SQLAuthority News – Spot the SQLAuthority Baby Contest – SQL Server Cheat Sheet

Last Year during the TechEd India 2009 SQL Server Cheat Sheets were instant hit. Yesterday when I announce that I am going to attend TechED India 2010 at Bangalore, I received many requests for the same. I have only 30 copies available at this moment.  I will print more copies of the same after this event.

For the moment I am going to run quick content to win SQL Server Cheat Sheet during this event. The contest is very simple. My 7 months old daughter will join me in this trip. She will be staying with me in the same hotel where the event is organized. Here is the detail for contest:

Contest: If you Spot SQLAuthority Baby, get one SQL Server Cheat Sheet.

Rules: Every hour the first person to spot SQLAuthority Baby will get 1 SQL Server Cheat Sheet.

If you spot her and the hourly SQL Server Cheat Sheet is given away, you still have chance to get a copy. Drop your business card or email address and we will contact you for your copy.

SQLAuthority Baby is very easy to spot.

Shaivi Dave

Shaivi Dave

If you are not attending this event and want copy, you can easily download the same from link below.

Download SQL Server Cheat Sheet from here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Cheat Sheet from MidnightDBA

When I read the article from MidnightDBA (I should say MidnightDBAs because it is about Jen and Sean) regarding T-SQL for the Absentminded DBA, my natural reaction was that it is a perfect extension.

A year ago around the same month, I had created SQL Server Cheatsheet. I have distributed a lot of copies of it since I produced it. In fact, while attending TechMela in Nepal today, I am getting many requests to get copies of SQL Server Cheatsheet. When I checked my RSS feed, I realized that Jen and Sean have a perfect cheat sheet for intermediate level developers.

I would like to suggest to all of you to read their post and download the Absentminded DBA’s Cheat Sheet for IntermediateTSQL. It is available in two formats: PDF and Docx.

I just love how the members of the community help each other grow. I am fortunate that I have received excellent feedback/corrections and criticism on my blog posts for so many times. Criticism and corrections, after all, are absolutely needed and make a better community as a whole.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Request SQLAuthority.com Stickers and SQL Server Cheat Sheet

I have been overwhelmed with the request for SQL Server Cheat Sheet recently. I absolutely think it is tremendously useful; its hand written form is adorning my wall since a long time. Having realized its usefulness I got it done professionally and distributed it at TechEd in Hyderabad, TechEd in Ahmedabad, and TechEd on Road in Trivendrum. Now, they are very much in demand.

Every morning when I wake up and check my email, I receive 50+ requests for SQL Server Cheat Sheets. Just a few days back I got few SQLAuthority.com stickers done and I now am getting so many requests for the same. Thank you very much for your great support and response. It gives me great pleasure to come with something innovative and useful for you all!

sqlcheatsheetsticker SQLAuthority News   Request SQLAuthority.com Stickers and SQL Server Cheat Sheet

I have SQL Server Cheat Sheet already available online where its soft copy can be downloaded easily.

Download SQL Server Cheat Sheet from here.

So far, I have been giving away SQL Server Cheat Sheet to everyone who has been requesting me. However, now only a few copies are left with me. It has been very expensive for me to send out this to everybody nationally and internationally.

As I have limited piece of stickers and cheat sheet at this moment. I have just come up with an idea. Send me your physical address with 3 of your most favorite articles of SQLAuthrority blog. I have created a list of top 10 articles. If the 3 articles selected by you is a part of my top 10 articles, I will right away send you SQL Server Cheat Sheet with SQLAuthority.com stickers. Make sure that you have your physical address included along with your email address where you would prefer get informed if you are selected.

I just hope this way I will be able to send these to my every dedicated fan. Follow me on twitter.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – TechEd India 2009 – Day 0 – Day 1 – Authors Tech Session – SQL Server Cheat Sheet – Catch Me Live

Presently, I am at TechEd India 2009 in Hyderabad as one of the participants of this prestigious event. I will be heading a session on SQL Server Management Studio 2008 New Features.

