SQL SERVER – Free Online Training on .net and SQL

I around 10 Free Online Training Codes available of .NET and SQL Training from Pluralsight. I am willing to give it to someone who wants learn technology this weekend. You just have to go to my Facebook page and leave a comment explaining in one line – what course will you learn during weekend. I will send all this codes to 10 winners whom I will randomly select using Facebook.

Meanwhile do you know how can you generate Zero without using any numbers in T-SQL. My friend Madhivanan has done that and I find it very interesting.Run following T-SQL code – ‘SELECT $’. He has written many other tricks how to generate zero also on his blog.

On another note – I have published my answer for question about SELECT * vs SELECT COUNT(*) here.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

22 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Free Online Training on .net and SQL

  1. you know what, i went to the site at the same day you posted the link for free TSQL, and happened to sign up with the sight, nice teaching. but no in-depth explanations or real time scenarios for MSBI sessions.

    do you know any site or place (including SOLIDQ, where you teach) where we can see end-to-end dwh development. like explaining starting from requirement specifications and then coming up for a solutions, rather than just learning technical. I mean total business perspective, that is real useful for students. if possible you implement the approach. at least give an insight.

    its just a suggestion.


  2. Hi PinalDave–I would like to learn SSIS in SQL 2008, please. One of your codes would be very helpful.

    Thank you,
    Karen in NW Arkansas


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  4. Hie Pinal Sir..
    I intersted to learn .net webservices.
    If you please revert me some link that help me.
    That would be very helpful for my career.



  5. Hi Pinal,

    Hello, actually i am trying to get into the IT field. I am an engineer with experience in Industrial electronics for a long time.

    I want to learn SQL. Do guide me in my new venture.




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