 Million Views. When I started this journey on November 1, 2006, I had no idea that there will be over 100 Million Views on this blog. I am indeed very proud and happy that my humble attempt of writing my experience online has been appreciated by YOU!

No matter how much I want to thank you, I seriously have no words to express. I am happy that you accepted and showered your love.

100m SQL Authority News   100 Million Views and Onwards

Thank you! Seriously, Thank YOU!

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SQL Authority News – 3000th Blog Posts and Thank You

3000th Blog Posts! 

3000thpost SQL Authority News   3000th Blog Posts and Thank You

When I realized that I am writing my 3000th blog post (list of all of my blog posts), I just got blank with happiness. I could not come up with what exactly to write. It has been a long time since I have stopped writing about milestones. I believe writing about milestone is not helpful to users, it is just plain bragging about oneself. However, when I reach 3000th blog post. I am just stunned and not sure what to talk about. I will now answer three questions which I have received about this blog in the last month, maybe that will give some insight in my blog post.

Q: How can you write every single day from last 7 years?
A: It is about to be 8 years soon. I just enjoy it. Every day, I write one blog post before I start my daily routine. May be this discipline has helped me. I have talked about secrets of this in my latest Play by Play: Pinal Dave  Course.

Q: Do you have a day job or you just do blogging?
A: Yea, I have a day job where I go to the office, work for over 8 years, take a lunch break and have amazing people to work with. I work for Pluralsight as an Evangelist. However, blogging is my passion and heart beat. That is why I have recently written a book on Secret Tool Box of Successful Bloggers: 52 Tips to Build a High Traffic Top Ranking Blog and it is doing quite well.

Q: I want to learn more about blogging, is there any other resource besides your book do you suggest?
A: Well, I suggest you read my book as that is the latest additional to my library. It is 12th book I have authored in last 3 years and a very first non-technical book. If you do not want to read books, you can watch my Pluralsight courses on Building a Successful Blog and Building a High Traffic, Profitable Blog. Both of the courses are very unique in nature and gives perspective in my methodology in blogging.

Bonus Q: If you have a day job and you spend so much time in writing books as well as authoring video courses – when do you sleep?
A: Well, let me quote my favorite author Robert Frost.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

I am just humbled and thank you to all of you. I really mean it.

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SQLAuthority News – 2500 Blog Posts, 2 Million Views per month, 62 Million Total Views

Today, I am very happy as the journey I started almost 6.5 years ago has very important milestone. I have stopped blogging about my milestone for a long time as I believe that was just taking up the space in my blog and was not providing any useful information. However, today is a special day. This is my 2500th blog post and now the next 2500th blog post will come after many years.

When I started this blog I had no idea that I will be blogging after more than 6 years and I will ever reach to 2500th blog post. It was all just started as my personal bookmark. I was expecting that I will be a single reader of this blog and had no idea for a long time that even other people can read my blog as well. Once the very first comment appeared everything was just new world for me.

2500post SQLAuthority News   2500 Blog Posts, 2 Million Views per month, 62 Million Total Views

I never thought I would be able to engage with so many people from all over the world. I initially thought my blog will be majorly read by Indians as India has largest population but I am delighted to see that there is a balance among continents. As of today, this blog is the most read in USA and second place is India. Thank you readers from all over the world to support me  in spreading the knowledge.

worldstats SQLAuthority News   2500 Blog Posts, 2 Million Views per month, 62 Million Total Views

Click to Enlarge

Another interesting and important detail is that I have been receiving over 2,000,000 views per month consistently every month. I never thought so many IT Professional would be reading this blog. When I see this 2 million number, I wonder often about readers.

sitestats201305 SQLAuthority News   2500 Blog Posts, 2 Million Views per month, 62 Million Total Views

If you are my blog reader, I would like to know you, would you please tell me who you are and why do you visit this blog? I encourage all you to leave a comment in the comments section. On this 2500th blog post, I will select random 10 readers and will send them surprise educational gift.

Online Course on how to Build a Successful Blog

I am often asked what are the best practices to build a successful blog. I have built a video course on the topic of How to build a successful blog. 

Watch the teaser of this course.

Here are few of the topics which I am covering in the course:

  • Blogging – Concepts, Ideas And Motives
  • Getting Started With Blogging
  • Writing An Interesting Blog
  • Blogging Rules, Ethics And Etiquette
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Checklist For Building Successful Blog

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SQLAuthority News – Delhi Flash Mob and Women Safety – 2400th Blog Post – A Milestone

I have stopped writing milestone posts recently as I realized that they really do not serve any other value besides having boastful note about myself. I rather do some important contribution to my blog so I started to build Weekly Memory Lane series and that is a much better contribution in my opinion as that even helps me to go and re-learn some of the concepts from the past.

However, this blog post is a different blog post than any other blog post. If you are familiar with what is going on recently in Delhi, India you will appreciate my reason behind this blog post. As an Indian it is very important to understand safety is very important for Indian Citizen. As a father and husband the safety of woman family member is the prime responsibility of mine. Recently a very sad event in Delhi, India has shaken up whole India (and the rest of the world). I have been meaning to write about this subject on this blog for a long time however, it was very painful to think about this event as an Indian.

I had decided to stay silent on this subject, even though the subject has been very much in mind. Silence is not a solution. I am strongly against crime against women. I have been discussing this subject with my friends from Koenig Solutions. They are also experiencing very similar emotions as the rest of the India. On the Republic Day of India (26th January), they have recently performed a Flash Mob in Delhi. Here is very touching, inspiring and powerful Delhi Flash Mob. If you are not familiar with Hindi (Indian Language), I strongly suggest that you turn on Closed Caption (Subtitles) to grasp the real meaning behind this song. It is not a simple dance, it is a creative fight against the rights of women and safety.

Direct Link to Video

Direct Link to Video

Thank you Koenig Solutions for inspiring all of us.

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SQLAuthority News – Year 2012 in Review – Perspective of Blog

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

sitestats SQLAuthority News   Year 2012 in Review   Perspective of Blog

Click to Enlarge

Crunchy numbers:

2012 emailteaser SQLAuthority News   Year 2012 in Review   Perspective of Blog

3,200,000 people watched the Mars Rover land. This blog was viewed about 19,000,000 times in 2012. If this blog were a video of the Rover landing, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it. In 2012, there were 372 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 2,360 posts. The busiest day of the year was October 9th with80,693 views.

The top referring sites:


Where did they come from?

wheredidtheycomefrom SQLAuthority News   Year 2012 in Review   Perspective of Blog

That’s 234 countries in all!
Most visitors came from The United States. India & The United Kingdom were not far behind.

Click here to see the complete report.

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