Developers – Seven Foods Developers Love

I am a developer and I have certain food choices. When I look around, I see many more developers and interestingly enough, I have noticed their eating habits very closely. It seems that all the developer has similar taste in food. Here is a quick list of the food which developer love to eat.

junkfood Developers   Seven Foods Developers Love


This this is the ultimate developer food.  It is hot, fast, and can be eaten with one hand while continuing to work with the other.  It’s a worldwide favorite for a reason.

Hot Pockets

Not only are these also hot, fast, and can be eaten with one hand, they even come in pizza flavor. They have the added advantage of being store-bought, so you can stock up and then not have to go out to get pizza.

Junk Food

This isn’t technically a “meal,” but it will work when there is no other food available.  Given the crazy schedules, many developers keep, chips, candy and soda are sometimes the only meal they’ll get.  Good thing it tastes so good!

Energy Drinks

This is also not a “meal,” but at the rate some developers ingest them, they are definitely being used as some sort of fuel!  If you want to start an argument between DBA’s, walk into a room an announce that one type of drink is the best.  Then watch everyone defend their own favorite.


Hey, not every developer is a junk food junkie.  Fruit is tasty, healthy, and many kinds travel well (apples, bananas, grapes).  This makes it a great meal-on-the-go and a good choice for busy developers.

Fast Food

It’s quicker than pizza, and can give you a break from the office because you still have to go out and get it.  It also comes in almost every style possible (Chinese, Mexican, Italian, sandwiches, seafood…), so if there’s a crowd, everyone is still happy.

A Home Cooked Meal

Everyone loves a home cooked meal, and while many developers may not always get home at a “regular” time or have the time to whip it up themselves, they too enjoy coming home to a hot meal.

If I have missed any of the favorite food of developer, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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Developers – Top Ten Influential Movies for Developers – Add Your Favourite

Today is Dec 31st and last day of the year. I suggest everyone should go out and meet friends & family. At least everyone should spend their time with people they like and have fun with. In past many times, I have gone out to a new years party, however, I have not enjoyed the parties much as I find it too busy. In recent years, I have been spending time watching my favorite movies with my wife, daughter and few friends. Here is the list of the movies, I have watched in my recent past and I believe if you are going to spend time watching the movie, this is a classic list of the movies developers like.

Please note they are just listed in the order I have watched in the past. The list does not suggest that one movie is better than the other.

devmov1 Developers   Top Ten Influential Movies for Developers   Add Your Favourite

1. Star Wars Any list detailing influential movies on technical (“geeky”) people  is going to have Star Wars and Star Trek (see below) at the very top.  This genre of movie, and these two ground breaking examples, opened up people’s minds to the idea of technology, how it affects us, and how to control it.  A career in technology was the next logical step.

2. Star Trek The reasons that Star Trek and Star Wars is so influential was briefly covered above, but the two deserve separate listings for their very different scope and style.  Star Trek is often described as more “philosophical,” which made many viewers question technology and its implications even more deeply.

3. The Matrix Is it any wonder than people whose whole life revolves around computers were drawn to a movie about computer literally controlling your life?  The awe-inspiring special effects, catchy story line, and heart-pounding action scenes didn’t hurt this movies’ popularity, either.

4. Blade Runner Blade Runner was a movie that, on its surface, was about a police officer tasked with tracking down four escaped criminals.  However, the criminals were robots indistinguishable from human beings, and the movie was set in the not-so-distant future of 2019 (even closer now than when the movie was released in 1982).  The way the future was depicted, particularly the technology and its impact on society, has made this movie into a cult classic that developers are still discussing today.  It was also one of the first movies ever released on DVD, so the “new technology” edge also makes it popular with the DBA crowd.

