SQLAuthority News – SQLPASS – 100 SQL Wait Stats Book Print Copy Giveaway – A Book Every Minute for an Hour Tomorrow

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” – Voltaire

“The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth” – Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Please Note: The date and time are Thursday 13 at 1 PM (not Wednesday) – there are few emails asking for the same.

Quotes listed above are really relevant to the news of the day. Regular readers of my blog knows that I have published SQL Server Wait Stats [Amazon] | [Flipkart] book. I am glad to say that this book has become extremely popular since it has been published. It has ran out of stock in India two times thus far. In USA, we could manage the inventory efficiently. This book is now available on Kindle (at a price less than that of a coffee).

Recently, the kind people at expressor Studio have previously gave away few copies of my book. The same folks have sent me email that they got excellent feedback for the book from the readers who received the book. They have decided to give away 100 copies of my Wait Stats Print Book on Thursday October 13, 2011 between 1.00 and 2.00 PM at SQLPASS exhibition at Booth #300. I am just speechless at their efforts and good will for my book.

Tomorrow, I will be available between 1.00 and 2.00 PM at booth #300 and signing the books personally. Just stop by the booth and pick up the book. We intend to give away 1 book every minute of that hour. Honestly, it will be more than 1 book as there will be 100 books to give away during the short period of 60 minutes (on First come first serve basis!)

See you tomorrow!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Why I am Going to Attend PASS Summit Unite 2011 – Seattle

For the third year in a row, I am attending the SQLPASS Summit, October 11-14. Every year I have explained my reasons for attending this conference in Seattle, and this year I will state those reasons again.


I have written two articles on this subject, which you can read here: 2009 and 2010. My main reason for attending has not changed – I love it!

Why should I attend PASS Summit?

There are not one or two but many reasons why I should be a part of PASS Summit. First, it is a good platform to learn the latest skills and strategies.  This year there are over 170 expert-led technical sessions as well as two days of pre-conference sessions, which will include every aspect of SQL Server. Here, I can sharpen my skills and update myself with the latest SQL Server topics and technologies. This knowledge will help me to optimize SQL Server. It also allows me to stay ahead of the curve as I will be one of the first professionals to learn about the latest advances, roadmaps, and plans for Microsoft SQL Server.

I can learn SQL Server best practices from thousands of SQL Server MVPs, Microsoft team members, authors, experts, and peers who will attend the event.  The highlights of this PASS Summit should be the keynote speakers, Microsoft’s Ted Kummert, Quentin Clark, and David DeWitt. I can even equip myself with the strategies and skills to improve the ROI of my SQL Server environment such as virtualization technologies, performance tuning and scaling, better hardware utilization, simplified management, and need for better business intelligences, to name a few. Furthermore, I can take advantage of the group discount and enhance the knowledge and skills of the entire team.

The four-day event will be marked by a lot of learning, sharing, and networking, which will help me increase both my knowledge and contacts. Every year, PASS Summit provides me a golden opportunity to build my network as well as to identify and meet potential customers or employees. If I am a consultant or vendor who is looking for better career opportunities, PASS Summit is the perfect platform to meet and show my skills to my new potential customers and employers. Moreover, if I am already employed in an organization, here I can get in touch with top-class SQL Server experts who can help me with any future needs. Breakfasts, lunches, and evening receptions, which are included with registration, are meant to provide more and more networking opportunities.

Apart from gaining knowledge and networking, PASS Summit is a good platform to solve high-priority, mission-critical SQL Server issues through Microsoft “Ask the Experts” Lounge and the CSS First Aid Station where I can have direct access to Microsoft developers, service and support, and MVPs.

At PASS Summit, I gain not only new ideas but also inspire myself from top professionals and experts. Learning new things about SQL Server, interacting with different kinds of professionals, and sharing issues and solutions will definitely improve my understanding and turn me into a better SQL Server professional who can leverage and optimize SQL Server to improve business.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server 2008 R2 Hosted Trial

This is a bit old news but for me but it will new for many of you know.

SQLPASS, Dell, Microsoft and MaximumASP has come together and build hosted environment for free to all of us to use and experiment with.

