SQLAuthority News – Reliving TechEd with Vinod Kumar at Bangalore User Groups

TechEd India 2012 was held in Bangalore last March 21 to 23, 2012. Just like every year, this event is bigger, grander and inspiring. Here is my blog post reviewing the event SQLAuthority News – #TechEdIn – TechEd India 2012 Memories and Photos. For me this is family event – I get to meet my friends who are dear as my family. I like to call User Groups as family too. Family shares life’s personal happiness and experience – the same way User Group shares professional experiences and quite often UG members become just like family member.

When I learned that follower user group together building up a unique event I was pretty excited to learn who is going to be speaker for the event.

  1. BDotNet.in – Bangalore .NET Usergroup
  2. BITPro.in – Bangalore ITPro Usergroup

It was indeed joy when I learned that presenter will be Vinod Kumar, who is integral part of user groups and hardcore SQL Server enthusiast.

Vinod Kumar is going to present on following two sessions which are both focused on internals of the Windows and SQL Server.

  1. Understanding Windows with SysInternals Tools – This session will cover various tools from usage of Memory, x86 architecture, x64, WOW mode, Page faults, Virtual Memory mapping, OOM scenario, Perf Tool, PAL tool, Logman and more.
  2. Peeling the Onion: SQL Server Internals Demystified – This session will cover advanced disk formats, SQL Server 2012 security changes, memory changes, indirect checkPoint and more.
I am very excited as this time I will get opportunity to sit in front rows (as I will be reaching there to get best possible position) and learn. I am looking forward to the event and I hope you will join us as well.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2012 (10:30am until 1:30pm)

Venue: Microsoft, Domlur, Bangalore.

Event Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/139444029517882/

This session is FREE for all and everybody and anybody can walk in.

Community Blog Posts

Here are few of the blog post written by the community on this subject.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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SQLAuthority News – #TechEdIn – TechEd India 2012 Memories and Photos

TechEd India 2012 was held in Bangalore last March 21 to 23, 2012. Just like every year, this event is bigger, grander and inspiring.

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

Family Event

Every single year, TechEd is a special affair for my entire family.  Four months before the start of TechEd, I usually start to build the mental image of the event. I start to think  about various things. For the most part, what excites me most is presenting a session and meeting friends. Seriously, I start thinking about presenting my session 4 months earlier than the event!  I work on my presentation day and night. I want to make sure that what I present is accurate and that I have experienced it firsthand. My wife and my daughter also contribute to my efforts. For us, TechEd is a family event, and the two of them feel equally responsible as well. They give up their family time so I can bring out the best content for the Community.

Pinal, Shaivi and Nupur at TechEd India 2012

Pinal, Shaivi and Nupur at TechEd India 2012

Guinea Pigs (My Experiment Victims)

I do not rehearse my session, ever. However, I test my demo almost every single day till the last moment that I have to present it already. I sometimes go over the demo more than 2-3 times a day even though the event is more than a month away. I have two “guinea pigs”: 1) Nupur Dave and 2) Vinod Kumar. When I am at home, I present my demos to my wife Nupur. At times I feel that people often backup their demo, but in my case, I have backup demo presenters. In the office during lunch time, I present the demos to Vinod. I am sure he can walk my demos easily with eyes closed.

Pinal and Vinod at TechEd India 2012

Pinal and Vinod at TechEd India 2012

My Sessions

I’ve been determined to present my sessions in a real and practical manner. I prefer to present the subject that I myself would be eager to attend to and sit through if I were an audience. Just keeping that principle in mind, I have created two sessions this year.

SQL Server Misconception and Resolution

Pinal and Vinod at TechEd India 2012

Pinal and Vinod at TechEd India 2012

We believe all kinds of stuff – that the earth is flat, or that the forbidden fruit is apple, or that the big bang theory explains the origin of the universe, and so many other things. Just like these, we have plenty of misconceptions in SQL Server as well.

I have had this dream of co-presenting a session with Vinod Kumar for the past 3 years. I have been asking him every year if we could present a session together, but we never got it to work out, until this year came. Fortunately, we got a chance to stand on the same stage and present a single subject.

 I believe that Vinod Kumar and I have an excellent synergy when we are working together. We know each other’s strengths and weakness. We know when the other person will speak and when he will keep quiet. The reason behind this synergy is that we have worked on 2 Video Learning Courses (SQL Server Indexes and SQL Server Questions and Answers) and authored 1 book (SQL Server Questions and Answers) together.