5. Wall-E This is another movie set in the future, but told from the point of view of two robots.  Wall-E is a humble trash-collecting robot, who has continued to bundle the discarded remains of human society 700 years after humans have abandoned their ruined planet Earth.  The overt themes of the movie are clearly about caring for the environment and each other, but there are also hidden themes of how technology can help the world, but hide problems that humans don’t want to think about.  There is also a clear comparison between two rival camps – Microsoft and Apple – that added humor to the whole movie.

devmov2 Developers   Top Ten Influential Movies for Developers   Add Your Favourite

6. Iron Man/Batman Super hero movies are the traditional favorite of the technology fan.  There is something about being able to change the world with your unique powers that appeals to that crowd in particular.  However, superheroes who are normal people, whose enhanced powers come from technology are going to boost these movies into the “best of the best” category.

7. The Social Network This is a movie directly speaking about technology and the one man who created the most popular social media platforms of the modern world.  It is timely, thought-provoking, and a must-see for anyone who wants to follow in (or avoid) the same footsteps as Mark Zuckerberg.

8. Avatar This movie influenced developers not only for its story line and special effects, but because of the kind of technology that went into making the movie with it’s amazing effects and 3-D visuals.  It was one of the top grossing films of all time, and the only question is how much of that money is due to repeated viewings by DBAs.

9. Minority Report While this movie has been criticized for its acting, story line, and casting choices, it remains an important part of the DBA “canon” because of the way technology is portrayed – the furthest point it can be taken, used, and abused.  Tom Cruise plays a police officer who uses technology to stop “future crimes,” sparking debates about free will, technological capabilities, and human responsibility.  Starting conversations about the role of technology in every aspect of human life in an important job.

10. 2001: A Space Odyssey This classic movie is both the pinnacle and the blueprint for every sci-fi movie that came afterward.  While the year 2001 is now part of the past, taking a look at how humans see technology, where we think it should be used versus how it is used, and the dangers of all of the above, makes this movie too important to leave off any list of “influential films.”

If you believe I have missed adding any film, leave a comment over here.

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Developer – Nine Things Developers Hate to Hear

users programmers Developer   Nine Things Developers Hate to Hear

1. Uh oh…
No one likes hearing this – not parents, not repairmen, not developers. They don’t like hearing others say it, and they don’t like hearing it come out of their own mouths. It usually means bugs.

2. Can you fix my computer?
This question is the bane of all mildly computer competent people everywhere. So when people know your job is computers, the questions are about 100 times more frequent and 100 times worse.

3. So… like Steve Jobs?
There hundreds of other computer gurus to look up to. And if you aren’t an “Apple guy,” this question is about a hundred times more irritating. Also – not everyone is going to become a multimillionaire.

4. You must like XYZ computer game.
The stereotype is that computer guys go home and play computer games. This might be true. But it might not be, and it might just be that they hate whatever computer game you’re referring to.

5. Have you tried restarting?
This works for average problems. A bug in the code – restarting is not going to help and your question is just making the situation worse.

6. How much is this going to cost?
For any kind of project, this question is borderline rude. If you want it done well, it’s going to cost money. Those things should be decided ahead of time and then not dragged up over and over again.

7. How long is this going to take?
This question is similar to “How much is this going to cost?” Once the timeline is established, it’s rude to ask over and over again as if the developer cannot figure it out himself.

8. I would do it myself, but…
This is usually the sign of a micro-manager or an amateur with inflated self-confidence. It can be painful to work for this kind of person.

9. Make it look identical to XYZ
That is called plagiarism, and there are copyright laws against it.

If you think there should be a quote which can join this list, leave a comment.

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Personal Technology – Laptop Screen Blank – No Post – No BIOS – No Boot

If your laptop Screen is Blank and there is no POST, BIOS or boot, you can follow the steps mentioned here and there are chances that it will work if there is no hardware failure inside.

Step 1: Remove the power cord from the laptop
Step 2: Remove the battery from the laptop
Step 3: Hold power button (keep it pressed) for almost 60 seconds
Step 4: Plug power back in laptop
Step 5: Start computer and it should just start normally.
Step 6: Now shut down
Step 7: Insert the battery back in the laptop
Step 8: Start laptop again and it should work

Note 1: If your laptop does not work after inserting back the memory. Remove the memory and repeat above process. Do not insert the battery back as it is malfunctioning.
Note 2: If your screen is faulty or have issues with your hardware (motherboard, screen or anything else) this method will not fix your computer.