Register now to try out up to seven labs:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – Multi Server Management
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – PowerPivot
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – Reporting Services
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – Master Data Services
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – StreamInsight
  • SQL Server Integration Services – Introduction
  • SQL Server Integration Services – Intermediate to Advanced

Now this is indeed wonderful opportunity as you do not need to buy anything and get world class experience with this products.

Register here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Notes of Excellent Experience at SQL PASS 2009 Summit, Seattle

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I have previously documented my four-day experience of SQL PASS 2009 Summit at Seattle. There were many reasons for SQL enthusiasts to attend the SQL PASS event; I am listing my own reasons here in order of importance to me.

  • Networking with SQL fellows and experts
  • Putting face to the name or avatar
  • Learning and improving my SQL skills
  • Understanding the structure of the largest SQL Server Professional Association
  • Attending my favorite training sessions

During these four days, there was so much happening that it is difficult to document everything. I had tried to cover this event briefly on a daily basis in the following blog posts:

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 1
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 3
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

I will list a few of the additional details that I have not included in the earlier post. Keynotes were the best part of the event, and I have covered major points of the keynote in above mentioned posts. I had met many SQL Legends during this event and included information regarding them. However, there were few things I still missed and I am listing them here. Seattle is great city, and I am visiting it the second time. This time I got an opportunity to take the Underground city tour and I had really enjoyed.

Washington Convention Center
Washington Convention Center
Undergroud Tour 1
Undergroud Tour 1
Undergroup Tour 2
Undergroup Tour 2

It was great to meet SQL Server MVP Glenn Berry at the MVP Summit. He is a very kind and friendly person. You will always find him hanging around with people from different organizations and countries. If you try to eavesdrop his conversation, you will hear terms like ‘dmv’, ‘performance’, and ‘optimized query’ very often. He is very much known for his excellent optimization script known as “SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries“. If you have never taken a look at that, I urge you to go there and check this out. I believe that even if he blogs once a year only with this script, his fans will not complain. I have previously published his interview on my blog. Please note that he is the only person ever featured in an interview on this blog.

Glenn Berry and Pinal Dave
Glenn Berry and Pinal Dave

It depends! This is one most loved (or hated) phrase in the world of programmers or DBA. It is quite common to start answering question using this phrase. Mostly, this phrase initiates humor but rarely, people take this as offence. Again the intent of speaker is not always conveyed properly, it depends on how the phrase is used (I could not resist to use this phrase as well :P). I had very interesting discussion with Michelle Ufford and Jason Strate when we were waiting for coffee at one afternoon. We discussed both the sides of this phrase. Michelle suggested many good points when and why this phrase is valid. Jason also suggested that this phrase is commonly used a) when the presenter does not have sufficient information to answer or b) when the presenter does not know the answer. We discussed that it would be really interesting to start the conversation answering the most possible answer and then talking about special cases (for which it depends is quite commonly used.) Let us see one example.

Michelle Ufford, Jason Strate, Pinal Dave
Michelle Ufford, Jason Strate, Pinal Dave

Q: Does index improve performance?
A1: It depends on query and data you have.
A2: Usually YES; however, there are cases when it reduces performance, for which the query and data needs to be examined carefully.

There are times when it depends totally make sense. I use it several times; I love the blog of Andy Warren which talks is branded as it depends. This discussion between three of us was just a friendly discussion, and if you think we are talking about you, it is wrong!

During this event, I had great conversation with SQL Legend Buck Woody. This man is full of energy and may be the most loved person in this summit. His session was the funniest session I have ever attended. At the end of his session, I had more than 2 pages of my notebook filled with notes. If I have wrote down how many times, I have laughed loudly, I would have no time to do anything else. Buck had a good hour of discussion with me. We discussed many different topics, ranging from Community to Microsoft and Collage Students to SQL. I am very thankful to Buck for spending his valuable time with me – I am honored.

