SQLAuthority News – Download – SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Note :   Download SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit by Microsoft

SQL Server 2008 offers an impressive array of capabilities for developers that build upon key innovations introduced in SQL Server 2005. The  SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit  will help you understand how to build web applications which deeply exploit the rich data types, programming models and new development paradigms in SQL Server 2008. The training kit is brought to you by Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism.

The training kit includes the following content:

  • Presentations (6)
    • Filestream
    • Spatial
    • T-SQL
    • Date and Time Types
    • SQLCLR
    • Reporting Services
  • Demos (12)
    • AdventureWorks Racing All-Up SQL Server 2008 Demo
    • SQL Server 2008 All-Up Spatial Demo
    • Spatial Types Demo
    • Intro to Filestream Demo
    • SQL CLR Nullable Types Demo
    • Programming with Filestream Demo
    • Reporting Services Web Application Integration Demo
    • Date and Time Support in SQL Server 2008 Demo
    • T-SQL Table-Valued Parameters Demo
    • T-SQL Row Constructors Demo
    • T-SQL Grouping Sets Demo
    • T-SQL Merge Demo
  • Hands-on Labs (3)
    • Using Spatial Data in TSQL
    • Using Spatial Data in Managed Code
    • Using SQL CLR in SQL Server 2008

Download SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQL Server – Download PDF SQL Server Cheat Sheet

I had a gala time at TechEd India 2009 event! Meeting with great people is an experience of a lifetime. My session was well attended and well appreciated, which also gives me another reason to feel happy.  Moreover, my SQL Server Cheat Sheet gained unpredicted popularity at the event. Let me share with you all a little story behind this cheat sheet.

For my personal use, I created one handy SQL Cheat Sheet, which I hang on my desk always. Even though I have a sound knowledge of SQL Syntax there are many occasions when I need to quickly refer to syntax. This cheat sheet helped me quite a bit and saved my time. Besides, it saved me from getting annoyed of looking up for same syntax again and again. This experience gave me the idea of creating a proper SQL Server Cheat Sheet, which was until now in a simple excel document.

I often received numerous requests from my friends, UG members and blog readers to covert the SQL Server Cheat Sheet into a more presentable one. Well, my designing skills are limited and also I never undertook this creative task. I was inspired by Rushabh Mehta of SolidQ as well the directors of Digicorp to create PDF printable version of this cheat sheet. Designers at Digicorp created this professional looking cheat sheet and then it was printed on a high quality glossy paper. When I had the first glimpse of the final SQL Server Cheat Sheet, I realized that I should do something for my community and share this useful cheat sheet with more and more SQL developers. TechEd India 2009 was one such opportunity where I was able to achieve my goal; I distributed several SQL Server Cheat Sheets among the participants.

SQL Server Cheat Sheet acquired so much popularity at TechEd that I ran out of all the copies around noon on the third day of the event. I had promised many attendees that I will put this online and also I will send it to them using physical email.

Now, you can download SQL Server Cheat Sheet and print it on a glossy paper yourself. I request you all to spread the words and pass this cheat sheet to your friends. Bookmark it, reprint it, and distribute it! Due to copyright issues you are not allowed to host it online anywhere other than its original location listed below.

Download SQL Server Cheat Sheet

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

Update : If you visit SQL Server Energy Event, you will get free printed copy of SQL Server Cheat Sheet

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SQL SERVER – 10 Reasons for Database Outsourcing

10 Reasons for Database Outsourcing

While you may feel that your IT material is safe and handled effectively within your own company, these reasons may give you some perspective on why you may want to consider other options.

Cost Reduction – Perhaps the most popular reason to outsource your database is the overall reduction in cost that would benefit your company.  No longer do you have to pay people to check up and maintain your servers, verify that they have uninterrupted power supplies, and ensure their security from hackers.  By going with an IT company that does this exclusively, you can save money on your end because they make money by volume.