Those, who care about how I come up with this not SQL related blog post, here is the very funny true story.

If you are a married man, you will know what I am going to describe next. May be you have faced the same situation or at least you feel and understand my situation.

My wife’s computer suddenly stops working when she was searching for my daughter’s mathematics worksheets online.

cuteofficegirl Personal Technology   Laptop Screen Blank   No Post   No BIOS   No BootWhile the fatal accident happened with my wife’s computer (which was my loyal computer for over 4 years before she got it), I was working in my home office, fixing a high priority issue (live order’s database was corrupted) with one of the largest eCommerce websites.  While I was working on production server where I was fixing database corruption, my wife ran to my home office. Here is how the conversation went:

Wife: This computer does not work.

I: Restart it.

Wife: It does not start.

I: What did you do with it?

Wife: Nothing, it just stopped working.

I: Okey, I will look into it later, working on the very urgent issue.

Wife: I was printing my daughter’s worksheet.

I: Hm.. Okey.

Wife: It was the mathematics worksheet, which you promised you will teach but you never get around to do it, so I am doing it myself.

I: Thanks. I appreciate it. I am very busy with this issue as million dollar transaction are not happening as the database got corrupted and …

Wife: So what … umm… You mean to say that you care about this customer more than your daughter. You know she got A+ in every other class but in mathematics she got only A. She missed that extra credit question.

I: She is only 4, it is okay.

Wife: She is 4.5 years old not 4. So you are not going to fix this computer which does not start at all. I think our daughter next time will even get lower grades as her dad is busy fixing something.

I: Alright, I give up bring me that computer.

Our daughter who was listening everything so far she finally decided to speak up.

Daughter: Dad, it is a laptop not computer.

I: Yes, sweety get that laptop here and your dad is going to fix the this small issue of million dollar issue later on.

computer not working Personal Technology   Laptop Screen Blank   No Post   No BIOS   No Boot

I decided to pay attention to my wife’s computer. She was right. No matter what I do, it will not boot up, it will not start, no BIOS, no POST screen. The computer starts for a second but nothing comes up on the screen. The light indicating hard drive comes up for a second and goes off. Nothing happens. I removed every single USB drive from the laptop but it still would not start. It was indeed no fun for me. Finally I remember my days when I was not married and used to study in University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

pcnotworking Personal Technology   Laptop Screen Blank   No Post   No BIOS   No BootI remembered that I used to have very old second (or maybe third or fourth) hand computer with me. In polite words, I had pre-owned computer and it used to face very similar issues again and again. I had small routine I used to follow to fix my old computer and I had decided to follow the same steps again with this computer.

Step 1: Remove the power cord from the laptop
Step 2: Remove the battery from the laptop
Step 3: Hold power button (keep it pressed) for almost 60 seconds
Step 4: Plug power back in laptop
Step 5: Start computer and it should just start normally.
Step 6: Now shut down
Step 7: Insert the battery back in the laptop
Step 8: Start laptop again and it should work

Note 1: If your laptop does not work after inserting back the memory. Remove the memory and repeat above process. Do not insert the battery back as it is malfunctioning.
Note 2: If your screen is faulty or have issues with your hardware (motherboard, screen or anything else) this method will not fix your computer.

Once I followed above process, her computer worked. I was very delighted, that now I can go back to solving the problem where millions of transactions were waiting as I was fixing corrupted database and it the current state of the database was in emergency mode. Once I fixed the computer, I looked at my wife and asked.

I: Well, now this laptop is back online, can I get guaranteed that she will get A+ in mathematics in this week’s quiz?

Wife: Sure, I promise.

I: Fantastic.

After saying that I started to look at my database corruption and my wife interrupted me again.

Wife: Btw, I forgot to tell you. Our daughter had got A in mathematics last week but she had another quiz today and she already have received A+ there. I kept my promise.

computerfixed Personal Technology   Laptop Screen Blank   No Post   No BIOS   No BootI looked at her and she started to walk outside room, before I say anything my phone rang. DBA from eCommerce company had called me, as he was wondering why there is no activity from my side in last 10 minutes.

