SQLAuthority News – Learning Trip – Traveling to Learn SQL Server

I am currently traveling to Delhi to learn SQL Server in person from my friend. You can read more details about why am I learning SQL Server.  I have signed up for the course End to End SQL Server Business Intelligence at Koenig Solutions. Yesterday I blogged about my registration experience and today I am going to write about my  experience once I arrived at Delhi.

From Ahmedabad to Delhi

I stay with my wife and daughter in Bangalore (IT Hub of India), my hometown is Ahmedabad. My parents stay in city nearby Ahmedabad. I decided to spend few days with my folks before I sign up for 3 days of solid learning. I had selected an early morning flight to Delhi. I landed at 8:30 AM in Delhi.

As soon as I checked email in my mobile I was really glad that I had received details of my pick up vehicle from Koenig. I walked out of the airport and I noticed that a driver was waiting with a placard with my name and photo associated with it. He was in Koenig uniform so there was no chance to make mistakes. In minutes of landing in Delhi I was in my transport heading to the Koenig Training Center. After the quick introduction driver handed me a bag (to be precise Eco friendly bag).

The bag contained following items:

  • My registration form
  • All necessary documents in print which I had received earlier
  • A Printed Book of the course next day
  • INR 1000 (What?)

 SQLAuthority News   Learning Trip   Traveling to Learn SQL Server

I was glad to receive the bag but I was very confused with the Rs 1000. I decided to figure this out once I reach to the training center.

Arriving at Koenig Inn Deluxe

Koenig registration fees include all the stay and meals. I had opted for Koenig Inn Deluxe as my stay as it was recommended by my friend as well it was the right economical choice for me. When I reached to my accommodation, they were well aware of my arrival and was immediately led to my spacious room. The room is well equipped with all the amenities (hot water, air condition, coffee table, munching snacks,  and free internet) and the staff is very friendly. I immediately got ready as I had to go to Koenig Training Center to meet Center Head for a quick introduction.

Koenig Inn Delux

Koenig Inn Delux

Koenig Training Center

The training center is within five minutes of distance from the accommodation. I was lead to center head right away and had a very meaningful conversation with Ms Hema regarding my learning goals. She gave me a quick tour of the training center. I was amazed with the numbers of lab rooms they have in the center. The labs are spacious and give the most needed hand’s on experience to the users. I was led to the lab where I was suppose to learn my class the very next day as well I was provided my trainer’s profile.

Mystery of Rs 1000

Well, after all this I have still not forgotten why I was provided Rs 1000 when arrived at the airport. When I asked about that I was told that because many students comes from foreign places and they may not have Indian Currency when they land at airport. This was for their immediate consumption till they arrive at the training center. Later on they can get their currency converted to local currency at Koenig Travel Desk. My curiosity was satisfied but I had not expected this answer. I am amazed at the attention to the details.

Koenig Travel Desk

When I heard about Koenig Travel Desk, I remembered that I have few friends in Delhi and Gurgaon. I had completed all of the formalities so I had reset of the day on my hand. I requested the travel desk if they can arrange a day cab for me so I can visit my friends in Guragon. Within 10 minutes I was on my way to Gurgaon.

Telerik India Office Visit

What did I do in Guragaon? I met my friends Abhishek Kant, Dhananjay Kumar and Amit Chowdhary. I visited Telerik India office and we had an excellent conversation on various aspects of technology and community. The Telerik India office is very spacious and Abhishek Kant (Telerik India Country Manager) gave us a quick tour of the office. We had an excellent lunch and dinner. One thing is for sure – the day was well spent.

Pinal Dave, Dhananjay Kumar and Abhishek Kant

Pinal Dave, Dhananjay Kumar and Abhishek Kant

Later evening I returned to my accommodation and decided to read up a few of the topics which I was going to learn next day. In tomorrow’s blog post I will discuss about my learning experience.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Getting Ready to Learn SQL Server

If you have read my earlier blog post you must be aware of how I am always eager to learn new things. I have signed up for three days learning course at Koenig Solutions for End to End SQL Server Business Intelligence. You may wonder why I sign up for the course on SQL Server when it seems that I know a lot about it.

