SQLAuthority News – 3 Year Old Blog – PASS Summit 2009 – 10.5 Million Views

This blog has reached a remarkable milestone. It is 3 years old today. So far, there have been more than 10.5 million views on this blog and more than 1140 articles. It is really exciting that on this very important day, I am attending my very first SQL PASS in Seattle. The feeling and excitement to attend the very first summit cannot be put into words. I have been waiting to attend this summit for almost a year now, and today this dream is materializing with my blog’s “birthday.”

You can read all of my articles written thus far here. I will keep you updated with my daily activities at SQL PASS. You can follow me on twitter as well, where I update my status on the same.

Thanks again for staying with me to make this blog a community event as well. Surprisingly, first November has always been a significant day in my life. In fact, three years ago when I started writing, I never thought of reaching this milestone.

1st Nov 2009 – At my very first SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009
1st Nov 2008 – Ended my 1 year Outsourcing Manager contract and planned to join SolidQ
1st Nov 2007 – Left USA after 7 years and headed back to India as a permanent resident
1st Nov 2006 – Birth of  SQLAuthority.com

My humble and sincere thanks to the almighty and my family for their unconditional support.

I have got lots of request for photos of Shaivi Pinal Dave (my daughter). Here are few photos.

Nupur, Shaivi and Pinal

Shaivi Dave

Here is the photos of my current superiors (boss!). Thank you very much to you as well. Following photos is taken just 2 hour before this blog post in Sheraton Lobby Downtown Seattle.

Please note : Though this post is meant to be posted for 1st Nov India time. However, as I am in USA and due to time difference of 13.5 hours, it is posted on 1st Nov US time, which translates as 2nd Nov India time.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)


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SQLAuthority News – New PASS President Rushabh Mehta

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is an independent, not-for-profit association, dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting the Microsoft SQL Server community. From local user groups and special interest groups (Virtual Chapters) to webcasts and the annual PASS Community Summit – the largest gathering of SQL Server professionals in the world – PASS is dedicated to helping its members Connect, Share, and Learn.

Today was a big day as PASS announced the executive board members for the term starting on Jan 1, 2010. I would like to express my congratulations to all new executives of PASS. Please read official press note here.

The newly elected board members at executive positions are as following:

  • Rushabh Mehta – President
  • Bill Graziano – Executive Vice President, Finance
  • Rick Heiges – Vice President, Marketing

A little bit more details about executives.

Rushabh Mehta is a Mentor for Solid Quality Mentors’ global Business Intelligence Division and the Managing Director for Solid Quality India. Rushabh has worked with Microsoft SQL Server since 1998 and has designed and developed BI systems on the Microsoft platform since 2001, including a predictive analysis system, a health-care analysis solution, and a multi-terabyte financial decision support system. He has been the lead architect for many large-scale and complex BI solutions for clients such as Publix, Raymond James Financial, Jackson Hewitt, and Checkers. Rushabh has been an active volunteer with PASS since 2000 and has also served on the board  for a number of years. Rushabh is also a SQL Server MVP and a frequent speaker at large conferences and PASS Chapters around the world.

Bill Graziano is an active member of PASS since 2001, Bill currently serves on the Board of Directors, where he is responsible for the overall marketing for PASS and PASS Summit. Bill co-founded SQLTeam.com, a web site for SQL Server developers and database administrators. In addition to managing the site, he writes articles and helps users with their most vexing problems. An involved participant in the SQL Server community for seven years, Bill was recognized as a SQL Server MVP in 2004 and still holds that designation.

Rick Heiges is a Sr. Solutions Consultant with Scalability Experts working with customers on solutions within the SQL Server environment and educating users on SQL Server 2005 by speaking at user groups, conferences, labs, and road shows across the USA, Europe, and Africa. He holds an MBA and a M.S. in MIS as well as a B.S. in Computer Science. In addition, he also has attained MCTS:SQL2005 and MCITP:DBA certifications.

Not only are these three executives experts in their domain, but have been friends for many years. Here are few of their photos from their activities at old PASS events.

Rushabh and Bill
Rushabh and Rick
Kevin Kline, Rick and Rushabh

Many congratulations to all of you. SQL Server community has lots of expectation from you and we are confident that you will not only satisfy them but will go way beyond our imaginations.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

Image courtesy: Rick Heiges, Rushabh Mehta, SQL PASS

SQLAuthority News – Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Lunch – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle, 2009

I received few emails regarding where can people meet me at SQL PASS event in Seattle. I am currently in Bellevue attending Itzik Ben-Gan’s class. I am immensely enjoying the class, and I shall post details about the class once it is over.

If you are attending SQL PASS and interested to meet me, I will be present at Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Lunch. I will be talking on the subject Change Data Capture (CDC). Please note that this lunch is for all of us; moreover, it is not necessary that I will be talking on only subject of Change Data Capture. In fact, I will talk about this subject for few minutes, and then we can discuss on any topic you want to know about. The table will have total of 10 seats (which includes my seating).

We can all have an effective small group conversation on SQL, SQL PASS, and the entire community. You are welcome to join me at lunch. Please read the complete details about the same here.

