SQL SERVER – Load Generator – Free Tool From CodePlex

One of the most common questions I receive is if there any tool available to generate load on SQL Server. Absolutely there is a fabulous free tool available to generate load on SQL Server on Codeplex. This tool was released in 2008 but it is still extremely relevant to generate the load on SQL Server as well works fabulously. CodePlex is a project initiated by Microsoft for hosting open source softwares.

The best part of this SQL Server Load Generator is that users can run multiple simultaneous queries again SQL Server using different login account and different application name. The interface of the tool is extremely easy to use and very intuitive as well.

sqlloadgen1 SQL SERVER   Load Generator   Free Tool From CodePlex

One of the things which I felt needed improvement was a default configuration. As every single time when I was adding a query the default settings were showing up and I had to manually change that. However, when I went to Menu >> Tools >>Options I was really happy as it has options to change every single default which is available. Here one can give default username, password, database name as well various settings related to configuration. Additionally application logging is also possible through the options.

sqlloadgen2 SQL SERVER   Load Generator   Free Tool From CodePlex

A couple of other important points I noticed was the button to reset counters as well status bar containing useful information of Total Threads, Completed Queries and Failed Queries. I use this frequently for my load testing. What tool do you use for SQL Server Load Generator?

Download SQL Load Generator

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

8 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Load Generator – Free Tool From CodePlex

  1. Looks interested and new to me. But what is this the use of this tool. Is it to insert random data into the database or for performance testing?


  2. Hi Pinal
    Excelent tool!, I’m from El Salvador, could you please write about Execution Context ?
    Thank you, I read your blog every day


  3. Microsoft when releases a free tool it more feels like Microsoft is doing a charity/favor, they have some worst tools in the market, even though they claim they design user friendly tools, anyways.

    To start with the worst is Profiler, and the worst of worst I found was Upgrade Advisor, it leaves you no where. Tablediff.exe (have you ever heard this before), the list goes on and on….

    I mean, I better spent some money and get Quest products (even though I have never used any, but they say “Grass is always green on other side”), they charge money but they do justice to the tool and more important they listen to our request/complains, Microsoft is….. (Fill up the blanks)


    • Imran,

      The SQLLoadGenerator isn’t released by Microsoft. It’s a project that is hosted on a site run by Microsoft to host Open Source software..

      There is a difference.

      The SQLLoadGenerator project was written by someone who had spoken at the PASS conference.


  4. I downloaded the tool to test TDE on SQL Server database. I want to see how much of impact I will see. I am load testing the server without TDE enabled for the database to get baseline reference numbers. I will then enable TDE and load test again. This tool looks like will do the job for generating load that I need for my testing.


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