Well, the belief is incorrect that I know a lot. I think there are plenty of things which I have been dreaming to learn.

Why am I learning SQL Server?

First of all – I do not know everything and second it is always a good idea to learn more. No matter how old we get or how much we think we know – there are always details which we can learn and refresh few concepts.

Learning is never ending process philosophically but it is true as well in reality. SQL Server 2012 is already released earlier this year and there are plenty of enhancements released. Recently I was going over the list of the all the new feature and enhancement and I realized that there few things about SQL Server 2008 R2 I never got a chance to have a hand’s on experience and we have entered into the era of SQL Server 2012. I feel a bit bad about it and I decided to make it a priority for me to learn all the missing experiences.

Quick Action – Registration

The very same day I called up my friend who owns Koenig Solution and expressed my concern and requested his help. During my early career when I was a SQL Server Trainer, we had some good synergy between us and now they are very successful offshore training company by having a physical location in Delhi,  Goa, Dahradun, Shimla, Goa and Bangalore. I quickly visited their Bangalore Center and paid my fees for learning SQL Server Business Intelligence course. Very next second I got call from my friend suggesting that I learn this course from Delhi instead of Bangalore. As per him I should travel to Delhi and learn the course how other students are learning “Away from Home”. This made sense as I stay in Bangalore and if I return home after a long day of learning, I will be not able to practice for the next day as there will be “sweet distraction” of the family. Well I opted for Delhi.

What Registration Fees Included

I learned from registration processes that the following were included in the fees.

  • 3 meals every day (hearty breakfast, lunch from premium restaurants and home cooked like dinner)
  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Hotel Stay
  • Internet at hotel and at learning institute
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks at learning institute
  • Printed Learning Material
  • Certification Fees (if applicable)
  • Learning material
  • … And of course classroom training

I thought registration process was over when I paid fees. Well, I was in for a very nice surprise.

Registration Experience – Bliss!

Red Fort Delhi SQLAuthority News   Getting Ready to Learn SQL ServerWithin few hours I received emails from Center Manager of Delhi with all the necessary details I need to know about my learning experience. The email contained following information in detail and it blew me away.

  • Details of the pick up from airport – driver information
  • Details of Delhi and important information
  • List of all the important people and emergency contact details
  • Internet connection details
  • Detail of the trainer and all the training details
  • and lots of other relevant information

Well so far everything looks great. Tomorrow I will reach to Delhi and I will share how things go on. Any suggestion for things to do in Delhi?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Weekend Project – Visiting Friend’s Company – Koenig Solutions

I have decided to do some interesting experiments every weekend and share it next week as a weekend project on the blog. Many times our business lives and personal lives are very separate, however this post will talk about one instance where my two lives connect.

This weekend I visited my friend’s company. My friend owns Koenig, so of course I am very interested so see that they are doing well.  I have been very impressed this year, as they have expanded into multiple cities and are offering more and more classes about Business Intelligence, Project Management, networking, and much more. Koenig Solutions originally were a company that focused on training IT professionals – from topics like databases and even English language courses.  As the company grew more popular, Koenig began their blog to keep fans updated, and gradually have added more and more courses.

I am very happy for my friend’s success, but as a technology enthusiast I am also pleased with Koenig Solutions’ success.  Whenever anyone in our field improves, the field as a whole does better.  Koenig offers high quality classes on a variety of topics at a variety of levels, so anyone can benefit from browsing this blog. I am a big fan of technology (obviously), and I feel blessed to have gotten in on the “ground floor,” even though there are some people out there who think technology has advanced as far as possible – I believe they will be proven wrong.  And that is why I think companies like Koenig Solutions are so important – they are providing training and support in a quickly growing field, and providing job skills in this tough economy.

I believe this particular post really highlights how I, and Koenig, feel about the IT industry.  It is quickly expanding, and job opportunities are sure to abound – but how can the average person get started in this exciting field?  This post emphasizes that knowledge is power – know what interests you in the IT field, get an education, and continue your training even after you’ve gotten your foot in the door.

