SQLAuthority News – An Amazing Event – Presented at North India’s Largest Conference C Sharp Corner

There are few feelings which are hard to describe in words. Here is one of the such post.

Team Work

Earlier last month, I attended one of the largest conference in North India – C Sharp Corner Annual Event. This event is the brainchild of Mahesh Chand and Dhananjay Kumar. These two gentlemen are amazing people. There is one thing common between them – love for people and passion for technology. I think it is such a great combination – they together build such a vibrant community which thrives to build a harmony in the developer’s eco-system.

A great audience

Six Years Ago – History Lesson 1

Pinal and Mahesh

I was new in the community and I came across a community celebrity in Seattle, when I was standing in the corner of a big hall. I did not know anyone and he walked to me and said – “Hey Pinal, I am thinking of building a community platform which helps developers to progress in their career, when I do, will you join us?“. He was known for his famous site CSharp Corner and mentor in the community. I knew him, but I never knew that he also knows me by name. Such a delight. I said – “Yes, sir, I will.” Six years passed and we never met again, however, we exchanged quite a few emails and talked on the phone but never met. The conversation never came up again about working together in community. This guy was none other than Mahesh Chand.

Four Years Ago – History Lesson 2

Pinal and Dhananjay Kumar (DJ)

Four years ago, I met a guy, who just wanted to make a difference in the world. He was driven with all the good qualities of a good human. He wanted to give back to the community and build a place where everyone can learn and explore the wonders of the technology. He just wanted to contribute and make a positive impact on people’s life and career. This guy is selfless, kind of Yogi (ascetic practitioners of meditation, a learned one), and full of energy. He asked – “Hey Pinal Sir, I am thinking of building a community platform which helps developers to progress in their career, when I do, will you join us?“. I knew him, but I never knew that he is going to ask me such an interesting question. I said – “Yes, I will.” In the last four years, we met quite a lot of time and talked about pretty much everything under the blue sky but never talked about any event or conference. This guy grew from a merely a passionate developer to mentors to thousands of young people. He becomes role model of youth who wants to make a difference in the developer community. This guy was none other than Dhananjay Kumar (commonly known as DJ or Debug_Mode). 

Presenting at C Sharp Corner Annual Event 2014

Fast Forward – A Month Ago

Something interesting happens. I woke up early morning and I read email, it was from DJ, telling me to call him back. I called him up.

DJ: Sir, remember your promise?
Pinal: Which one? Remind me please.
DJ: The one where you said, you will be with me when I try to give back something to the community in the best possible way.
Pinal: Well, that you have done for last many years, I have been with you always.
DJ: Great, then you are coming to C Sharp Corner, the largest technology conference of North India.
Pinal: I guess, I am joining.

Presenting at C Sharp Corner Event

I said yes to DJ. The next day I receive email from Mahesh Chand. It was very short but something about it touched my heart.

“Pinal, I expect that you join us in our efforts to give back to the community. You once said you will join, I guess, you will join as you said it.”

I replied – “I guess, I am joining.”

Fast Forward – Two Weeks Ago

There was energy in the environment. People were flowing from every corner of the India. Delhi seems to be the hottest destination for developers across pan India. When I was flying from Bangalore. I had quite a few people along with me traveling towards to Delhi. I was amazed with the passion of people traveling towards to Delhi. It seemed at the point that all the roads lead to Delhi. I was delighted looking at the positive energy of the life. It seemed to me that the entire world is conspiring to make this event successful.

Presenting session on “How to be a successful speaker”

This event was of two days. The first day was exclusive for C Sharp Corner Chaper Leaders and the second day was for everybody. The first day, I was asked to present on the subject of “How to be a successful speaker?” I think it was a very much humbling experience as everybody there was an amazing speaker and I was asked to present in front of them. I just went with my natural flow and shared my experiences. I learned a lots of new insight from Mahesh Chand, Dhananjay Kumar, Gaurav Mantri and Prabhjot Singh Bakshi.

Gaurav Mantri, Pinal Dave and Prabhjot Singh Bakshi

The next day was an even bigger day – there were about 850+ developers attending this event. Every single person was there to learn and explore new technology. This event had amazing lineup of the speakers.

The story of Joins

I presented on three different topics – Story of SQL Joins, Indexes – The Unsung Hero, T-SQL Worst Practices. It was a blast for me. I never had such a great response to my sessions. Every single person in the event was full of energy. When I remember the event, I still feel the great vibe of energy which prevailed at the event.

Let’s Rock!

Conference Director and Speakers

The biggest reason behind any successful conference is the Conference Director/Chair of the event. Dhananjay was a conference director this event. He amazed everybody with his tireless energy and attention to detail. Every single thing about this event was planned and executed to perfection. Speakers were picked up from the airport to the surprise gift package for every delegate. This event was mastered with great precision details. Dhananjay spent hours and hours of his personal time in this event and built a successful platform where everybody wins. Truly, he has mastered the art of giving back to the community.

DJ is giving guidance to Pinal about Conference

Here is one example of his simplicity  – the event had received way higher response than what we had expected. At point we ran out of chairs to sit. DJ noticed it and immediately gave up his own chair for attendees of the event. He called up his friends and asked to arrange more chairs, while he was sitting on the floor. He is such a simple person who put the interest of others first. Hats Off!

Indexes – The Unsung Hero

Another important task of Conferance Director was to pick up the best speakers. This event had one of the best speaker line up I have ever seen in my life.

Mahesh Chand and Dhanajay Kumar – I have talked a lot about them and the entire world knows this international speakers so I will not write anything more.

Gaurav Mantri – He is an amazing speaker and I was fortunate to hear them very first time in my life. He has the skills to make a complex subject easy. One of the masters of Azure and greatest friend of community. I think there is no better speaker than Gaurav to present on Azure and cloud.

Fun Unlimited

Prabhjot Singh Bakshi – I know him for quite a while. He is one of the best experts in .NET. A unique, humorous attitude towards technology made us engaged throughout his session.

Suchit Khanna and Pinal Dave

Suchit Khanna and Brij Mishra – My new friends from Delhi, I spent quite a while with them while I was there and learned a lot with regards to life and its lessons.

Pinal Dave and Brij Mishra

I must congratulate Dhananjay Kumar for this amazing event.

Interview Time

Final Note

I think this was one of the best event I had attended a special thanks to Mahesh, Dhananjay, Dinesh, Praveen, Maneesh and the entire team of the C Sharp Corner. You guys made this event a huge success. If there is one event must not miss in their lifetime – this is the event. It is not an event – it is gathering of family – a truly unique experience. This conference is part of my life, I will be always there.

The best event ever!

Here is official recap to the event.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

15 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – An Amazing Event – Presented at North India’s Largest Conference C Sharp Corner

  1. Thanks for support sir ! your energy and passion inspire us !! This event was never a successful event without your contribution !


  2. Great Day of my career. I have attended many conference’s but the energy and passion i have seen in this conference was flawless.


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