SQL SERVER – Get Free Books on While Learning SQL Server 2012 Error Handling

Fans of this blog are aware that I have recently released my new books SQL Server Functions and SQL Server 2012 Queries. The books are available in market in limited edition but you can avail them for free on Wednesday Nov 14, 2012. Not only they are free but you can additionally learn SQL Server 2012 Error Handling as well.

My book’s co-author Rick Morelan is presenting a webinar tomorrow on SQL Server 2012 Error Handling.

Here is the brief abstract of the webinar:

People are often shocked when they see the demo in this talk where the first statement fails and all other statements still commit. For example, did you know that BEGIN TRANCOMMIT TRAN is not enough to make everything work together? These mistakes can still happen to you in SQL Server 2012 if you are not aware of the options. Rick Morelan, creator of Joes2Pros, will teach you how to predict the Error Action and control it with & without structured error handling.

Register for the webinar now to learn:

  • How to predict the Error Action and control it
  • Nuances between successful and failing SQL statements
  • Essential SQL Server 2012 configuration options
Register for the Webinar and be present during the webinar. My co-author will announce a winner (may be more than 1 winner) during the session. If you are present during the session – you are eligible to win the book.
The webinar is scheduled for 2 different times to accommodate various time zones. 1) 10am ET/7am PT 2) 1pm ET/11am PT. Each webinar will have their own winner. You can increase your chances by attending both the webinars. Do not miss this opportunity and register for the webinar right now.
The recordings of the webinar may not be available.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Learning, Community and Book Signing at #SQLPASS 2012

SQLPASS event is going excellent we are having great great fun! We are having book signing events and the response is overwhelmingly positive. I am glad that all of you love our books and I totally appreciate your support. Rick and I both are feeling very motivated to write more books in future. Here is our schedule for book signing.

SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros Volume1

Finally a book for the true SQL Server beginner! Whether you are brand new to databases and are thinking of getting your 70-461 certification or already a semi-pro working in the field and need some fingertip support, this is this is the book for you. Joes 2 Pros does not assume you already know anything about databases or SQL server.  This book builds on the success of the previous series and will help anyone transform themselves from a beginner “Joe” into a SQL 2012 “Pro”.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
12pm-1pm – Book Signing at Exhibit Hall Joes Pros booth#117 (FREE BOOK)

Rest all the time – I will be at Exhibition Hall Joes 2 Pros Booth #117. Stop by for the goodies!

This book is also available on Amazon.

SQL 2012 Functions Joes 2 Pros

Functions have been around for many years to make our lives easier. Because of them, thousands of lines of valuable programming can be done with one statement. When we know what functions are offered in SQL Server we can get powerful projects done very quickly. Often times, the functions you wished you had are released in the next version.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
7pm-8pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

Thursday, November 8, 2012
12pm-1pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

This book is also available on Amazon.

If you are at SQLPASS stop by Booth #117 – I will be there and many be you can get one of my signed book!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – 2 New Books – FREE Books and Book Signing at #SQLPASS 2012

As an author the most interesting task is to participate in Book Signing Events. If you are at SQLPASS – we are going to have a lot of book signing events. Here is the good news!


SQL 2012 Functions Limited Edition

Click to Expand

This book is a very special edition book. Our current plans is to run this book for the limited edition. You can avail this book from Amazon and it will soon come to India. Join following book signing events where you will get this book for free.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
7pm-8pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

Thursday, November 8, 2012
12pm-1pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros Volume1

Click to Expand

This is my first book this year which will be available in bookstores. Last Year I published 3 books and this year this is my first book. This book is available on Amazon over here and it will come to India very soon. Join following book signing events where you will get this book for free.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
12pm-1pm – Book Signing at Exhibit Hall Joes Pros booth#117 (FREE BOOK)

If you are attending SQLPASS you may get this book’s Autographed Special Edition for FREE if you attend following book signing events.

Rest all the time – I will be at Exhibition Hall Joes 2 Pros Booth #117. Stop by for the goodies!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Why I am Going to Attend #SQLPASS Summit 2012 – Seattle

I am going to Seattle I once again attend SQLPASS this year. This will be my fourth SQLPASS. Lots of people ask me why I am going to SQLPASS every year. Well there are so many different reasons for that. I go to SQLPASS because – I love it! 

Here are few of the reasons I go to SQLPASS.

  • Meet friends whom I have never met before
  • Meet community at large – it is fun to hang around with like minded people
  • Meet Rick Morelan – my book co-author and friend
  • Attend various SQL Parties – there are so many parties around – see the list below
  • Explore various new tools from various third party vendors
  • Meet fellow Chapter Leaders and Regional Mentors

And of course attend SQL Server Learning Sessions from industry known experts.