Bigger Can Mean Better – Larger IT outsourcing companies are experts at what they do; there’s a reason they have made it to the top of the data storage field.  Not only will they have the resources to back up your data, perhaps multiple times, but they do business by serving many clients, which meant they have the power and money to get the latest technology.

Newer Technology – Firms that specialize in storage can’t afford to let their systems go out of style or date because that could jeopardize their business.  Going with them means you won’t have to worry about constantly updating your systems.

Reduction in Liability – Turning over this task to an expert also means a lot less worrying on your part.  All you have to do is make sure you are operating within a solid contract that protects you in the case of data loss.  Agree to a contract that puts you ahead in the case of a loss and you can sleep soundly knowing that your data is safe.

Competition means Lower Prices Elsewhere as Well – Now that you are in a market where others are competing for your business, you’ll get to shop around and find the best deal in town.  In addition to the number one reason of lowering your overhead, competition also means that if you find you have gone with a company that doesn’t meet your needs you can switch.  Imagine making that mistake if you owned all your own equipment!

More Effective Communication – If your company runs a database that needs to be accessed by multiple points, it will be easier for others to access and probably be faster for them to access as well.  Once again a good contract is key, but in most cases you can get more bandwidth access for your money by outsourcing, than you could by providing your own database connection.

Better Security – On the other hand you will know your data is backed up by competition driven upgraded safeware.

Standardization – What if your resource manager suddenly quits or is fired?  Outsourcing virtually guarantees that your information will be stored in a standard way, accessible consistently and without fear of security leaks.

Cross-referencing with Third Party Information – In many cases it may be possible to have your information collated and cross-referenced with other information for a variety of needs.  Once again get a solid contract and fully understand your security requirements first.

Removal of Duplicate or Incorrect Data – A final way outsourcing can help your database is a common option many companies will offer, which is the examination of your data in various ways as it is transferred.  Think of this as your businesses opportunity to ‘clean house,’ and set out again with a fresh start.

This post was contributed by Claire Webber, who writes about the schools online. She welcomes your feedback at Claire.Webber1223 at gmail.com

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Future of Business Intelligence and Databases – Article by Nupur Dave

This article is submitted by Nupur Dave

Future of Business Intelligence and Databases

The term business intelligence (BI) was coined by Howard Dresner in the early 1990s. He defined Business Intelligence as “a set of concepts and methodologies to improve decision making in business through use of facts and fact-based systems.” In a time when data warehousing was considered leading-edge he created the vision that led to the development of business intelligence, as it is known today.  The once visionary BI is now commonplace and in near future a momentous transformation is about to take place.

BI is all set to bring information democracy where end users across an organization will be able to view information related to their segment. Further, with the rising consumer expectations there will be demand for capability requirements of BI as well.

bi2 SQLAuthority News   Future of Business Intelligence and Databases   Article by Nupur Dave

Information Democracy with Business Intelligence

BI plays a crucial role in providing cost-effective, comprehensive insights into business processes that help organizations make informed, strategic decisions that assure enhanced business results. Not long ago, BI was the domain of statisticians and corporate analysts. Only the selected few could access BI. Today, BI is spreading to nearly every strata of organization, as companies attempt to provide critical data to business users who need it to perform their jobs. It is quite evident that BI is instrumental in bringing information democracy and it provides everyone the insights they require – delivering information to the right people at the right time across the enterprise. More and more organizations are expected to empower their employees with BI for productivity and operational gains.

Business Intelligence and Performance Management for competitive advantage

Today, when economic downturn is adversely affecting the world market, making insightful decisions about major changes in their business and markets has become crucial for organizations. They need to reconsider their strategies and operating plans. Only companies that can anticipate emerging trends and opportunities, refocus business strategy and vision, and align resources to maximize performance can effectively deal with the adversities of economic downturn and gain competitive advantage. BI and Performance Management brings business sensibility with enhanced visibility and insights, by delivering accurate and latest information to the right people for faster, improved, strategic and tactical decision making. Companies have increasingly starting realizing the importance of timely performance information to improve results, which will further make way for the rising demand for BI and Corporate Performance Management Solutions.

