SQLAuthority News – SQLPASS – 100 SQL Wait Stats Book Print Copy Giveaway – A Book Every Minute for an Hour Tomorrow

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” – Voltaire

“The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth” – Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Please Note: The date and time are Thursday 13 at 1 PM (not Wednesday) – there are few emails asking for the same.

Quotes listed above are really relevant to the news of the day. Regular readers of my blog knows that I have published SQL Server Wait Stats [Amazon] | [Flipkart] book. I am glad to say that this book has become extremely popular since it has been published. It has ran out of stock in India two times thus far. In USA, we could manage the inventory efficiently. This book is now available on Kindle (at a price less than that of a coffee).

Recently, the kind people at expressor Studio have previously gave away few copies of my book. The same folks have sent me email that they got excellent feedback for the book from the readers who received the book. They have decided to give away 100 copies of my Wait Stats Print Book on Thursday October 13, 2011 between 1.00 and 2.00 PM at SQLPASS exhibition at Booth #300. I am just speechless at their efforts and good will for my book.

Tomorrow, I will be available between 1.00 and 2.00 PM at booth #300 and signing the books personally. Just stop by the booth and pick up the book. We intend to give away 1 book every minute of that hour. Honestly, it will be more than 1 book as there will be 100 books to give away during the short period of 60 minutes (on First come first serve basis!)

See you tomorrow!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL Wait Stats Book – Available as Kindle eBook – October Special

Get SQL Wait Stats – Kindle Edition

Last month I released my SQL Wait Stats  book. This book is the beginning of my journey in wait stats. It has been extremely popular and so far in India it has sold all the print copies twice on Flipkart. This book is available in the United States on Amazon and it has gotten a tremendous response as well. What is special about this book is that it gives you the opportunity to start on performance tuning instantly after receiving the book. The scripts are very simple and they are all available online on this blog. Additionally, the book is open for improvement and suggestions. There are so many different kinds of wait stats that it is not possible to cover all of them, but I have attempted to cover almost all of the most important ones and most frequently encountered.

So far this book was available in India and the United States. However, here is the good news for worldwide readers and everybody who was waiting for the eBook version of SQL Wait Stats. We have an eBook version out for sale! Looking at your response for the month of October we have a special price as well. The price for the eBook in the United States is USD 3.99 – you can spend less than a large coffee and gain the knowledge to find bottlenecks and improve the performance of your SQL Server. The price for the rest of the world is between 3.99 to 5.99, based on your country location. In any case, now there is no excuse to not read this book. If you do not own a Kindle device, there is no need to buy one, you can download Kindle for PC right now and get your SQL Wait Stats eBook.

Please note, there are still 25 more days in October. After October the price will reset to the regular higher price.

SQL Wait Stats – Kindle Edition

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – 31 Millions Views – Free 5 Print Copy of SQL Wait Types and Queues

Earlier this year in February, I wrote a 30-day series on Wait Types and Queue. This series was very popular and I have received a number of good and encouraging comments on various parts of the series. The no.1 request was to compile the concept in an eBook. This idea really appealed to me. Talking about personal preferences, I do not like eBooks as I spend lots of time on the computer, and if I have to read books, I prefer to read printed ones my way. Driven with the same idea, I published SQL Wait Types and Queues in print copy. If I do not mention Rick Morelan (Founder of Joes2Pros) it will not be fair. Rick is such a great supporter in all the efforts.

On the good occasion of having total of 31 Millions Views on SQLAuthority.com here is the interesting news for all!

My SQL Server Wait Stats books are available on [Amazon] | [Flipkart]. Recently I got a number of extremely motivating emails from kind folks at expressor studio; they really liked my book. They have decided go to next step and want to give away 5 print copies of SQL Wait Stats books.

The rules of the contest are very simple. In the next 48 hours go ahead and register yourself at expressor studio. They will select 5 random winners who will directly receive the SQL Server Wait Stats books. This contest is open to everybody worldwide. The winners will be selected by the end of the month. Winners will be informed via the email address provided at the time of the registration.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Uncut and Unedited – Interview of Pinal Dave on Book Authoring

Write a book was not an easy task. Publishing two books in a month was even harder task. In Sep-Oct 2011 I have published two books. I was very happy when books were published and I got print copy in my hand.

Lohith N who is finest .net expert and have recently taken my interview on about the subject of book writing. He asked me my experience about book writing and so many other things.He has even taken my earlier interview where video views have crossed more than 1300 views.