Crowd Outside Session Hall

Crowd Outside Session Hall

This session was inspired from the “Laurel and Hardy” show so we performed a role-playing of those famous characters. We had an excellent time at the stage and, for sure, the audience had a wonderful time, too. We had an extremely large audience for this session and had a great time interacting with them.

Speed Up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

I wanted to approach this session at level 400 and I was very determined to do so. The biggest challenge I had was that this was a total of 60 minutes of session and the audience profile was very generic. I had to present at level 100 as well at 400. I worked hard to tune up these demos. I wanted to make sure that my messages would land perfectly to the minds of the attendees, and when they walk out of the session, they could use the knowledge I shared on their servers. After the session, I felt an extreme satisfaction as I received lots of positive feedback at the event. At one point, so many people rushed towards me that I was a bit scared that the stage might break and someone would get injured. Fortunately, nothing like that happened and I was able to shake hands with everybody.

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

Pinal Dave at TechEd India 2012

Crowd rushing to Pinal at TechEd India 2012

Crowd rushing to Pinal at TechEd India 2012


This is one of the primary reasons many of us visit the annual TechEd event. I had a fantastic time meeting SQL Server enthusiasts. Well, it was a terrific time meeting old friends, user group members, MVPs and SQL Enthusiasts. I have taken many photographs with lots of people, but I have received a very few back. If you are reading this blog and have a photo of us at the event, would you please send it to me so I could keep it in my memory lane?

Jacob and Pinal at TechEd India 2012

SQL Track Speaker: Jacob and Pinal at TechEd India 2012

Pinal, Tejas, Nakul, Jacob, Balmukund, Manas, Sudeepta, Sahal at TechEd India 2012

SQL Community: Pinal, Tejas, Nakul, Jacob, Balmukund, Manas, Sudeepta, Sahal at TechEd India 2012

Amit and Balmukund at TechEd India 2012

Star Speakers: Amit and Balmukund at TechEd India 2012

Nakul, Tejas and Pinal at TechEd India 2012

TechED Rockstars: Nakul, Tejas and Pinal at TechEd India 2012

I guess TechEd is a mix of family affair and culture for me!

Hamara TechEd (Our TechEd)

Hamara TechEd (Our TechEd)

Please tell me which photo you like the most!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – TechEd India 2012 – Content, Speakers and a Lots of Fun

TechEd is one event which every developers and IT professionals are looking forward to attend. It is opportunity of life time and no matter how many time one gets chance to engage with it, it is never enough. I still remember every single moment of every TechEd I have attended so far. We are less than 100 hours away from TechEd India 2012 event.This event is the one must attend event for every Technology Enthusiast. Fourth time in the row I am going to attend this event and I am equally excited as the first time of the event.

There are going to be two very solid SQL Server track this time and I will be attending end of the end both the tracks. Here is my view on each of the 10 sessions. Each session is carefully crafted and leading exeprts from industry will present it.

Day 1, March 21, 2012

  1. T-SQL Rediscovered with SQL Server 2012 – This session is going to bring some of the lesser known enhancements that were brought with SQL Server 2012. When I learned that Jacob Sebastian is going to do this session my reaction to this is DEMO, DEMO and DEMO! Jacob spends hours and hours of his time preparing his session and this will be one of those session that I am confident will be delivered over and over through out the next many events.
  2. Catapult your data with SQL Server 2012 Integration Services – Praveen is expert story teller and one of the wizard when it is about SQL Server and business intelligence. He is surely going to mesmerize you with some interesting insights on SSIS performance too.
  3. Processing Big Data with SQL Server 2012 and Hadoop – There are three sessions on Big Data at TechEd India 2012. Stephen is going to deliver one of the session. Watching Stephen present is always joy and quite entertaining. He shares knowledge with his typical humor which captures ones attention. I wrote about what is BIG DATA in a blog post.
  4. SQL Server Misconceptions and Resolutions – I will be presenting this Session along with Vinod Kumar. READ MORE HERE.
  5. Securing with ContainedDB in SQL Server 2012 – Pranab is expert when it is about SQL Server and Security. I have seen him presenting and he is indeed very pleasant to watch. A dry subject like security, he makes it much lively. A Contained Database is a database which contains all the necessary settings and metadata, making database easily portable to another server. This database will contain all the necessary details and will not have to depend on any server where it is installed for anything. You can take this database and move it to another server without having any worries.