Buck Woody and Pinal Dave
Buck Woody and Pinal Dave

Joe Celko – this name is very popular in SQL world, and I admit that I was always afraid of him. Every time I see his photo, I just felt nervous. I never thought that I should meet him. Honestly, for the same reason, I did not attend his session. I was absolutely wrong. I met him right after his session was over. He is one of the most friendly people I have met in my life. He is very soft spoken. He gauges the level and understanding of other person and speaks at the same level. He made me laugh and taught many good techniques for how to become good speaker and presenter. When I said I was sorry that I was scared of him, he laughed and said that he knows this. Boy, what a mistake I did!! I should have attended his session. Well, at least I am accepting my mistake here. He is indeed a very friendly soul. He promised me that one time he will come to India.

Brian Moran is the newly elected board member; I would like to call him as ‘the Man with 1000 successful ideas‘. You have to come across him to know what I am talking about. I had the great opportunity to meet him and discuss few things, besides SQL. Brian had many excellent ideas about how to build the community, how to help SQL PASS and few excellent ideas about how to take PASS to the next level. I am glad that he is one of the board members for PASS. PASS is all about passion, and Brian clearly demonstrates the same.

Pinal Dave, Joe Celko, Brian Moran
Pinal Dave, Joe Celko, Brian Moran

I met all of them and had a great conversation with them. It was great to meet Ed Hackney; he is a wonderful person and very easily approachable. He talked about SQL community in India and how any community cannot be restrained within geographical boundaries.

Ed Hackney and Pinal Dave
Ed Hackney and Pinal Dave

I was waiting to meet Thomas LaRock. He is an excellent SQL Master, and he talked in detail about outsourcing SQL technology and SQL community. I really enjoyed meeting him and spending some time with him during the summit. I plan to learn more from him when I meet him next time.

Thomas LaRock and Pinal Dave
Thomas LaRock and Pinal Dave

Robert Cain, he is one of the very few SQL masters, who have expertise in .net and Business Intelligence at the same time. I have previously wrote about him in Big Thinkers – Robert Cain. He has given approval that I can write about his BI presentation on this blog. I will write about it soon.

Chris Massy, Robert Cain, Pinal Dave
Chris Massey, Robert Cain, Pinal Dave

I have previously written a lot about Greg Low on this blog. However, I just can not resist to put this excellent photo once again here. He has great respect for the international community; and he had spent some quality time with me discussing how to enhance and grow the global community. Greg gave his insight and few plan cache tips as well. You can read my review of his book ‘Book Review – The Rational Guide to Building Technical User Communities (Rational Guides)‘. You can also read our discussion on plan cache ‘SQL SERVER – Plan Caching and Schema Change – An Interesting Observation‘.

Greg Low and Pinal Dave
Greg Low and Pinal Dave

Following image is for sure very interesting! Can you recognize the person? Well, just go here and read about Mr. Denny. And I do have permission from him to publish this photo!

Mr. Danny
Mr. Danny

PASS 2010 dates are announced; this event will take place between 8 and 12 November 2010.

PASS 2010
PASS 2010

Following image is my favorite as it brings the future and past of PASS together. Kevin Kline, a hero of PASS summit, (as he dedicated 10 years of his life to serve PASS board) is in same frame with Rushabh Mehta, who is President Elect for 2010.

Past President Kevin Kline and Future President Rushabh Mehta
Past President Kevin Kline and Future President Rushabh Mehta

Now I am coming to the most interesting part of my experience. I want to introduce to all of you the youngest SQL PASS fan and follower. Her name is Shaivi Dave, and she is big fan of SQL PASS! Shaivi suggests that save your money and register right away for PASS. There is no other conference which is as valuable as SQL PASS.

Nupur Dave and Shaivi Dave
Nupur Dave and Shaivi Dave
Pinal Dave and Shaivi Dave
Pinal Dave and Shaivi Dave

She had conveyed her wish to SQL PASS President Elect Rushabh Mehta when she was just 19 days old. May be one of following years, we will see her at summit.

Rushabh Mehta, Shaivi Dave, Pinal Dave
Rushabh Mehta, Shaivi Dave, Pinal Dave

This is note is addendum to my four original posts. I strongly suggest you all to read my earlier posts for details on keynote and other SQL legends.