Koenig Solutions provides what I feel is one of the most important services in the modern world – in person training.  They obviously offer many online courses, but you can also set up physical, face-to-face training through their website.  As I mentioned before, they offer a wide variety of classes that cater to nearly every IT skill you can think of.  If you have more specific needs, they also offer one of the best English language training courses.  English is turning into the language of technology, so these courses can ensure that you are keeping up the pace. Koenig Solutions and I agree about how important training can be, and even better – they provide some of the best training around.  We share ideals and I am very happy see the success of my friend.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Four Tutorial for SQL Server 2012 New Features

One of the very common question I receive on my facebook is that if there is any tutorial for SQL Server 2012 new enhanced features and solutions. I see this demand a bit increasing as the SQL Server 2012 is more and more being adopted. Here is the list of four tutorial which is specifically created for SQL Server 2012 by Microsoft.

Multidimensional Modeling (Adventure Works Tutorial)
This tutorial teaches you how to develop and deploy an Analysis Services project that enables the employees of Adventure Works Cycles to analyze various aspects of their business.

Tabular Modeling (Adventure Works Tutorial)
This tutorial teaches you how to create a SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services tabular model that enable sales and marketing teams to easily analyze internet sales data in the AdventureWorksDW2012 data warehouse. You will build the tabular model in SQL Server Data Tools.

Tutorials and Demos for Power View
Create Power View reports and explore Power View features. View demos, videos, and tutorials that help you get started quickly with Power View and successfully build reports with interactive filters and visualizations such as bubble charts, tiles, and cards.

Tutorial: Using the hierarchyid Data Type
This tutorial is intended for users who are experienced with Transact-SQL, but are new to the hierarchyid data type. In this tutorial, you convert an existing table to a hierarchical structure, and you also create a new table to store and manage hierarchical data efficiently.

Note: The description of the course is taken from the original course description. You will need to install SQL Server 2012 AdventureWorks for all this tutorial.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – An Inspiring Personal Story – Movie from The Book – Video Course – SQL Server Questions and Answers – Pluralsight

Nov 3, 2011 – Visit to Grandma

grandma SQL SERVER   An Inspiring Personal Story   Movie from The Book   Video Course   SQL Server Questions and Answers   PluralsightWhen our SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers book got published I ran to my grandma with a copy of the book for her blessings. Well, just like every grandma, she loves me, her grandson, unconditionally. She is not into the technology domain (obviously), but she loved the book. She read the first few pages where I was mentioned and read about my co-author Vinod Kumar. After reading the introduction she looked at me and said “When I was young we used to read books, now all those good books are converted into the movies, when do you think this book will be converted into a movie?

Silence. A very long silence.

I just could not answer her right away.  As a matter of fact, I went into a deep thought. I never thought that she could actually ask me such question. It may be a very simple question, but I felt that it was very important to me. I was just stunned and speechless. I returned home from my grandma’s place, with her blessings and an interesting thought of a “Movie from the Book”. I just could not get this out of my mind.

Jan 24, 2012 – Movie from Book

I talked to my grandma very often, but since the last conversation my wife called hermovie SQL SERVER   An Inspiring Personal Story   Movie from The Book   Video Course   SQL Server Questions and Answers   Pluralsight often and I did not talk to her at all. There was no reason to talk to her maybe because I constantly felt that she is with me. Her blessings were with me. I could not get her question out of my mind, still. I was extremely motivated and inspired from my last conversation with her. I called her early morning on January 24. Her very first questions were how I was doing and how was her great granddaughter. I told her that regarding our last conversation, there is actually a movie which is inspired from the book. Her very first reaction was that she knew this would happen as she was confident that my book would reach milestones. We talked for long hours.

