SQL SERVER – Contest to Win Amazon Card – Experience Cloud Data Management System (CDMS) and NuoDB

The world of database is changing. The traditional client server installation on premises still has a place in many organizations but many of these organizations are facing challenges with this setup setup as their data is growing exponentially every day. Well, as time changes the innovation is required. If you are reading this blog, you might have attended the announcement of the NuoDB General Availability. The event was highly attended and there was lots of interest for the product.

NuoDB has announced the general availability of NuoDB Starlings Release (V 1.0) – the industry’s first and only Cloud Data Management System (CDMS). I have just downloaded their product and trying out various features, they promised. I will be writing a detailed blog post as we go further on various aspects of the product.

There are two different editions of the product available – the Developer and Pro Editions.

Developer Editions (FREE)

This edition allows users to develop NuoDB apps at full throttle without restrictions on data size or number of hosts.  There is no charge associated with this edition. Additionally, it allows user to upgrade to pro edition when they are ready for commercial deployment. Register & Download  the Developer Edition today for FREE.

Pro Edition

This edition is very robust edition and it can handle millions of transactions per second, a huge number of concurrent users and Big Data on commodity hardware. And it’s free for apps that demand high transactional throughput with low storage requirements.


Here is good news – you can join me with the evaluation of the product. I am going to download the product and test various aspects of the product, you can do the same.

The good folks at NuoDB will give USD 10 Amazon Card to first 25 folks who download this product between now and Jan 31, 2013 11:59 PM EST.

Additionally, here is a bonus question for you – What is the maximum data storage capacity of Pro Edition? Leave a comment and you may win something really cool from me.

Here’s a few reasons I am finding this product interesting:

  • Elastic scalability built for the cloud.
    NuoDB scales elastically to improve transactions per second performance and handle both massive concurrency and data volume. Out and in; by simply adding or removing nodes.
  • 100% SQL, 100% ACID, 0% Hassle.
    This brand new CDMS has all of the features you want (like elastically scalable in the cloud with 100% ACID guarantees and SQL compliance) and none of the things you don’t (like complex database administration tasks).
  • Blistering Performance.
    NuoDB exceeds 1 million transactions per second in YCSB benchmark, all on inexpensive commodity hardware.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

18 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Contest to Win Amazon Card – Experience Cloud Data Management System (CDMS) and NuoDB

  1. Downloaded to evaluate the product today. Will provide any feedback that is not yet posted once I overcome.

    Coming to the answer for the question, Max storage capacity of Pro Edition is no restriction (To make it measurable, NuoDB Team have provided it as multi-peta bytes) :)


  2. Its up to multi-petabytes means you can add as much storage as you need.
    we can say that its unlimited OR its storage limit up to memory of cloud server


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