SQLAuthority News – Airline Review – Paramount, Kingfisher, Go Air, Indigo, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Spicejet

First of all, this is a totally different article that I have ever written on this site. As the regular readers of my blog are aware that I am always traveling due to my different assignments at work. In last two months, I have been on flight for 36 times; this makes me a regular air traveler, who travels almost every other day. For instance, considering a month of 24 days (excluding the weekends), for two months, there are 48 business days. In such case, I was almost on air always!

There are many airlines in India, and I have traveled in almost all of them. I do not want to write an in-depth review on the basis of my personal experience, but there are a few generic points that I would like to point out. I will list all the airlines on the basis of my preference.

Paramount Airlines (#1 – The Best)
Pros – All seats business class, 3-course food service, great attitude, extremely comfortable seats
Cons – Does not have North Indian connections

Kingfisher (#2)
Pros – 5 star service, good food
Cons – Quite occasionally late or cancelled

Go Air (#3)
Pros – Always on time, good food, economical rates
Cons – Not as many connections as some other airlines

Indigo (#4)
Pros – Always on time, good food
Cons – Charges extra for few windows seats and front rows

Jet Airways / Indian Airlines (#5)
Pros – Connects all over India, good food
Cons – Often canceled flights, management issues

Spicejet (#6)
Pros – Many direct connections all over India, economical rates
Cons – Worst food, unfriendly staff, receipt of purchase not available, frequent canceled flights

Overall I rate Paramount and Kingfisher very high. Spicejet definitely needs improvement for sure.

Let me know your opinion, and if you agree or disagree with me. Again, there is no intention to start any intense debate here. I just wanted to share my experience.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)