SQL SERVER – Download SQL Server Product Documentation

Today I just returned from Bangalore User Group Meeting. Attending User Group meeting is indeed fun and really great experience. The best part of the User Group is meeting like minded people and have a great conversation with them. During the meeting I was asked why one has to go online to access SQL Server Product Documentation. I can clearly see there can be many reasons for why one wants the documentation to be available offline. The reasons can be anything but not limited to

  • Company Firewall
  • No Internet (power failure, on road or disaster)
  • Internet Bandwidth Limitatoin
  • Company Proxy Issues
  • … and much more…

In this kind of situation one needs documentation which is offline and easily available in local computer. The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 setup installs only the Help Viewer and related components for managing Help settings. Setup does not directly install any documentation. All of the SQL Server documentation is available online.

Well, Microsoft has recently released Production Documentation available for offline users as well. You just have to download the executable file and follow all the instructions. Please follow the link below for download of the file. There is detailed instruction on how to download and install the documentation offline.

Product Documentation for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Download SQL Server Product Documentation

  1. Pinal,
    Thank you for posting about this. In fact, thank you for all your posts. I can’t count the times my searches found your posts and they were found to be the most helpful. :-)


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