SQL SERVER – Reset SA Password – SQL in Sixty Seconds #066

It has been quite a long time since I posted SQL in Sixty Seconds Video. Here we are back with the new video.

One of the most popular question, I often receive is very similar to following:

“How do I reset the password for SA username?”

“I have forgotten the SA password, what should I do?”

“Our DBA just left the job and now noone knows how to reset the SA password. Please help.”


Honestly, it is pretty simple to reset the password for SA username. You just have to login to the system where your SQL Server is installed. Open SQL Server Management Studio and login with the help of Windows Authentication. As local system is the admin of the SQL Server, you will get access with administration privileges. Now, open the database, expand Security >> Login folder and right click over SA username. Now, it will bring up the screen where you can change the password for SA.

SQL in Sixty Seconds Video

I have attempted to explain the same subject in simple words over in following video.

Action Item

Here are the blog posts I have previously written on the subject of SA password. You can read it over here:

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

One thought on “SQL SERVER – Reset SA Password – SQL in Sixty Seconds #066

  1. I like this. Simple solution for what at first might seem to be a scary problem. Thank you for that. Should be noted that you need to be an administrator to be able to do this. (I know, should go without saying, but still…)


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