SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Day 1

It is great fun! Perfect Event and Great start.

Yesterday I wrote about agenda of South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 which is at Hotel Kenilworth Resorts, Goa. November 15 – Day 1 of Open Day started with plain journey and ended with Goan Team Party at beach with fellow MVP.

I have more than hundreds of the photos of this event. I will share few of the them with you.

First of all let me thank three four people, without their support this event might have not possible.

Howard Lo - Microsoft, Singapore – Regional Manager, Asia Pacific and Greater China
Abhishek Kant - Microsoft, India – MVP Lead
Abhishek Baxi - Microsoft, India – MVP Program Specialist
Tanuj Vohra - Microsoft, India – Partner Director, Visual Studio Test Business

I met all of them personally and had wonderful connection with them. I want to personally thank all of them for their extra ordinary support for this excellent event to happen. Haward were in the same plane from Mumbai to Goa and we had some good discussion about open day when we were together going to hotel.

Hotel Kenilworth Resort is amazingly beautiful hotel and it is very hard to describe in words. I will share few of the photos here to give you some idea about the place. Very clear goan beach is just adjoining to this hotel.

After quick introduction to program we had demo of Windows 7 and goan theme party at beach, followed by open space presentation. Open space presentation were presentation by fellow MVP for other MVPs and they started at midnight 12. You can image how action packed days we all MVP had at Open Day 2008.

Following image I found on Mumbai Airport.

MVP Open Day Logo

My room at hotel

My room at hotel

Hotel Kenilworth Resort

Pinal at event

Hotel Kenilworth Resort

Abhishek Kant Presenting

Howard Lo Presenting

Pradeep Presenting

Tanuj Vohra Presenting

Abhishek Baxi Presenting

Goan Night Theme

Pinal, Suprotim, Rahul, Abhishek K

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – Link List

Today is very exciting day as I will start my trip to South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa. Yesterday I wrote about my visit. I will be attending South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 on November 15 – 17, 2008 at Hotel Kenilworth Resorts, Goa. Those who have asked how can they meet me in Goa is that you will have to send me email and I will respond to them.

At this moment I have reached goa and writing using my new USB Data Card internet.

I will post more photos and event details as I receive them. Following is proposed agenda of this event. I am publishing this agenda with verbal approval of MVP Team Lead Abhishek.

Nov 15, Saturday
16:30 – 17:00: Welcome Note, Howard Lo*
17:00 – 18:00: MVP Lead Briefing, Abhishek Kant*
18:00 – 19:00: Windows 7 Demo – PDC Build, Pradeep Parappil
19:00 – 20:00: Team Activity – Community Buzz
20:00 – PARTY with Goan Theme
00:00 – After Hours Open Space

Nov 16, Sunday
9:00 – 9:30: MVPs WorldWide, Nestor Portillo*
9:30 – 11:00: [Main Conference Room] Rosario: What’s Coming?, Ashwini Gupta & Tanuj Vohra
9:30 – 11:00: [BreakAway Room] IW & Client Community Plans & Participation, Pradeep Parappil
11:00 – 11:15: TEAM PHOTOS
11:15 – 11:30: BREAK
11:30 – 12:30: [Main Conference Room] Microsoft’s Community Plan for the fiscal, Deepak Rajendran*
12:30 – 13:30: [Main Conference Room] DPE Audience Marketing Rhythms, Deepak Rajendran*
12:30 – 13:30: [BreakAway Room] Immersion into Groove Technologies, Ashok Hingorani
13:30 – 14:30: LUNCH
14:30 – 15:30: [Main Conference Room] Feedback from Quarter 1 & 2 & Plan for Quarter 3 & 4– Mitigation plan
14:30 – 15:30: [BreakAway Room] Blogging Brainstorming
15:30 – 16:30: Team Activity – Community Buzz
16:30 – 17:00: BREAK
17:00 – 20:00: River Cruise
20:00 – PARTY – Casino, Kenilworth
00:00 – After Hours Open Space

Nov 17, Monday
9:00 – 10:00: Blogging Workshop
10:00 – 11:00: Team Presentations
11:00 – 11:30: BREAK
11:30 – 13:00: Open Session with MVP Program Team, Abhishek Kant, Abhishek Baxi and Howard Lo
13:00 – 13:30: Closing Note, Howard Lo
13:30: LUNCH

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://www.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Author Visit – South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa

I will be attending South Asia MVP Open Day 2008 on November 15 – 17, 2008 at Hotel Kenilworth Resorts, Goa. I am very excited as this will be my first Open Day event after being MVP. Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts that represents the technical community’s best and brightest, and they share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others.

There will be lots of events at South Asia MVP Open Day and lots of opportunity to meet smartest experts of Microsoft Technology. I will be writing article about how event is going everyday from Goa. If you are in Goa and want to meet me and few of the other Industry Leaders please send me email and we can meet at Hotel Kenilworth Resort after the event. Hotel Kenilworth Resort is known for its guest services and wonderful environment. You can look at some of the photos of Hotel here.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://www.SQLAuthority.com)

Author Visit – MVP Open Day 2008 – Goa – November 15-17

I will be attending MVP Open Day 2008 in Goa from November 15 to November 17. I am eagerly waiting to attend the Open Day. If you are in Goa during that time we can meet sometime in evening after sessions are over. Following is the comics related to MVP Open Day 2008.

I want to thank Microsoft for this wonderful community event.

(Click on image to see larger image)

(Click on image to see larger image)

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)