SQLAuthority News – Learning Never Ends – Becoming Student Again

From my past few blog posts you may see a pattern – learning.  I finished my own college education a few years ago, but I firmly believe that learning should never stop.  We can learn on the job, or from outside reading, but we should always try to be learning new things.  It keeps the brain sharp!  In fact, I often find myself learning new things from reviewing old material.  If you have been reading my blog lately, you will recognize the name Koenig Solutions.

You might also be rolling your eyes at me and my enthusiasm for learning and training.  College was hard work, why continue it?  Didn’t we all get educations so that we could get jobs and go on vacation? Of course, having a job means that you cannot take vacations all the time.  I have often asked my friend who owns Koenig, jokingly, when he is going to open a Koenig center in Bangalore. I relocated to Bangalore 1.5 years ago, so I wanted a center I could walk to anytime.  Last week I was very happy to hear that they have opened a center in Bangalore.

Pinal Dave going to be a Student Again

Pinal Dave at Friend’s Company

I could not let a new center open without visiting it and congratulating my friend, so I recently stopped by.  I was immediately taken by the desire to go back to “school” and learn something new.  I have signed up to take a continuing education course through the new Koenig center and here is the exciting part: I will be blogging about it so that you all can be inspired to learn, too!  Keep checking back here for further updates and blog posts about my learning experience. However, what is the fun to attend the session in the town where you stay. I indeed visited their center in Bangalore but I have opted to learn the course in another city. Well, more information about the same in near future.

Pinal Dave going to be a Student Again

Pinal Dave is going to be a student again

Honestly, why not learn new things and become more confident?  When we have more education we will become better at our jobs, which can lead to more confidence and efficiency, but may also have more physical rewards – like a raise or promotion.  We don’t always have to focus on shallow rewards like money and recognition, so think about how much more you will enjoy your work when you know more about it.  Koenig is offering training for new certificates in SQL Server 2012, and I am planning on investigating these for sure. I feel good that I am going to be a student again and will be learning new stuff. As I said I will blog my experience as I go.

I hope that my continuing education blog posts will inspire you, my readers, to go out and learn more.  I am serious about my education and my goal is to prove how serious I am here, on my blog. I am a big fan of Learning and Sharing and I hope this series will inspire you to learn new technology which can help you progress in your career and help balance your life with work.

Note: This blog post is about what inspired me to sign up for learning course. Becoming student should be the attitude of a lifetime. This post is not about a career change.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

4 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Learning Never Ends – Becoming Student Again

  1. Nice Pinal…
    Going to Enjoy the Student life again, Hm Okay ..
    All The best for Ur New Career.
    We are always looking your Knowledge Sharing and Skill tendency.


    • Selva,

      Thanks for note.

      Becoming student shoudl be attitude of life and cannot be career.

      This blog post is about I am going for a 5 day learning course. I will for sure share my experience.

      Kind Regards,


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