DBA: Hey bud, are you still connected. I see um… no activity in last 10 minutes.

I: Oh, well, I was just saving the world. I am back now.

After two hours I had fixed the database corruption and everything was normal.

I was outsmarted by my wife but honestly I still respect and love her the same as she is the one who spends countless hours with our daughter so she does not miss me and I can continue writing blogs and keep on doing technology evangelism.

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SQLAuthority News – Today is First April – April Fool’s Day

I was planning to write something technical today but I realize that today is April 1st, and it is April Fool’s Day. When I used to be kid, I really enjoyed this day. There was innocent fun to play a small prank on friends. As I grew older it started to fade off. Since couple of years, I am considering this day as more like day for fun and good laugh.

I got following images from very good friend through email. I will be stunned and speechless if this happens to me. Kudos to those who worked hard to pull the prank.

aprilfool SQLAuthority News   Today is First April   April Fools Day

AprilFool1 SQLAuthority News   Today is First April   April Fools Day

AprilFool2 SQLAuthority News   Today is First April   April Fools Day

AprilFool3 SQLAuthority News   Today is First April   April Fools Day

I tried to look up the source of the images but could not find where it was originally hosted. Hence it is here. Any good and funny link on the subject. You are welcome to share today.

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SQL SERVER – 32 Bit – 64 Bit – HTML5 – Database Backup Restore

During TechEd India I was attending HTML5 session along with regular Database sessions. Couple of attendees were discussing database there and I find the incidence very interesting.

Note: Please take the whole discussion keeping humor as primary. There is no incident to disrespect anybody.

Attendee1: I wonder if this HTML5 works on 64-bit machine – hopefully they support it?
Attendee2: I think they will create HTML5 such a way that it will work on 32-bit and 64-bit machine.
Attendee1: Yeah they should.
Attendee2: I wonder how much work the product team developer have to do – they have to create 32-bit browser which supports 32-bit and 64-bit HTML5 and on 64-bit browser support for 32-bit and 64-bit HTML5.

I could not stop myself from speaking as I was listening this loud conversation sitting behind them.

Pinal: Hey, I think HTML5 is markup language and it will work on 32-bit and 64-bit browser without any special requirement. Just like earlier version of HTML there is no different coding for 32-bit or 64-bit browser.

Attendee1: Really!
Attednee2: Are you web developer too?
Pinal: Yes, I am web developer but I love to work on database technology.
Attendee1: Are you sure regarding there is no specific HTML for 64-bit machine?
Attendee2: Yeah. Tell me. Does your database back up from 64-bit work on 32-bit machine?
Pinal: Yes. You can restore database backup from 64-bit to 32-bit machine without issue, or vice-a-versa. Database backup is just a file and it can work independent of the version. Just like TXT file or JPG file.

Both of the attendees got very quite. Finally they whispered.

Attendee1: (Whispering) Let us try out what he is suggesting.
Attendee2: (Nodding Yes)
Pinal: (Looking at them with Wide Open Eyes).

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SQL SERVER – A Funny Cartoon on Index

Performance Tuning has been my favorite subject and I have done it for many years now. Today I will list one of the most common conversation about Index I have heard in my life.

Every single time, I am at consultation for performance tuning I hear following conversation among various team members. I want to ask you, does this kind of conversation happens in your organization?

indexcartoon SQL SERVER   A Funny Cartoon on Index

Any way, If you think Index solves all of your performance problem I think it is not true. There are many other reason one has to consider along with Indexes. For example I consider following various topic one need to understand for performance tuning.

  • žLogical Query Processing
  • žEfficient Join Techniques
  • žQuery Tuning Considerations
  • žAvoiding Common Performance Tuning Issues
  • Statistics and Best Practices
  • žTempDB Tuning
  • žHardware Planning
  • žUnderstanding Query Processor
  • žUsing SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Updated Feature Sets
  • žCPU, Memory, I/O Bottleneck
  • Index Tuning (of course)
  • žMany more…

Well, I have written this blog thinking I will keep this blog post a bit easy and not load up. I will in future discuss about other performance tuning concepts. Let me know what do you think about the cartoon I made.