Today – Fast Forward

ff SQL SERVER   An Inspiring Personal Story   Movie from The Book   Video Course   SQL Server Questions and Answers   PluralsightWell, the book was an inspiration for the course, but the video course was developed using totally different angle. We made sure that we’d take the broader idea from the book but wanted present something unique and novel. Vinod Kumar and I thought about it for a long time. We wanted to decide on the format of our course. We spent hours talking about the course – how we could make it unique and give a different experience to every attendee. We wanted to keep the subject light enough to digest, yet deep enough to satisfy everyone’s learning eagerness. After spending some days and efforts for the preparation of the unique content and exceptional demos, the course has become a reality for us.

SQL Server Questions and Answers

pinal dave v1 SQL SERVER   An Inspiring Personal Story   Movie from The Book   Video Course   SQL Server Questions and Answers   PluralsightThis course is designed to help you have a better understanding on how to use SQL Server effectively. The course presents many of the common misconceptions about SQL Server, and then carefully debunks those misconceptions with clear explanations and short but compelling demos, showing you how SQL Server really works. This course is for anyone who works in SQL Server databases, and basically for those who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of this complex platform.

vinod kumar v1 SQL SERVER   An Inspiring Personal Story   Movie from The Book   Video Course   SQL Server Questions and Answers   Pluralsight

In this course, each topic starts with a question and ends with an answer which is supplemented with a demo. Every question has an exercise file and a demo associated with it. Additionally, in the very last session, we have covered lots of SSMS tips and tricks. Here are the topics we have covered in this course:

  • Introduction
  • Retrieving IDENTITY value using @@IDENTITY
  • Concepts Related to Identity Values
  • Difference between WHERE and HAVING
  • Order in WHERE clause
  • Concepts Around Temporary Tables and Table Variables
  • Are stored procedures pre-compiled?
  • UNIQUE INDEX and NULLs problem
  • Locks and Duration of Transactions
  • Nested Transaction and Rollback
  • Understanding Date/Time Datatypes
  • Differences between VARCHAR and NVARCHAR datatypes
  • Precedence of DENY and GRANT security permissions
  • Identify Blocking Process
  • NULLS usage with Dynamic SQL
  • Appendix Tips and Tricks with Tools

Today we are very happy that our course is out. The journey from the book to the Training Course took 80 days and the experience was wonderful. In a future post, I will share the experience of writing book and building the training course.

In the end, we just want to thank YOU, our dear reader, who made this experience possible.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Puzzle to Win Print Book and Free 30 Days Online Training Material

ccp SQL SERVER   Puzzle to Win Print Book and Free 30 Days Online Training MaterialYesterday I had asked a simple question SQL SERVER – Puzzle to Win Print Book – Write T-SQL Self Join Without Using LEAD and LAG with keeping two simple intention.

  • We can all learn about new feature of SQL Server 2012
  • We can learn new feature of SQL Server 2012 while practicing on earlier version of SQL Server.

While I was creating question due to copy-paste error the question was not correctly created. In simple word – I made a mistake. This created some confusion and I feel bad about this. Here is what we will do. Please read the question again and attempt to answer the question which I have asked in the blog post.

Yesterday the give away was my SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers book. As the question was corrected after a while, the give away are now got sweeter.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Learning SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Online in 6 Hours – Top Down Designing and Bottom Up Designing

cubeimage SQL SERVER   Learning SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Online in 6 Hours   Top Down Designing and Bottom Up DesigningThose who are following me on Twitter and Facebook know that recently I am reenforcing my own concept for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Like many of us, I worked with Analysis Services in early years. In an earlier job, I got many projects for relational database performance tuning and over time, I lost touch with SSAS. This does not mean that I forgot all of the concepts but the ‘real’ hands-on experience was gathering dust. Looking back at the last five years, I realized that I have deep experience with relational performance tuning but there are a few new things which I have yet to explore and learn.

My Learning

One weekend I decided to learn SQL Server Analysis Services. I woke up early in the morning at 6 AM and by 7 AM I was sitting with coffee at my dual screen monitor computer. I had a free subscription to Pluralsight so on one screen I turned on their Analysis Services Fundamentals course. This course is well organized and I attended first six modules by 1 PM. After having a quick lunch with my family, I reviewed all the tasks and lessons given in the course. As it was the weekend and I had properly digested all the concepts, I decided to continue the remaining four modules the next day. The next day, the same routine: I followed and finished all the remaining modules along with the exercises. At the end of six hours of video learning and practicing for more than 8 hours, I felt very comfortable with the subject. I re-discovered my knowledge of SSAS which I used to practice a few years ago, before I opted for performance tuning.