Business Intelligence via Software As A Service (SaaS)

It is being anticipated that in the coming years a number of organizations will have an industry-specific analytic application delivered via software as a service (SaaS) as a standard component of their BI portfolio. Information aggregators will bank on SaaS to deliver domain-specific analytic applications, which are made from industry data they assemble, and bring the balance of power in the BI platform market in their favor. Organizations will share their data with only those aggregators that can assure security as well as confidentiality. Thus, countless information aggregators offering SaaS analytic applications might appear; however, a virtual monopoly is expected to remain within each vertical niche owing to the high barricade that blocks the entry for others.

bi1 SQLAuthority News   Future of Business Intelligence and Databases   Article by Nupur Dave

Business Intelligence and Social Software

Collaborative decision making will soon become the norm, which amalgamates social software with BI Platform capabilities. With social software users can tag assumptions made in the decision-making process to the BI framework, which significantly enhances the business value of BI as it ties all the good. Take for instance, in order to decide how much to invest in marketing a new product, users can tag their assumptions about the future sales of that product to a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures product sales. Whenever the KPI surpasses a threshold the BI platform would send alerts to the user to inform the decision makers about assumptions that no longer hold true.

With the advent of social software it has become easier to utilize the upsurge of interest in informal collaboration. As an alternative to the advancing of the usual top-down decision-making initiative, social software will be employed to collaborate and make decisions.

Business Intelligence Across All Sectors

BI is on its way to become an integral component of every type and size of organization across all sectors, including Real estate, IT, mobile devices, governmental agencies, scientific and engineering communities and R&D labs, banking and insurance, to name a few. BI can effectively deal with industry-specific constraints, operations and objectives thereby helping organizations better understand their customers, optimize their operations, minimize risk, manage revenue, and ultimately improve their results. More importantly, it is expected that in a couple of years BI will soon replace the gut-feel management with real data-based decision-making.

Business Intelligence For Real-Time Data

Today, consumers are demanding faster and improved services from businesses. As it has become imperative for companies to pay attention to consumer satisfaction in order to stay competitive they are depending even more on BI. They now demand near real-time analysis for intelligent decisions for business success. The rising demand for near-real-time data analysis is making way for a new framework for business intelligence. BI 2.0 is the recently-coined term to describe the acquisition, provision and analysis of real- time data, which was earlier lacking in BI. BI 2.0 is a part of the constantly developing business intelligence industry and indicates the next step for BI.

In near future, companies will switch from the traditional model of making business adjustments on a quarterly basis to business intelligence and performance management tools to make real-time shifts in strategy to respond to changes in the marketplace.

Over the coming years, business intelligence will undergo transformation that will have a broad and lasting impact. It will revolutionize the way that we think about business and the way business decisions are made. It’s only when thoughtful analysis supersedes gut feeling and conventional perception, we will enter the next level of business intelligence that will empower businesses with the capacity to reason, prepare, forecast, resolve issues and innovate.

Reference : Nupur Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 Released – Available for Download

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now available. You can use these packages to upgrade any SQL Server 2008 edition.

Download SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

Build of SP1 is SP1 is build 10.00.2531.00.

Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – SQL SERVER 2008 – Updated Brochure Available for Download

SQL Server 2008 new brochure is available for download.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 provides a trusted, productive, and intelligent data platform that enables you to:

  • Run your most demanding mission-critical applications.
  • Reduce time and cost of development and management of applications.
  • Deliver actionable insight to your entire organization.

Your Data, Any Place, Any Time.

