SQL SERVER – Get Free Books on While Learning SQL Server 2012 Error Handling

Fans of this blog are aware that I have recently released my new books SQL Server Functions and SQL Server 2012 Queries. The books are available in market in limited edition but you can avail them for free on Wednesday Nov 14, 2012. Not only they are free but you can additionally learn SQL Server 2012 Error Handling as well.

My book’s co-author Rick Morelan is presenting a webinar tomorrow on SQL Server 2012 Error Handling.

Here is the brief abstract of the webinar:

People are often shocked when they see the demo in this talk where the first statement fails and all other statements still commit. For example, did you know that BEGIN TRANCOMMIT TRAN is not enough to make everything work together? These mistakes can still happen to you in SQL Server 2012 if you are not aware of the options. Rick Morelan, creator of Joes2Pros, will teach you how to predict the Error Action and control it with & without structured error handling.

Register for the webinar now to learn:

  • How to predict the Error Action and control it
  • Nuances between successful and failing SQL statements
  • Essential SQL Server 2012 configuration options
Register for the Webinar and be present during the webinar. My co-author will announce a winner (may be more than 1 winner) during the session. If you are present during the session – you are eligible to win the book.
The webinar is scheduled for 2 different times to accommodate various time zones. 1) 10am ET/7am PT 2) 1pm ET/11am PT. Each webinar will have their own winner. You can increase your chances by attending both the webinars. Do not miss this opportunity and register for the webinar right now.
The recordings of the webinar may not be available.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

8 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Get Free Books on While Learning SQL Server 2012 Error Handling

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  2. hello sir i have use sql server express edition. but i want to export and import function please send me query to import and export fuction in excel and ms-access.
    i want to create backup in sql server express edition. i want to take backup with query not to optional tolls plz send me queris related to backup and import and export fuction


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