In latest episode we discuss on the following things:

  • About his new book
  • His experience as an author
  • Why the name SQL Joes 2 Pros
  • Where can we buy his books
  • Challenges when writing this book

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and to learn SQL one needs Structured Learning. Here is the list of the books I have personally share my passion with and authored myself.


[Amazon] | [Flipkart] SQL Programming Joes 2 Pros (vol 4)Pinal Dave

[Amazon] | [Flipkart] SQL Wait StatsPinal Dave

Reference:  Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Shaivi’s Birthday – SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros Book Released Today – 30 Million Views Completed

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the friends of SQLAuthority.com. On today’s auspicious day I have three news to share – 1) Shaivi’s 2nd Birthday 2) New Book Released 3) 30 Millions Views.

I am extremely proud of the newly published Joes 2 Pros: Programming and Development for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Amazon, Flipkart) book, which I contributed to and am lucky enough to have my name on the front cover as author.  And today is good day when I am releasing my second book ‘SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros: SQL Performance Tuning Techniques Using Wait Statistics, Types & Queues’ So today I would like to dedicate this book to my beautiful daughter on her second birthday.  Two years ago she came into this world as an angel, and every day my love for her has grown.  My wife and I jokingly refer to her as the “other woman,” because since her appearance it seems like my love for my daughter is growing to take my wife’s share.

My daughter, Shaivi, is the dearest part of my life.  She is what motivates me to excel at work and at life, and ultimately what motivated me to write this book.  I hope one day that she is half as proud of me as I am of her.  That is why I am dedicating my book to her – because she was the inspiration that made me work to achieve this goal.

Writing this book was an exhausting process.  There were days when to meet the editor’s deadlines I would lock myself in my office in the early morning before my daughter was awake, and when I came out at the end of the day my daughter was already asleep.  However, I want her to know that even though I may have been absent from her life on those days, I am dedicating all those efforts to her.  She is the best.

Any parent – especially the parent of a daughter – knows that having a child puts everything in perspective.  A job we might have once done simply for money, or even because we love the subject, now becomes a labor of love to excel for our children and provide them with a better life.  I am lucky enough to have a job I love, one that I enjoy getting up every morning for, and now I am extra lucky because my love for my daughter makes that job even more enjoyable.  For that, and so many other reasons, I dedicate this book to you Shaivi.

Btw, today this blog completed 30 Million Views.

Reference:  Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days – TechEd on The Road – Ahmedabad – June 11, 2011

TechEd on Road is back! In Ahmedabad June 11, 2011!

Inviting all Professional Developers, Project Managers, Architects, IT Managers, IT Administrators and Implementers of Ahmedabad to be a part of Tech•Ed on the Road, on 11th June, 2011. We have put together the best sessions from Tech•Ed India 2011 for you in your city. Focal point will be technologies like Database and BI, Windows 7, ASP.NET.


Venue: Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg,
University Area,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 015

Time: 9:30AM – 5:30PM

The biggest attraction of the event is session HTML5 – Future of the Web by Harish Vaidyanathan. He is Evangelist Lead in Microsoft and hands on developer himself. I strongly urge all of you to attend his session to understand direction of the web and Microsoft’s take on the subject.

I (Pinal Dave) will be presenting on the session of SQL Server Performance Tuning and Jacob Sebastian will be presenting on T-SQL Worst Practices. Do not miss this opportunity. Those who have attended in the past know that from last two years the venue is jam packed in first few minutes. Do come in early to get better seat and reserve your spot.

We will have QUIZ during the event and we will have various gifts – Watches, USB Drives, T-Shirts and many more interesting gifts.

Refer the agenda today and register right away. There will be no video recording so come and visit the event in person.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL SERVER – Interview on Wait Types and Wait Queues

Earlier this year I have written a whole month on the subject SQL Server Wait Types and Wait Queues SQL SERVER – Summary of Month – Wait Type – Day 28 of 28.

The focus of this series was very simple – define a problem and solve it. I learned a lot while I wrote this series.

The main reason I had written this series because I really wanted community be aware of this new features and use it in production.

Idera software read my series and picked up few tricks from the same. Their product team of SQL Doctor have implemented few of the tricks and tips suggested in my blog series.  I am very glad that the knowledge which I have shared is useful. Once again I want to express that this information is open for all and I urge community to consume it and share their experience with us.

You can read my Interview on Wait Types and Queues over here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)