SQL SERVER – Installation Log Summary File Location – 2012 – 2008 R2

Here is email received from user:


I am new DBA in my organization and I have to manage SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2. Today is my first day at job and my manager has asked me to install all these different edition on our test environment. I have finished installing them. Later he has asked me provide him Installation Log Summary. I searched on internet and I could not find it, would you send me format of the installation log summary?”

I like this question, even though it is very simple, it demonstrates how new job can be confusing on very first day.

I sent him following reply


I believe your manager is asking you following summary log produced by SQL Server installation. You can find it from following location on various version

Let us assume that your installation directory is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 – C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Summary.txt
SQL Server 2008\R2 – C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Summary.txt

Congratulations on first day!”

He immediately replied that I was correct, his manager was looking for summary file in above mentioned folder. You should replace the path of your installation directory with the C drive I specified in above response.

This remind me my first day at job. I was very much confused and lost too. I did not know the abbreviation and jargon used in organization. Thanks to my seniors and co-workers that I am now familiar with the same. However, the learning is forever ongoing activity. Every single day I learn something new when I walk into my office, I consider every day as my first day for learning something new.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

12 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Installation Log Summary File Location – 2012 – 2008 R2

  1. I appreciate your immediate response to Jeff. This post is a good update for newbie installers and admins too. It was really a pleasant one to read this post this morning when i found on my mail inbox. Good Work! :-)


  2. Great post,Sir, I have seen people asking for it in the forum. Recalling my first day with SQL Server, I was asked to configure a transactional Replication, and I had spent around 5 hours to configure that. One way from Publisher –> Subscriber and another from Subscriber —> Publisher, until my Lead told me, I had done more than the requirement…LOL :)


  3. Hi Dev sir,

    ‘Juff’ never forget you in his life, One of my friends also faced this type of problem when he was on the first day work OK that time we helped him some thing but we couldn’t all the times after that he said one day i had so many doubts but i tried to search in online i couldn’t find my answer.

    So Pinal sir can we do any thing for those guys….??

    we are looking for new article like ” Tips & tricks for first day at job” it may useful for all

    Dear all,

    Please post your tips and tricks for the same.



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