Day 3, March 23, 2012

  1. Peeling SQL Server like an Onion: Internals Demystified – Vinod Kumar has been writing about this extensively on his other blog post. In recent conversation he suggested that he will be creating very exclusive content for this presentation. I know Vinod for long time and have worked with him along many community activities. I am going to pay special attention to the details. I know Vinod has few give-away planned now for attending the session now only if he shares with us.
  2. Speed Up – Parallel Processes and unparalleled Performance – Performance tuning is my favorite subject. I will be discussing effect of parallelism on performance in this session. Here me out, there will be lots of quiz questions during this session and if you get the answers correct – you can win some really cool goodies – I Promise! READ MORE HERE.
  3. Keep your database available – AlwaysOn – Balmukund is like an army man. He is always ready to show and prove that he has coolest toys in terms of SQL Server and he knows how to keep them running AlwaysON. Availability groups, Listener, Clustering, Failover, Read-Only replica etc all will be demo’ed in this session. This is really heavy but very interesting content not to be missed. He blogged it over here.
  4. Lesser known facts about SQL Server Backup and Restore – Amit Banerjee – this name is known internationally for solving SQL Server problems in 140 characters. He has already blogged about this and this topic is going to be interesting. A successful restore strategy for applications is as good as their last good known backup. I have few difficult questions to ask to Amit and I am very sure that his unique style will entertain people. By the way, his one of the slide may give few in audience a funny heart attack.
  5. Top 5 reasons why you want SQL Server 2012 BI – Praveen plans to take a tour of some of the BI enhancements introduced in the new version. Business Insights with SQL Server is a critical building block and this version of SQL Server is no exception. For the matter of the fact, when I saw the demos he was going to show during this session, I felt like that I wish I can set up all of this on my machine. If you miss this session – you will miss one of the most informative session of the day.

Also TechEd India 2012 has a Live streaming of some content and this can be watched here. The TechEd Team is planning to have some really good exclusive content in this channel as well.

If you spot me, just do not hesitate to come by me and introduce yourself, I want to remember you!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – TechED India 2012 – Bangalore – March 21-23, 2012

TechEd is one event which every developers and IT professionals are looking forward to attend. It is opportunity of life time and no matter how many time one gets chance to engage with it, it is never enough. I still remember every single moment of every TechEd I have attended so far.

This year TechEd India 2012 will be held in Bangalore between March 21 and 23. There will be three 3 days of lots of learning and fun. If you are data professional, you are going to find yourself very very fortunate as every single day we will have data track for various audience. Day 1 will be for developer, Day 2 will be for Architect and Day 3 will be for Database Administrators. Every day we will have plenty of learning from industries leading experts.

How many of you know that the first TechEd was held in 1993 in Orlando, FL? Well, there are many similar interesting information is available on Wiki page for TechEd.

I will be presenting on my favorite subject of performance tuning. Just like every other time this time the session will be unique and different. I will bring something lesser known but very important aspect of the performance tuning to the light.

Besides SQL Server we will be covering lots of other technologies such as Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, System Center, Security, Private Cloud etc. The biggest attraction of the TechEd is Keynote and Demo Extravaganza. One can not miss either of them when present at TechEd India.

If you are attending TechEd India – I am looking forward to meet you in person. It is always pleasant to meet community face to face and I promise to remember your name.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – I am Speaking at SQL Saturday 116 – Bangalore, India on January 7, 2012 – First SQL Saturday in India

SQLSaturday 116 is now only 3 days away. SQL Saturday is FREE event all the attendees and 100% SQL community driven. This is very first SQL Saturday in India and I am very much excited that I will be speaking at this event on my favorite subject of SQL Server Performance Tuning. I have so far delivered 100s of presentation on this subject but this subject never gets old and I never ran out of new tips and tricks.

I suggest you mark your calender right now and present at the hall before time to secure your seat.

Session Details

SQL Server Performance Tips and Tricks

In this session we will go over various SQL Server Performance Tuning Tricks and Tips. Learn about top tips and best SQL Server performance practices related to:

  • Unused Indexes
  • Clustered Indexes
  • Importance of Statistics
  • Index Maintenance Scripts
  • ColumnStore Index
  • A Surprise Secret Tip

January 7, 2012 1:30 PM

I will ask 5 questions during my session and needless to say 5 winners will get copy of my book.