The three-day event will be marked by a lot of learning, sharing, and networking, which will help me increase both my knowledge and contacts. PASS Summit provides me a golden opportunity to build my network as well as to identify and meet potential customers or employees. If I am a consultant or vendor who is looking for better career opportunities, PASS Summit is the perfect platform to meet and show my skills to my new potential customers and employers. Further, breakfasts, lunches, and evening receptions, which are included with registration, are meant to provide more and more networking opportunities.

At PASS Summit, I gain not only new ideas but also inspire myself from top professionals and experts. Learning new things about SQL Server, interacting with different kinds of professionals, and sharing issues and solutions will definitely improve my understanding and turn me into a better SQL Server professional who can leverage and optimize SQL Server to improve business.

I am going – are you joining?

Note: This is re-blogged with modification from my 2 years old blog posts on a similar subject.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – 6th Anniversary and 50 Million Views and Over 2300 Blog Posts – Thank You Thank You

Six years ago, I started this SQLAuthority.com blog. There are so many things I want to say today – it is very very emotional. Instead of writing long I am including few images and cartoons.

Last month we have also reached 50 Million Total Views on this blog. Here is the screen captured at that time.

Click Image to Enlarge

In 6 years there are total 2192 days (including 2 leap year day) and my total blog post count is 2300. That means I have been blogging more than 1 blog post every day. Here is the quick glance to all the numbers.

Here you can find the list of all the 2300 blog posts.

I am very glad to see my many of the friends stay in USA, India, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in that order. You can see the geographic distribution of the support I receive on the blog from worldwide.

On this day I would like to call out one 2 individuals who contribute equally or more in my success. When I started this blog 6 years ago, I was walking alone. After 2 years my wife Nupur joined my journey and 3 years later my daughter Shaivi joined the journey. Here is the example of the common conversation among us almost every day -

Shaivi: Daddy, play catch-catch.
Nupur: Shaivi, daddy will play with you once he finishes tomorrow’s blog.
Shaivi: Daddy, Finish Blog. Okey. I play catch-catch (alone).

SQLAuthority Family

Well, thank you very much! We all love you!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Free Print Book on SQL Server Joes 2 Pros Kit

Rick Morelan and I were discussing earlier this month that what we can give back to the community. We believe our books are very much successful and very well received by the community. The five books are a journey from novice to expert. The books have changed many lives and helped many get jobs as well pass the SQL Certifications. Rick is from Seattle, USA and I am from Bangalore, India. There are 12 hours difference between us. We try to do weekly meeting to catch up on various personal and SQL related topics. Here is one of our recent conversations.

Rick and Pinal

Rick and Pinal

Pinal: Good Morning Rick!

Rick: Good Morning…err… Good Evening to you – Pinal!

Pinal: Hey Rick, did you read the recent email which I sent you – one of our reader is thanking us for writing Joes 2 Pros series. He wants to dedicate his success to us. Can you believe it?

Rick: Yeah, he is very kind but did you tell him that it is all because of his hard work on learning subject and we have very little contribution in his success.

Pinal: Absolutely, I told him the same – I said we just wrote the book but it is he who learned from it and proved himself in his job. It is all him! We were just igniters.

Rick: Good response.

Pinal: Hey Rick! Are we doing enough for the community? What can we do more?

Rick: Hmmm… Let us do something more.

Pinal: Remember once we discussed the idea of if anyone who buys our Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit in the next 2 weeks – we will send them SQL Wait Stats for free. What do you say?

Rick: I agree! Great Idea! Let us do it.

Free Giveaway

Well Rick and I liked the idea of doing more. We have decided to give away free SQL Server Wait Stats books to everybody who will purchase Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit between today (Oct 15, 2012) and Oct 26, 2012. This is not a contest or a lucky winner opportunity. Everybody who participates will qualify for it.

Combo Availability

USA – Amazon

India – Flipkart | Indiaplaza

Note1: USA kit contains FREE 5 DVDs. India Kit does not contain 5 DVDs due to legal issues.
Note2: Indian Kit is priced at special Indian Economic Price.

Qualify for Free Giveaway

  • You must have purchased our Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit of 5 books between Oct 15, 2012 and Oct 26, 2012.
  • Purchase before Oct 15, 2012 and after Oct 26, 2012 will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Send your original receipt (email, order details) to following addresses: “books@SQLAuthority.com;info@Joes2Pros.com” with the subject line “Joes 2 Pros Kit Promotion Free Offer”. Do not change the subject line or your email may be missed. 
  • Clearly mention your shipping address with phone number and pin/zip code.
  • Send your receipt before Oct 30, 2012. We will not entertain any conversation after Oct 30, 2012 cut off date.
  • The Free books will be sent to USA and India address only.
  • Availability USA – Amazon | India – Flipkart | Indiaplaza

Do leave a comment if you have question or comment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – 3 Online SQL Courses at Pluralsight and Free Learning Resources

Usain Bolt is an inspiration for all. He broke his own record multiple times because he wanted to do better! Read more about him on wikipedia. He is great and indeed fastest man on the planet.