I had recently blogged about TechEd 2009 India here.

Excerpt from the previous article

“Tech.Ed-India is a great opportunity to gear yourself up to keep pace with the latest technology innovations and trends.  This event offers you the platform to get comprehensive hands-on-training and free certifications in some of the most sought after technologies of today. In fact, it is a must-attend event for all developers and IT Professionals.”

teched2009 1 SQLAuthority News   TechEd India 2009   Day 0   Day 1   Authors Tech Session   SQL Server Cheat Sheet   Catch Me Live

I have received an astounding number of emails inquiring about TechEd details, and I have responded to all the queries I have received so far. Many of you have shown eagerness to meet me at TechEd. Absolutely! You all can meet me. Even I am looking forward to meeting you all and using this great opportunity to get in touch with technology enthusiasts like me. I will be in Hyderabad throughout the three-day long event. You can find me in community pavilion when I am not attending sessions.

Details of my session are as follows:

Subject : SQL Server Management Studio 2008 New Features
Speaker : Pinal Dave
Venue : Community Pavilion, TechEd 2009 India
Date and Time : May 13, 2009, from 4:00PM to 5:00PM
Level : Every Developer from Novice to Expert

This session is not only for SQL Server fans but it is useful for everybody. It will not be based on any intricate T-SQL concepts, and there will be no deep diving into the complexities of SQL Administration subject.  This simple session will focus on practical and to-the-point understanding of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). I promise to all the developers that after participating in this session they will certainly become faster and smarter developers and realize its benefits. I will touch base on tricks of SSMS, which will give you an edge over your co-workers. This session will be a great platform to learn new things about SSMS and after the session is over you will surely tell yourself – I wish I knew it earlier!

I have created a SQL Server Cheat Sheet, which I will be carrying along with me. All the attendees of my Unconference session is guaranteed to receive a copy of this sheet. This useful one-page sheet has been prepared in keeping with the needs of all developers. This stunning cheat sheet is printed on an expensive glossy paper and designed by a professional designer.

PinalSQL1 SQLAuthority News   TechEd India 2009   Day 0   Day 1   Authors Tech Session   SQL Server Cheat Sheet   Catch Me Live

I would like to express my gratitude to Digicorp for sponsoring this SQL Server Cheat Sheet.

I will be  live blogging about TechEd 2009 India event from Hyderabad to keep you all aware of the latest happenings over here. Keep watching my twitter for live updates.

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Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL Server – 2008 – Cheat Sheet – One Page PDF Download

Very frequently I have been asked to create a page, post or article where in one page all the important concepts of SQL Server are covered. SQL Server 2008 is very large subject and can not be even covered 1000 of pages. In daily life of DBA there are few commands very frequently used and for novice developers it is good to keep all the important SQL Script and SQL Statements handy.

I have attempted to create cheat sheet for SQL Server 2008 most important commands. User can print this in one A4 size page and keep along with them. This can be used in interviews where T-SQL scripts are being asked.

Let me know your opinion and if you find this useful.

Download SQL Server 2008 Cheat Sheet

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority Download – SQL Server Cheatsheet

I think this is most popular question I receive in email, if I have SQL Server cheat sheet. Well, SQL Server is very wide subject and covering all the main topics of SQL Server will take 100 pages book as cheat sheet. I have tried to create one page cheat sheet which I use for my daily use. I use this quite often and my teammates uses them as well.

You can download and print this cheat sheet and use it for your personal reference. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I will see if I can update this SQL Server cheat sheet.

The article which discuss about SQL Server cheat sheet is SQL SERVER – Download FAQ Sheet – SQL Server in One Page.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Download FAQ Sheet – SQL Server in One Page

One of the most popular request I have received on this blog is to create one page which list all the SQL Server FAQs. SQL Server technology is very broad as well very deep. This is my humble attempt to list few of the daily used details in one page. Let me know your opinion and suggestion.

Download SQL Server FAQ Sheet in PDF format

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)