Download SQL Server 2008 Brochure

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Database Poll and Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group Launch Today

I have published a poll on website few days ago for favorite database of SQLAuthority.com readers. The best comment will win USB drive. The poll will close on April 1, 2009. Looking at the poll result, it seems that Oracle has gained a lot over SQL Server from last time when I checked. Please share this poll with your friends, your UG and community to get better sample. If you are not interested in poll there are many interesting comments, please read them.

Click on Image to go to Poll

Click on Image to go to Poll

Additionally, Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group has launch event today. I suggest all of you from surrounding area to show up at this User Group meeting. We have price for best participation in UG as well. Please read more my post for agenda, time and location SQLAuthority News – Announcement – Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group – March 27, 2009.

You can follow me on twitter for latest updates. My tweets will be a mix of fresh product news, database optimization tips, interesting links, upcoming events, and possibly even some giveaways.

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SQLAuthority News – 900th Article – 9 Best Practices – Important Milestones

Today is my 900th article on this blog. You can see list of all the 900 articles here. I suggest you go over the list and read any article you like.

First let us go over 9 Best Practices List.

  1. Auto Shrink runs at regular interval (30 mins) in background of SQL Server and it is cause performance dropping fragmentation. It should be turn off.
  2. All the statistics should be updated at regular interval.
  3. Compressed backup should be used instead of regular backup as it improves speed and performance. Restoring compressed backup is faster than regular restore.
  4. Always take full database backups along with differential and log backups. Log backups can be very much useful for point-in-time recovery.
  5. Pay attention to “Activity Monitor” – a new feature which displays current activity of a) Process Time, b) Waiting Tasks, c) Database I/O, d) Batch Requests/Sec.
  6. Control the configurations as well enforces policies using Policy Based Management.
  7. Utilize new datatypes DATE and TIME instead of conventional DATETIME.
  8. Keep database updated with latest SPs and Cumulative Updates.
  9. Use Dynamic Management Views to figure out longest running queries as well most popular queries.

I really had great time at Microsoft MVP Summit 2009 at Seattle, you can read about my trip to Seattle here. I have recently updated my resume with my latest activities.

Social Media is new thing and I am really enjoying to be part of it. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Feedreader are my latest interests. Here is my web presence in social media.

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You can hire me through my company, read the details of here.

Best thing about my job is I can work from office as well as from home office. Find me in action at home office.

Pinal at Home Office

Pinal at Home Office

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The Poll – What is Your Favorite Database?

What is Your Favorite Database?

I have been listening so many different answer to question of favorite database. I would like to know what is favorite database of SQLAuthority.com readers. I encourage all of you to participate in this poll. It is very quick poll and takes a second.

A gift of USB drive will be provided to user who will also add comment discussing this subject matter. I encourage to send emails to your friends to participate in poll. I am hopping this poll becomes landmark poll for people who are finding answer to favorite database.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Milestone of 6 Million Visits – 60 Lak Visits – Search and Job

Today SQLAuthority.com has completed 6 Million Visits. In 2 years 3 months miles stone of 6 million visits has been crossed.

I want to thank all of my readers for their continuous support and help.

On milestone of 6 million visits I want to announce small gratitude towards my readers who are continuously participating on this blog. I will be sending small surprise to all the readers who have been consistently participating on this blog. Those who have occasional participated with comments, suggestion or articles, I suggest them to participate more to get the surprise.

Additionally, on this occasion I want to give early heads up about new development on this blog. I am planning to start giving away encouraging gifts to regular participates of this blog, the details of this event will be posted very soon on this blog.

Again, I want to thank all of you who made this SQL journey one successful journey.

There are more than 800+ articles on this blog site and there are good chance that your question is answered already. I suggest that you try custom SQLAuthority Search which exclusively Search @ SQLAuthority.com site.

If you are looking for SQLAuthority specific downloads, I suggest visiting Download @ SQLAuthority.com and download all the important downloads. I have updated all of them recently so if you have downloaded them a week ago, I suggest to download them again and keep it for easy reference.

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