Thanks a lot Mike Walsh for organizing this event!

Please do join us for lunch!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – PASS Sessions – I will be there!

As PASS is now one week away and I am all excited for the same. I am going to attend following two sessions for sure. I encourage all of you to also visit the same sessions. We can all talk about SQL , SQL Integration as well Beyond Relations.

First sessions I will be attending of Rushabh Mehta, he is Managing Director of Solid Quality India.

Overcoming SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges

Rushabh Mehta (Solid Quality Learning)

Session Details

It is no secret that a main deficiency of SSIS is deployment. Have you wanted to punch a wall before when trying to move a package from one server to another? You’re not alone. This session will be more than just SSIS deployment anger management. We’ll look at how to overcome the deployment challenges by considering configurations, package and connection security, and deployment approaches. And don’t miss the decision workflows that will help you down the right path on choosing the right storage and deployment approaches depending on your situation!

Second sessions I am going to attend of Jacob Sebastian, he is founder of BeyoundRelational.com.

SQL Server 2008 – Create powerful XML Schema collections to validate your XML documents

Jacob Sebastian (beyondrelational.com)

Session Details

XML is getting more widely used both inside and outside SQL Server. Stored procedures and functions that accept XML parameters or generate XML documents are part of almost every database project these days. When information is exchanged in XML format, there needs to be an agreement between the sender and receiver about the structure and content of the XML document. Using an XSD (XML Schema Definition) Schema, you can validate the structure and content of an XML document. SQL Server introduced XML Schema Collections in SQL Server 2005 and added a number of enhancements in SQL Server 2008. An XML data type variable or column that is bound to an XML Schema collection is called TYPED XML. When a TYPED XML column or variable is modified, SQL Server will validate perform the validations defined in the SCHEMA Collection and the operation will succeed only if the validation succeeds. In this session we will discuss SQL Server XML Schema collections and see how to create powerful XML Schema Collections to validate XML documents with diverse structure and content.

I am also preparing my schedule as I want to attend almost all the sessions as I can. Please read following related post about SQL PASS.

Related Articles:
Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2009- Seattle

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – PASS 2009 Sessions on Query Optimization and Performance Tuning

PASS Summit 2009 is now only 10 days away and I am very excited for the same. I can not wait to attend the summit as this is the most awaited conference of SQL Server in world. Everybody will be there and there will be something for everybody. My core expertise is in Query Optimization and Performance Tuning area, and when I see the list of PASS session on the subject, I am totally speechless. There are so many great speaker at PASS who are there to talk on the subject.

It is absolutely not possible to attend all of them many of them are running parallel to each other. In any case, I strongly suggest if you are the expert who try till last bit to optimize the query and performance, I expect you to attend many of the following session. There is always option to get recorded DVD for the sessions afterwords.

You can read my article here regarding Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2009- Seattle.

Here is my list of the sessions related to performance tuning and query optimization.

Making Effective Use of the Plan Cache
Greg Low (Solid Q Australia)

Capturing and Analyzing File & Wait Stats
Andrew Kelly (Solid Quality Mentors)

T-SQL Tips & Tricks
Itzik Ben-Gan (Solid Quality Mentors)

Best Practices for Working With Execution Plans
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

DMV’s as a Shortcut to Procedure Tuning
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

Lies, damned lies and statistics
Gail Shaw (XpertEase)

Insight into Indexes
Gail Shaw (XpertEase)

Enhance your T-SQL to perform better
Joe Webb (WebbTech Solutions, LLC)

Exploring Index Internals
Kalen Delaney (SQLearning)

Super Bowl, Super Load – A Look at Performance Tuning for VLDB”s
Michelle Ufford (GoDaddy)

Optimizing SQL Server 2008 Applications using Table Valued Parameters, XML and MERGE
Tobias Ternstrom (Microsoft Corp.)

SQL Server Execution Plans From Compilation To Caching To Reuse
Maciej Pilecki (Project Botticelli Ltd.)

Using SQL Server 2008 for Performance Tuning
Buck Woody (Microsoft Corp.)

SQLCAT: Designing High Performance I/O for SQL Server (90 Mins)
Thomas Kejser (Microsoft Corp.)
Mike Ruthruff (Microsoft SQL CAT)

SQL Server 2005 / 2008 Performance Tuning and Optimization Techniques (90 Mins)
David Pless (Microsoft CSS)

Dr. DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Monitor and Diagnose Performance Issues With High Volume OLTP Workloads
Glenn Berry (NewsGator Technologies)

How the Query Optimizer Works
Ben Nevarez (AIG)

I will personally try to attend many of the above listed sessions. Here are two sessions not from above list, which I will be sure attending. You are encouraged to meet me and attend this two rock star sessions.

Overcoming SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges
Rushabh Mehta (Solid Quality Learning)

SQL Server 2008 – Create powerful XML Schema collections to validate your XML documents
Jacob Sebastian (beyondrelational.com)

Let me know what sessions you will be sure attending by leaving your comment here. It would be good idea to create the list of the session which one is confident about attending.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)