The session will be 100% demo oriented and I will share lots of tips and tricks during this session. Just like every other session of mine, this session will have lots of trivia for you as well it will be extremely interactive. If you prefer to stay quite during the session, this session will a perfect technology opener for you. Once you are in the session – you will be talking and discussion various aspect of performance along with your co-attendees and me.

Additionally, I am personally waiting for the sessions of Rick Morelan who is founder of Joes 2 Pros series. Do not miss any of the sessions of SQL Saturday – here is the complete schedule.

My friend Vinod Kumar has written blog on his sessions, read it here.

Note: Session will be not recorded. There will be no live cast of the session.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Where Can YOU Get My Books – SQL Server Interview Question and Answers

Earlier month I released by third book SQL Server Interview Question and Answers. The focus of this book is ‘master the basics’. If you rate yourself 10 out of 10 in SQL Server – this book is not for you but if you want to learn fundamentals or want to refresh your fundamentals this book is for YOU. Earlier I was overwhelmed by love you all have shown to this book on release date leading our three digit inventory to run out of stock. Read detail blog post about the subject over here A Real Story of Book Getting ‘Out of Stock’ to A 25% Discount Story Available.

Well, we learn the lesson from the experience and have made sure that the inventory does not run out any more. Since then we are now available on multiple outlets. Pretty much anywhere in USA and India the book is available. Additionally, where ever Amazon ships internationally.

I have created dedicated page where I have listed where one can avail this book from Details of SQL Server Interview Question and Answers. Even though I keep on getting common question like – where one can get this book.

You can get this book from:

USA: Amazon

India: Flipkart | IndiaPlaza | Crossword

In India now you can walk into any crossword store and ask this book, if they do not have it, you can ask them get one for you.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Book Signing Event – SQLPASS 2011 Event Log

I have been dreaming of writing book for really long time, and I finally got the chance – in fact, two chances!  I recently wrote two books: SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros: Programming and Development for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 [Amazon] | [Flipkart] | [Kindle] and SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros: SQL Performance Tuning Techniques Using Wait Statistics, Types & Queues [Amazon] | [Flipkart] | [Kindle].  I had a lot of fun writing these two books, even though sometimes I had to sacrifice some family time and time for other personal development to write the books. The good side of writing book is that when the efforts put in writing books are recognize by books readers and kind organizations like expressor studio.

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event

Book writing is a complex process.  Even after you spend months, maybe years, writing the material you still have to go through the editing and fact checking processes.  And, once the book is out there, there is no way to take back all the copies to change mistakes or add something you forgot.  Most of the time it is a one-way street.

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event

Just like every author, I had a dream that after the books were written, they would be loved by people and gain acceptance by an audience. My first book, SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros: Programming and Development for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, is extremely popular because it helps lots of people learn various fundamental topics. My second book covers beginning to learn SQL Server Wait Stats, which is a relatively new subject. This book has had very good acceptance in the community.

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event

Helping my community is my primary focus, so I was happy to see this year’s SQLPASS tag line: ‘This is a Community.‘ At the event, the expressor studio guys came up with a very novel idea. They had previously used my books and they had found them very useful. They got 100 copies of the book and decided to give it away to community folks. They invited me and my co-author Rick Morelan to hold a book signing event. We did a book signing on Thursday between 1 pm and 2 pm.

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event

This event was one of the best events for me. This was my first book signing event outside of India. I reached the book signing location around 20 minutes before the scheduled time and what I saw was a big line for the book signing event. I felt very honored looking at the crowd and all the people around the event location. I felt very humbled when I saw some of my very close friends standing in the line to get my signature. It was really heartwarming to see so many enthusiasts waiting for more than an hour to get my signature. While standing in line I had the chance to have a conversation with every single person who showed up for the signature. I made sure that I repeated every single name and wrote it in every book with my signature. There is saying that if we write a name once we will remember it forever. I want to remember all of you who saw me at the book signing. Your comments were wonderful, your feedback was amazing and you were all very supportive.

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event

I have made a note of every conversation I had with all of you when I was signing the books. Once again, I just want to express my thanks for coming to my book signing event. The whole experience was very humbling. On the top of it, I want to thank the expressor studio people who made it possible, who organized the whole signing event. I am so thankful to them for facilitating the whole experience, which is going to be hard to beat by any future experience.

My books

My books

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)