SQL Contest – Win Amazon Gift Cards – Learn How to Get Started with ClustrixDB

wincontest SQL Contest   Win Amazon Gift Cards   Learn How to Get Started with ClustrixDBIt has been a long time since we contest where we can learn something new and win something cool. I reached out to the good folks of Clustrix with the request to help me to build a contest where readers can learn and explore new technology, while stand a good chance to win something good.

Before we jump into the contest, let us quickly understand what Clustrix is all about in four simple points:

  • ClustrixDB can scale reads, writes, updates and analytics, — near linearly — as you add nodes. The scale-out architecture of the cloud means that the new cloud applications use scale-out NoSQL or SQL databases, and most often a combination of both.
  • Real-time analytics is analytics on your live operational database, up to date to the current moment. ClustrixDB allows real-time insights into your business and fast, current reports for your business and self-serve customers.
  • ClustrixDB has powered mission-critical business applications for more than three years, with trillions of transactions per month running on ClustrixDB. Proven in massive transaction volume environments with an appliance form factor, ClustrixDB is now being used by multiple customers across the globe as software and on public clouds such as AWS.
  • Several databases and data management platforms are now on the market. We created a series of landscapes to help our customers determine the right solution to their problem. Whether primary or analytics, SQL or NoSQL–comparing features gives clarity.

If you have directly skipped to this statement, I encourage to read the four bullet points above, it is indeed interesting to know that there are solution exists in the market which can help our mission critical problems. Now let us jump to details of the contest.

Contest Details

Step 1: Download and Install ClustrixDB here using the community license

Click Here to Download

Step 2: Do one thing with ClustrixDB 
ClustrixDB is nearly plug-and-play compatible with MySQL. You can do any of the following tasks:

  • Load Data
  • Create a Table
  • Create an online schema change
  • Run an Analytics query
  • Or any other task which is a core database task

Step 3: Post it on the ClustrixDB forum (http://support.clustrix.com/forums/):

  1. The current database you use
  2. Snapshot (or screenshot) of what you did with ClustrixDB

That’s it! It is that simple and it will also give you exposure how to get going with ClustrixDB as well enable you to Win Amazon Gift Card.

Prize for Winner (Total worth USD 200)

  • amazon gift cards SQL Contest   Win Amazon Gift Cards   Learn How to Get Started with ClustrixDB10 Amazon Gift Cards each of USD 20
  • 3 Gift Cards will go to the first 3 posts and the remaining 7 will be raffled among the other posts.
  • Post your entry before March 20th Midnight EST.

Well, if you are an early bird, indeed there is a guaranteed prize for you as you can read the second bullet point above.


Well, if you want few helps regarding how to do any of the above tasks. Here are a few articles which you can follow:

Let me know what you think of this contest and ClustrixDB. I have a surprise prize for one of the participation in this contest. I will announce it with the winner list after March 20th.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

Big Data – ClustrixDB – Extreme Scale SQL Database with Real-time Analytics, Releases Software Download – NewSQL

clustrixdb Big Data   ClustrixDB   Extreme Scale SQL Database with Real time Analytics, Releases Software Download   NewSQLThere are so many things to learn and there is so little time we all have. As we have little time we need to be selective to learn whatever we learn. I believe I know quite a lot of things in SQL but I still do not know what is around SQL. I have started to learn about NewSQL recently. If you wonder what is NewSQL I encourage all of you to read my blog post about NewSQL over here Big Data – Buzz Words: What is NewSQL – Day 10 of 21. NewSQL databases are quickly becoming popular – providing the scale of NoSQL with the SQL features and transactions.

As a part of learning NewSQL database, I have recently started to learn about ClustrixDB. ClustrixDB has been the most mature NewSQL database used by some of the largest internet sites in the world for over 3 years, with extensive SQL support. In addition to scale, it provides fast real-time analytics by bringing massively parallel processing (MPP), available only in warehousing databases, to the transactional database.

The reason I am more intrigued about learning ClustrixDB is their recent announcement on Oct 31. ClustrixDB was only available as an appliance, but now with their software release on Oct 31, everyone can use it. It is now available as forever free for up to 12 cores with community support, and there is a 45 day trial for unlimited cluster sizes. With the forever free world, I am indeed interested in ClustrixDB now. I know that few of the leading eCommerce sites in the world uses them for their transactional database.

Here are few of the details I have quickly noted for ClustrixDB. ClustrixDB allows user to:

  • Scale by simply adding nodes to the cluster with a single command
  • Run billions of transactions a day
  • Run fast real-time analytics
  • Achieve high-availability with recovery from node failure
  • Manages itself
  • Easily migrate from MySQL as it is nearly plug-and-play compatible, use MySQL drivers, tools and replication.

While I was going through the documentation I realized that ClustrixDB also has extensive support for SQL features including complex queries involving joins on a dozen or more tables, aggregates, sorts, sub-queries. It also supports stored procedures, triggers, foreign keys, partitioned and temporary tables, and fully online schema changes. It is indeed a very matured product and SQL solution.

Indeed Clusterix sound very promising solution, I decided to dig a bit deeper to understand who are current customers of the Clustrix as they exist in the industry for quite a few years. Their client list is indeed very interesting and here is my quick research about them.

  1. Twoo.com – Europe’s largest social discovery (dating) site runs 4.4 Billion Transactions a day with table sizes over a Terabyte, on a 168 core cluster.
  2. EngageBDR – Top 3 in the online advertising category uses ClustrixDB to serve 6.9 billion ads a day through real-time bidding platform. Their reports went from 4 hours to 15 seconds.
  3. NoMoreRack – Top 2 fastest growing e-commerce company in US used ClustrixDB for high availability and fast growth through Amazon cloud.
  4. MakeMyTrip – India’s leading travel site runs on ClustrixDB with two clusters running as multi-master in Chennai and Bangalore.
  5. Many enterprises such as AOL, CSC, Rakuten, Symantec use ClustrixDB when their applications need scale.
I must accept that I am impressed with the information I have learned so far and now is the time to do some hand’s on experience with their product. I want to learn this technology so in future when it is about NewSQL, I know what I am talking about. Read more why Clustrix explains why you ClustrixDB might be the right database for you.

Download ClustrixDB
with me today and install it on your machine so in future when we discuss the technical aspects of it, we all are on the same page.

The software can be downloaded here.

This blog post is written by Nupur Dave as a guest post. Nupur will share her new learning on this blog.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)