Usain Bolt - World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt – World’s Fastest Man

“Can you teach me SQL Server Performance Tuning?”

This is one of the most popular questions which I receive all the time. The answer is YES.

I would love to do performance tuning training for anyone, anywhere.  It is my favorite thing to do, and it is my favorite thing to train others in.  If possible, I would love to do training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  To me, it doesn’t feel like a job.

Of course, as much as I would love to do performance tuning 24/7/365, obviously I am just one human being and can only be in one place at one time.  It is also very difficult to train more than one person at a time, and it is difficult to train two or more people at a time, especially when the two people are at different levels.  I am also limited by geography.  I live in India, and adjust to my own time zone.  Trying to teach a live course from India to someone whose time zone is 12 or more hours off of mine is very difficult.  If I am trying to teach at 2 am, I am sure I am not at my best!

There was only one solution to scale – Online Trainings. I have built 3 different courses on SQL Server Performance Tuning with Pluralsight. Now I have no problem – I am 100% scalable and available 24/7 and 365. You can make me say the same things again and again till you find it right. I am in your mobile, PC as well as on XBOX. This is why I am such a big fan of online courses.  I have recorded many performance tuning classes and you can easily access them online, at your own time.  And don’t think that just because these aren’t live classes you won’t be able to get any feedback from me.  I encourage all my viewers to go ahead and ask me questions by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever way you can get a hold of me.

Here are details of three of my courses with Pluralsight. I suggest you go over the description of the course. As an author of the course, I have few FREE codes for watching the free courses. Please leave a comment with your valid email address, I will send a few of them to random winners.

SQL Server Performance: Introduction to Query Tuning 

SQL Server performance tuning is an art to master – for developers and DBAs alike. This course takes a systematic approach to planning, analyzing, debugging and troubleshooting common query-related performance problems. This includes an introduction to understanding execution plans inside SQL Server.

In this almost four hour course we cover following important concepts.

  • Introduction 10:22
  • Execution Plan Basics 45:59
  • Essential Indexing Techniques 20:19
  • Query Design for Performance 50:16
  • Performance Tuning Tools 01:15:14
  • Tips and Tricks 25:53
  • Checklist: Performance Tuning 07:13

The duration of each module is mentioned besides the name of the module.

SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics

This course teaches you how to master the art of performance tuning SQL Server by better understanding indexes.

In this almost two hour course we cover following important concepts.

  • Introduction 02:03
  • Fundamentals of Indexing 22:21
  • Practical Indexing Implementation Techniques 37:25
  • Index Maintenance 16:33
  • Introduction to ColumnstoreIndex 08:06
  • Indexing Practical Performance Tips and Tricks 24:56
  • Checklist : Index and Performance 07:29

The duration of each module is mentioned besides the name of the module.

SQL Server Questions and Answers

This course is designed to help you better understand how to use SQL Server effectively. The course presents many of the common misconceptions about SQL Server, and then carefully debunks those misconceptions with clear explanations and short but compelling demos, showing you how SQL Server really works.

In this almost 2 hours and 15 minutes course we cover following important concepts.

  • Introduction 00:54
  • Retrieving IDENTITY value using @@IDENTITY 08:38
  • Concepts Related to Identity Values 04:15
  • Difference between WHERE and HAVING 05:52
  • Order in WHERE clause 07:29
  • Concepts Around Temporary Tables and Table Variables 09:03
  • Are stored procedures pre-compiled? 05:09
  • UNIQUE INDEX and NULLs problem 06:40
  • Locks and Duration of Transactions 15:11
  • Nested Transaction and Rollback 09:16
  • Understanding Date/Time Datatypes 07:40
  • Differences between VARCHAR and NVARCHAR datatypes 06:38
  • Precedence of DENY and GRANT security permissions 05:29
  • Identify Blocking Process 06:37
  • NULLS usage with Dynamic SQL 08:03
  • Appendix Tips and Tricks with Tools 20:44

The duration of each module is mentioned besides the name of the module.

SQL in Sixty Seconds

You will have to login and to get subscribed to the courses to view them. Here are my free video learning resources SQL in Sixty Seconds. These are 60 second video which I have built on various subjects related to SQL Server. Do let me know what you think about them?

Here are three of my latest videos:

You can watch and learn at your own pace.  Then you can easily ask me any questions you have.  E-mail is easiest, but for really tough questions I’m willing to talk on Skype, Gtalk, or even Facebook chat.  Please do watch and then talk with me, I am always available on the internet!

Here is the video of the world’s fastest man.Usain St. Leo Bolt inspires us that we all do better than best. We can go the next level of our own record. We all can improve if we have a will and dedication.  Watch the video from 5:00 mark.


Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)