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SQLAuthority News – MS Access Database is the Way to Go – April 1st Humor

First of all, today is April 1- April Fool’s Day, so I have written this post for some light entertainment. My friend has just sent me an email about why a person should go for Access Database. For a short background, I used to be an MS Access user once (I will not call myself MS Access DBA), and I must say I had a good time with Database at that time. As time passed by, I moved from MS Access to SQL Server. Well, as for my friend’s email, his reasons considering MS Access usage really made me laugh. MS Access may have a few points where it totally makes sense to use it. However, in the email that I received, there was not a single reason which was valid.  In fact, I thought it is an April 1st joke- just delivered a little earlier. Let us see some of the reasons from that email. Thanks to Mahesh Bhesania for sending this email to me.

  • MS Access comes with lots of free stuff, e.g. MS Excel
  • MS Access is the most preferred desktop database system
  • MS Access can import data from MS Excel and SQL Server
  • MS Access provides a real time database
  • MS Access has a free IDE-to-VB Script
  • MS Access fits well in your hard drive

I actually think that the above points are either incorrect beliefs of some users, or someone just wrote them to give some laughter with such inaccurate data. And, for the same reason I decided to browse the Internet and do some research on MS Access database to verify my thoughts.

While searching on this subject, I found the following two interesting statements from the site: Microsoft Access Database, Why Choose It?

  • Other software manufacturers are more likely to provide interfaces to MS Access than any other desktop database system
  • Microsoft Access consulting rates are typically lower for Access consultants compared to Oracle or SQL Server consultants

The second one is may be the worst reason for you to switch to MS Access if you are already an SQL Server consultant.

chicken SQLAuthority News   MS Access Database is the Way to Go   April 1st Humor

With this cartoon, have you ever felt like you were one of these chickens at some point in time? I guess that the moment might have just happened before the minute we say “I guess we were on the same page?” Does this mean we are IN the same table, or ON the same table?! (I accept bad joke!)

It is All Fools’ Day after all, so just laugh! If you have something funny but non-offensive to share, just  leave your comment here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (, Cartoon source unknown.

SQL SERVER – Comic Slow Query – SQL Joke

Community TechDays at Ahmedabad was a great successful event. In fact, this can be considered the biggest event held in Ahmedabad thus far along with the community. I have posted a detail report of the same at SQLAuthority News – Community TechDays in Ahmedabad – A Successful Event. After the event, I received many emails requesting the comic strip I had shown in my presentation.

I had presented two different comic strips: one before the presentation and the other after the presentation. Both the comic strips are shown here; if you click on the images, you can see the larger version. Let me know what you think of them. If you are interested in the whole session of “The other side of Index,” let me know so that I can present the same at your UG event as well.

Before Presentation

Click on the image to see the enlarged version

slowquery SQL SERVER   Comic Slow Query   SQL Joke

After Presentation

Click on the image to see the enlarged version

slowquery1 SQL SERVER   Comic Slow Query   SQL Joke

Let me know what you think about these.

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SQLAuthority News – SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index – Live Presentation in Ahmedabad

ctd3 SQLAuthority News   SQL Server 2008   The Other Side of Index   Live Presentation in Ahmedabad

Community Tech Days are here Tomorrow in Ahmedabad on Oct 3, 2009. I will be presenting the session ‘SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index’. I will be available there whole day if you want to meet and discuss SQL. I will be starting my session with following cartoon. You will have to attend the session in person to see what I am going to cover in the session.

slowquery3 SQLAuthority News   SQL Server 2008   The Other Side of Index   Live Presentation in Ahmedabad

I suggest you do not miss session of Vinod Kumar and Jacob Sebastian. They are technology rock stars. You can read about them in following posts.

SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days – Oct 3, 2009 – SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index

SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days Oct 3, 2009 – Ahmedabad

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