SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers : For All Database Developers and Database Administrators

sqlinterview SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers : For All Database Developers and Database Administrators

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Today we are using computers for various activities, motor vehicles for traveling to places, and mobile phones for conversation. How many of us can claim the invention of micro-processor, a basic wheel, or the telegraph? Similarly, this book was not written overnight. The journey of this book goes many years back with many individuals to be thanked for.

To begin with, we want to thank all those interviewers who reject interviewees by saying they need to know ‘the key things’ regardless of having high grades in class. The whole concept of interview questions and answers revolves around knowing those ‘key things’.

The core concept of this book will continue to evolve over time. I am sure many of you will come along with us on this journey and submit your suggestions to us to make this book a key reference for anybody who wants to start with SQL Server. Today we want to acknowledge the fact that you will help us keep this book alive forever with the latest updates. We want to thank everyone who participates in this journey with us.

Though each of these chapters are geared towards convenience we highly recommend reading each of the sections irrespective of the roles you might be doing since each of the sections have some interesting trivia about working with SQL Server. In the industry the role of accidental DBA’s (especially with SQL Server) is very common. Hence if you have performed the role of DBA for a short stint and want to brush-up your fundamentals then the upcoming sections will be a great review.

Errata of this book is over here. (updated as of January 1, 2012)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Database Concepts With Sql Server
Chapter 2 Common Generic Questions & Answers
Chapter 3 Common Developer Questions
Chapter 4 Common Tricky Questions
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Questions On Sql Server 2008
Chapter 6 DBA Skills Related Questions
Chapter 7 Data Warehousing Interview Questions & Answers
Chapter 8 General Best Practices

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