Personal Technology – Who is Accessing your Google Account?

Do you know who is accessing your Google Account?

Well, I did not know till yesterday. However, when I learn what apps are accessing my Google Accounts and particularly Gmail, I was really really scared. I receive lots of emails and just like all of us, some are private and some contains essential information about server setups. I have been using Google for many years and I have used their authentication at quite a many places. When I login to any site with the help of Google Account, I really do not see what is written there as in most cases I just trust the sites. This is indeed not good as there are some sites which can pretty much access all of your data from your google account and we are not even aware of the same.

When I logged in, I found that over 200 different applications have access to my various google services. Some are very much valid but some services should have been very well protected. For example Flipboard application accessing my YouTube account is valid and I have personally approved it but there were some services reading my emails where I am no more using those services was not a good idea. I spend over 6 hours to clean my various access to my Google Accounts and now I am feeling pretty safe.

Here is what I have done.

Sign in on the Google Accounts homepage. Now click Security on the left-hand side of the page.

Scroll down to the Connected applications and sites section and click the Manage access button.

Click Revoke Access next to the service you want to disconnect from your account.

I strongly suggest that you review all the permissions and make sure there is no unauthorized access to your account.

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SQLAuthority News – We’re sorry… … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

I use multiple browser many times when I am working with multiple projects simultaneously. Often I use Google Reader to read few feeds. Recently, I faced the following error and this error will not go. I even restarted my computer and rebooted my network. I am confident that my computer does not have viruses or malware, I could not tackle this error. When I opened Google Reader on another browser, it worked fine. Finally, I found the solution and I want share it with all of you.

We’re sorry… … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

I removed the cookies of Google Reader with the name ‘reader_offline’ as displayed in image below. Once I remove the above mentioned cookie, I could login perfectly fine in Google Reader. I think this message from Google was misleading and inaccurate; however, the solution is easy enough.

I just wanted to share this quick tip with everyone who is facing such an issue.

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SQLAuthority News – Rambling of Author and Technology Musing – Bing, Google, Windows 7, Books, Blogs, Twitter and Life

I have been planning to write a general post on the latest technology for a long time but SQL keeps me so busy that I hardly get time. I know being busy is no excuse as everybody is busy with something. A manager is equally busy managing people as much as a peon busy doing errands. Now, coming back to my topic, I have lots of news to share with you all.

Anyway, number one news is that Bing has been finally released a couple of days back. I am very much excited as something is finally challenging Google – The Search Engine King. Google has been my preferred search engine for many years and my home page too. However, I am quite impressed with Bing which has a clearer and more organized interface. The navigation on the left side does make sense. My opinion is that there is no other option for Google but to improve to retain its popularity. In the search engine race Google has always been a clear winner for many years now, and people have always appreciated its simplicity and most importantly, its accurate results. But now, for the very first time I think Bing is going to challenge Google on two fronts – accuracy of search and simplicity of interface. Only time will decide who will rule, but I would like to give Bing a fair chance to improve itself.

Another major improvement I have done is that I have finally upgraded 3 of my 4 computers to Windows 7. I have never hated Vista for its shortcomings. I have seen people and media pointing negative things about it. In fact I think it has now become a trend to just bad mouth Vista. I thoroughly believe that Vista was a significant improvement over XP. There was a time when XP was everywhere and every software was designed in keeping with its compatibility with it. Then, Vista emerged in the market. XP required less hardware while Vista necessitated upgradation of hardware of most of the computer systems. This was not appreciated by many users as they had to spend money on hardware apart from spending on Vista. Additionally, it took a good amount of time for companies to come out with drivers of Vista. Today, Win 7 is out and getting loudly applauded by the same people who criticized it. Win 7 is definitely better and I love it! It has everything what Vista had and even more. If people hated Vista for some of its drawbacks, in that case Win 7 will not disappoint them and it will exceed their expectations with its additional features. Slowly and steadily, Win 7 is coming out as a winner. It took sometime for Vista to get accepted, which was entirely hardware companies fault as they did not release its driver. But today almost all the companies have Vista compatible drivers which work fine with Win 7, thereby making Win 7 more acceptable.

There is one more reason why Win 7 has become my favorite OS. My wife – Nupur Dave has an old laptop, which is single core (when we purchased it there was no concept of double core) and had XP so far. Since the past one month, my wife kept on complaining that her laptop takes forever to start. As her laptop is 6 years old with 1.6 GHz, Single Core and 1 GB RAM, we decided to purchase a new one. However, I decided to give it a shot and see if I can install Win 7 on this old machine. To my surprise, it took only 25 mins to install the whole operating system and it works better than XP. Now this is something really good about it and it saved my bucks!

What else is keeping me busy? There are so many things to say. I am reading a plethora of books and blogs. I have a collection of over 500 books in my home library and have almost the same number of feeds in my RSS reader. I recently finished a book Pro T-SQL 2008 Programmer’s Guide. It is written by one of the most popular book authors Michael Coles. You can read his interview here. His interview was taken by a dear friend of mine who is a .NET expert Vijaya Kadiyala. He is not only writing about .NET but also writing on SQL. Besides, whenever I have free time I try to solve T-SQL Challenges written by my fellow MVP Jacob Sebastian.

Well, my friend Abhishek Kant suggested me to start using twitter but not to forget my blog. Every time I spend too much time on twitter, I remember his saying: Hats Off! Thanks Abhishek for giving me these golden words. I will keep on blogging.

Thanks John-Wu Zioa for sending this cartoon. I’m flattered!

Now you know what I think of the latest technologies and what I have been doing. I will appreciate your comments for the same and please feel free to share your experience here.

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