Course Details

You can read the official details of the course here yourself. Here is my view on this course. This course is very well structured. I have found many books and attended SSAS training where the training starts with Bottom Up Designing methodology. I have never had any course where the instructor started from Top Down Designing methodology. This course really got my attention as it covers the all the core concepts in a very reasonable time with crisp and clear instructions. After that it jumps to very easy to understand and follow-along demos where one can practice their skills. I am personally a big fan of the AdventureWorks database as that makes our life much easier and everybody has access to that database for free. Thanks to the instructor, Stacia, for using the same database for every single demonstration and exercise.

I have seen many demonstrations where someone takes an already-built cube and imports that into the system and starts explaining various concepts of the cube. I personally do the same when I have to demonstrate some cool new feature of the SSAS in a one hour presentation. However for in-depth learning, the whole game is different and I prefer to learn from the beginning. I prefer to learn how dimensions are built, how measures are categorized and how cubes are built from nothing. One always learns properly when the lesson is explained in structured manner. In this course Stacia has done the same thing – starting from no elements on screen and very quickly building all the modules from scratch. A perfect experience for beginners and experts.

myssaslearning SQL SERVER   Learning SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Online in 6 Hours   Top Down Designing and Bottom Up Designing

Course Content

This course covers various topics and you can read all the documentations on the official course page. However, as an outline, here are the module names. I am also attaching the image which demonstrates that I have attended every single module of the course. If you stop the course any place during the lesson, when you come back the course content page tracks your progress; this is very convenient.

  • Introduction to Analysis Services
  • Dimensional Model Development
  • Dimension Development I
  • Dimension Development 2
  • Cube Development I
  • Cube Development 2
  • Calculations 1
  • Calculations 2
  • Database Processing
  • Security

Future Expectations

The title of the course says this is an Introduction to Analysis Services. However, I thought this was quite a comprehensive course. I am assuming that there will be another version of this course. Stacia  also hinted couple of times during the course what will be in the advanced course. Well, what I expect in the advanced course is that the quality and presentation stays the same.

One Last Thing

Well, when I watched this course – I only had an annual subscription. Since then I have upgraded to the Pluralsight Annual Plus subscription, which gives me complete access to all the files, exercises and downloadable videos. I just wish I had changed before I started this course as it changes the experience.

Win A 30 Day Subscription

I have one 30 day Pluralsight OnDemand learning subscription to give away. To win you just need to leave a comment to this blog post suggesting which course you want to take and why. One person will be randomly picked as a winner for this 30 day subscription.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com

SQLAuthority News – Pluralsight On-Demand FREE for SQL Server Course

The Moral of Story

You can watch the most popular SQL Server – TSQL course on Pluralsight On-Demand for FREE for the next 48 hours. It starts NOW!

The Story

Learning is always difficult. After learning how to apply your knowledge, learning in real life is even more difficult. Technology is moving faster than the speed of light and new technologies are always emerging – this is now the reality of the new technology world. Between all of this, I personally have very little time to learn new technology. I do not like eBooks (this statement warrants a whole new blog posts – some other time), I prefer regular books. It is becoming more and more difficult to carry around the books and read them with passion. It happened to me once that by the time I finished the book, there was a new version of the product out in the market.

Recently I noticed that I am reading more blogs than books. Blogs are great but they are not structured. Structured learning is the key when one wants to understand technology properly. From experience I have learned that watching videos at my convenience (on-demand) and following the labs along with the video is way easier. A good teacher cannot be replaced by 1,000 books. I find that I can learn fastest using online tutorial videos that are well structured.

