SQL SERVER – Unable to DELETE Project in Data Quality Projects (DQS)

trouble SQL SERVER   Unable to DELETE Project in Data Quality Projects (DQS) Here is the email which made me write this blog post. When I write a blog post I write keeping in mind that if the developer is not familiar with the concept he will attempt this on the development server. If due to any reason you attempt it on any other server than your personal server, developer should make sure to have complete confidence on his own expertise and understand the risk behind it.  Well, let us read the email which I received. I have modified it a bit to remove information related to organizational and individual.

“I just read your blog post on Beginning DQS. I went ahead and followed every single screenshot and it worked fine. I was able to execute the DQS project successfully. However, the same blog post got me in trouble – a serious trouble.

After first successful deployment I went ahead and created a few of my own knowledge base and projects. I played around a bit and then decided to get back to real work. Now we had deployed DQS on production server only, so experiment on production server. Now, when I got back to my work, I forgot to close all the windows. My manager found the window open and have seen my test projects. He has asked me to delete my experiments immediately and have said words which I cannot write to you.

dqs delete SQL SERVER   Unable to DELETE Project in Data Quality Projects (DQS)

Here is the problem. I am not able to delete the project which I have created earlier. I am able to open it and play with it but the delete option is disabled and grayed out (see attached image). Now I believe there is nothing wrong with this project as it was just a test project. Would you please write to my manager that it is not harmful to leave that project there as it is? It is also not using any resources. I think he will believe you.”

As I said this kind of email makes me uncomfortable. I do not want someone to execute anything on production server. I often write notes and disclaimer on my post when something is dangerous to execute on production server. However, if someone is not expert with SQL Server and attempts something new on production server, I think the major issue is here with the person (admin) who gave new developer permission to production server. This has to be carefully avoided. Here was my response to the individual.

“I cannot write to your manager anything as he has not asked me anything. Honestly I believe he is correct in his behavior as you should have not executed anything on the production server without prior approval and testing on the development server. Any R&D must be done on local box or development box. I suggest you request your manager to prevent access to users who does not need access. If he is a good manager, he might have already implemented by now recent event.

dqs delete1 SQL SERVER   Unable to DELETE Project in Data Quality Projects (DQS)

I also see your screenshot. Here is the issue: While you were playing with project, you might have closed the project half the way, without completing it. Due to the same reason it is locked. You can open and continue from the same place where you have left the project. If you do not need the project any more. Right click on it, click on unlock the project. This will enable the DELETE option and now you can delete the project.

Next time, be safe out there. It may be dangerous to have admin access to production server when not needed.

I have yet not heard from him but I believe he will take my words positively.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

5 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Unable to DELETE Project in Data Quality Projects (DQS)

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  3. user deleting project needs access to DQS_MAIN database, dqs_kb_editor. Just at sql server level, user, properties, user mapping, tick on DQS_MAIN, tick on dqs_kb_editor (delete option then will be enabled in dqs client)


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