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 1
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 3
SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

If you have visited this event and have something more to add to what I have written, please feel free to add it here as a comment. I am looking forward for you all to add more details and information here. Follow me on twitter.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Information Queries

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 4

Fourth day was awesome! I had scheduled nearly 8 meetings with different groups of people today. It was really great fun. Let us see the keypoints for the same.

  • PASS President Wayne Snyder honored and thanked Kevin Kline for his 10 YEARS of service.
  • Kevin then gets a well-deserved standing ovation from the entire audience.
  • Next year’s PASS Summit will be in Seattle from November 8 to 11, 2010.
  • Dell Key note was little flat in delivery. Dell was primary sponsor for the event.
  • Dr. David DeWitt, Technical Fellow, Data & Storage Platform Division at Microsoft starts presentation entitled “From 1 to 1000 MIPS.” One of the best sessions I ever had in my life.

The keynote was followed by several meetings. There was lot of food, drinks and entertainment all around. I received so much swag that I had to get brand new bag to contain the same. I will post the photos of the stuff that received once I reach home. I will be heading towards airport in next 15 minutes. So, I will be disconnected from the Internet for 36 hours once I board the flight. I am uploading only 2–3 photos at this moment. Check here again as I have nearly 30 more photos to share.

Buck Woody Presenting Excellent Funny Session

I really enjoyed the summit. I will post the in-depth summary of my whole trip to USA once I reach home. Thank you PASS; I will come here next year!

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 3

The third day at SQL PASS Summit was education + entertainment day for me. During the last 10 days, I woke up at 4:00 AM regularly. However, as I had way too much fun yesterday at various parties earlier, I did not get up till 7:30 AM. By the time I woke up, I realized that I was late for my early breakfast meeting with Solid Quality Global Mentors. I somehow managed to reach there at 8:00 AM and we talked for nearly an hour. After the meeting, I headed to Keynote. Keynote is the best time of the day and wanton one wants to miss it.

I actively cover all my activities on twitter. So do follow me on twitter for the updates!

Today’s Keynote was extremely entertaining and educating. Audience was seen having a great time at various demos. I wished that all our technical sessions should be like this session as it was one of the excellent demos. Let us see few quick notes from the Keynote.

  • Rushabh Mehta – President Elect started the keynote asking humorous question why there is no free drink at PASS and explained the budget
  • Projected revenues in FY 2010 are $3.2 million, a 15% drop in revenues, while there was a 40% increase in community spending. There was 67% reduction in IT expenses
  • Jacob Sebastian, the PASS Outreach Program leader, was recognized for his excellent leadership
  • Charley Hanania and Allen Kinsel won PASSion Award
  • Tom Casey, GM, Business Intelligence and Amir Netz presented excellent demos and future vision
  • Power pivot demos were excellent and warmly welcomed by community
  • Touchscreen Powerpivot demo was the major highlight of the Keynote
Keynote at SQLPASS
Keynote at SQLPASS

I attended technical session of Rushabh Mehta (President Elect for PASS, SQL Server MVP and CEO, Solid Quality India). He talked about ‘Overcome SSIS Deployment and Configuration Challenges’. Now, who knew that it would be very humorous session? Rushabh started the session with reference to the movie ‘What About Bob?’ and kept the whole session as story line of the movie. Many of us will agree that subjects like SSIS, deployment issues and configuration complexity are very dry subjects. However, with audience interaction and the presentation of this technically complex subject in simple words, the whole session was the highlight of the day. I confess that I am expert in BI, but not someone who knew it inside out. In fact, I am intrigued to learn more about this particular subject after attending this excellent session. I have requested Rushabh to spend some time with me and explain the extension of this subject.

Rushabh Mehta Presenting
Rushabh Mehta Presenting

I had many different meetings scheduled today. All of them were successful. I managed to run around the exhibition hall and meet many different MS vendors. I really enjoyed meeting them and I also learned about the upcoming technology. One of the vendors really impressed me with an excellent demo; I have requested the full evaluation version for their software. If they provide me the same, I will try that out and post my review here soon. If their software meets my expectations I have built after seeing the demo, I will sincerely wish to see them go mainstream with that product.