All the attendees of the technology mega-event in India got free passes from Pluralsight On-Demand training. I watched two Pluralsight courses online and I found they are well structured and have lots of supporting material (lab, scripts, ppts). When I reported my good feedback to Pluralsight, they offered 48 hours free access to their MOST popular SQL Server – TSQL course, exclusively for SQLAuthority.com readers. I cannot let this offer pass when it can help so many of my readers.

The Beginning of the Real World

Try out the SQL Server – TSQL course right away as it is freely available for the next 48 hours only. Let me know your feedback about the course. This course is for every developer who uses SQL Server in their applications. It covers the fundamentals of using SQL Server from T-SQL to the CLR, to automating processing with SQL Server Integration services.

UPDATE: You do not need login or create account to watch T-SQL course. Just go to SQL Server – TSQL and click on links.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Public Training and Private Training – Differences and Similarities – Public Training vs Private Training

Earlier this year, I was on Road SQL Server Seminars. I did many SQL Server Performance Trainings and SQL Server Performance Consultations throughout the year but I feel the most rewarding exercise is always the one when instructor learns something from students, too.

I was just talking to my wife, Nupur – she manages my logistics and administration related activities – and she pointed out that this year I have done 62% consultations and 38% trainings. I was bit surprised as I thought the numbers would be reversed. Every time I review the year, I think of training done at organizations. Well, I cannot argue with reality, I have done more consultations (some would call them projects) than training.

I told my wife that I enjoy consultations more than training. She promptly asked me a question which was not directly related but made me think for long time, and in the end resulted in this blog post. Nupur asked me: what do I enjoy the most, public training or private training? I had a long conversation with her on this subject.

training SQL SERVER   Public Training and Private Training   Differences and Similarities   Public Training vs Private Training

I am not going to write long blog post which can change your life here. This is rather a small post condensing my one hour discussion into 200 words.

Public Training is fun because…

  • There are lots of different kinds of attendees
  • There are always vivid questions
  • Lots of questions on questions
  • Less interest in theory and more interest in demos
  • Good opportunity of future business

Private Training is fun because…

  • There is a focused interest
  • One question is discussed deeply because of existing company issues
  • More interest in “how it happened” concepts – under the hood operations
  • Good connection with attendees
  • This is also a good opportunity of future business

Here I will stop my monologue and I want to open up this question to all of you:

Question to Attendees –

Which one do you enjoy the most – Public Training or Private Training?

Question to Trainers –

What do you enjoy the most – Public Training or Private Training?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Index Created on View not Used Often – Limitation of the View 12

I have previously written on the subject SQL SERVER – The Limitations of the Views – Eleven and more…. This was indeed a very popular series and I had received lots of feedback on that topic. Today we are going to discuss something very interesting as well.

During my recent performance tuning seminar in Hyderabad, I presented on the subject of Views. During the seminar, one of the attendees asked a question:

We create a table and create a View on the top of it. On the same view, if we create Index, when querying View, will that index be used?

The answer is NOT Always!

(There is only one specific condition when it will be used. We will write about that later in the next post).

Let us see the test case for the same. In our script we will do following:

USE tempdb
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.views WHERE OBJECT_ID = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[SampleView]'))
DROP VIEW [dbo].[SampleView]
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE OBJECT_ID = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[mySampleTable]') AND TYPE IN (N'U'))
DROP TABLE [dbo].[mySampleTable]
-- Create SampleTable
CREATE TABLE mySampleTable (ID1 INT, ID2 INT, SomeData VARCHAR(100))
INSERT INTO mySampleTable (ID1,ID2,SomeData)
FROM sys.all_objects o1
CROSS JOIN sys.all_objects o2
-- Create View
FROM dbo.mySampleTable
-- Create Index on View
-- Select from view
FROM SampleView

Let us check the execution plan for the last SELECT statement.

limitview 12 SQL SERVER   Index Created on View not Used Often   Limitation of the View 12

You can see from the execution plan. That even though we are querying View and the View has index, it is not really using that index.

In the next post, we will see the significance of this View and where it can be helpful.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to read my View series: SQL SERVER – The Limitations of the Views – Eleven and more….

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)