Steven Jones in Kilt
Jacob, Pinal and Jean Rene Roy
Microsoft Learning Center

During evening, I had two different parties to attend and both party were rockstar party. It is so interesting that no matter how many different parties we go, we usually find the same people walking around. I found very strong presence of Microsoft in both the parties. Party hosted by Solid Quality Mentors had excellent food and drinks. I met many different SQL Experts there and we did NOT talk SQL. It was party and time to relax! As there was such a fun, I was late to attend the party of Microsoft which was hosted at Gameworks. Everybody went crazy with the games. Lots of game, food and drinks again here as well.

Gameworks party

In the evening, I attended two different parties and both the parties were rocking to the fullest. It is so interesting that no matter how many different parties we go, we usually find the same people walking around. I found a strong presence of Microsoft in both the parties. Party hosted by Solid Quality Mentors had excellent food and drinks. I met many different SQL Experts there and we did NOT talk SQL! It was party and time to relax! As there was so much fun, I was almost late to attend the party of Microsoft, which was hosted at Gameworks. Everybody went crazy with lots of games, food, and drinks.

I just enjoyed the third day of the summit. Just one more day to go – I just wish this summit never ends. However, I strongly miss my family and especially my 2-month old daughter (and wife! – i know its clichéd but its true!!).

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL PASS Summit, Seattle 2009 – Day 2

The second day of PASS started with very engaging and it started with an original game invented by Stuart Ainsworth. This game involves finding twitter people in real life. As I was not one of the square in bingo, I had decided to participate in game myself and try to win if I can. During this process, I felt guilty that I borrowed a pen from Stuart and did not return it back. In fact, after a while someone took the pen from me and never returned it. It is true that karma pays off! I should have returned it right away.

Keynote at SQLPASS

Well one very first thing in the day was having breakfast with SQL friends. I met few more celebrities and Arnie Rowland again, who is a genius and very friendly. We all headed towards Keynote at around at 10 PM. The Keynote was great; it started with very interesting details. The current PASS President presented few photos before starting the session. They are as follows:

  • Year 2009 PASS registration is 2,200 for the full day event
  • 24 hours of PASS had 50,123 session registrations from 3,524 people of 70+ countries
  • SQL Server Standard is coming back
  • Microsoft’s Bob Muglia talked about SQL Server on the very first day and its future, and he covered few interesting demos as well
  • Microsoft’s Ted Kummert talked about PASS and reasons to attend PASS. He also presented few testimonies from the customers and interesting demos

Once the session was over, I headed to SQLFool aka Michelle Ufford‘s session on Index Optimization session. As I mentioned earlier, she is one expert who should be respected for her extraordinary skills for index optimization.

Michelle Ufford

During lunch we had wonderful event called Features of Birds MVP Lunch. During this event, I talked about Change Data Capture (CDC). I was very fortunate that many people showed up at my table. I really hoped that I could have accommodated everybody; however, the table capacity was only 10. I promise to all of those who missed that I will do special online session.

Pinal on table of Change Data Capture
At Lunch – Birds of Feathers

Michelle’s session was followed up by Jacob Sebastian‘s session. This session was attended by a large group of XML fans. Just like any other session of Jacob, this session was very well received, and he got a lot of good feedback. Jacob is officially the human XML.

Jacob Sebastian

After these two back–to-back sessions, I felt that I have learned quite a lot for one day. With that confidence, I went to exhibition hall. In the hall, I met so many really cool people whom I always wanted to meet. I also received a lot of giveaways at the expo – 9 T-Shirts, 3 candy boxes, 1 tote bag, and 2 sweet little ducks. I am sure Shaivi (my two-month-old daughter) is going to love those little ducks.

Little Ducks

In the evening, Microsoft threw a very interesting party for all the Microsoft MVPs and it was great fun. Jacob and I were almost lost our way to the party location. We had to hire taxi to reach the location. The taxi driver asked us so many questions that we felt like we were at the prison interrogation location. However, the journey (which seemed a year long) was less than a mile! I met many friends and MS employees there. It was a very great place for interacting with everyone.

Party Evening

Overall, today went great at SQL PASS; I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming events in the following two days.

Jonathan Kehayias and Pinal Dave
Ross Mistry and Pinal Dave
Pinal Dave at PASS

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)