SQL SERVER – First Month as DBA Trainee – Disasters and Recovery

TSQL2sDay SQL SERVER   First Month as DBA Trainee   Disasters and RecoveryThis blog post is written in response to the T-SQL Tuesday hosted by Allen Kinsel. He has selected very interesting subject for T-SQL Tuesday – Disaster and Recovery. This subject took me in past – my past. There were various things, I had done or proposed when I started very first month as a DBA trainee. I was tagged along with very senior DBA in my organization who always protected me or correct my mistake. He was great guy and totally understand the young mind of over-enthusiastic Trainee DBA. I respect him very much.

Here are few things which I had learned in my very first month (not necessarily I have practices them on production).

  • Never compress (zip) native backup using any tools, when disaster happen sometime the extra time to un-compress the database can be too long and not acceptable for business SLA
  • Do not truncate logs
  • After restoring full database backup – only restore latest differential back, no need to restore all the backup
  • Always write WHERE condition when deleting and updating

Sr. DBA always advised me – always keep your résumé ready and car ready – you never know when you can not recover disaster! Well for sure it was a joke. Today’s T-SQL Tuesday remind me of my very first month as DBA trainee.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

7 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – First Month as DBA Trainee – Disasters and Recovery

  1. HI Pinal

    if i have full database backup size 4gb and i have to restore database to server where available space is less then 4 gb so is there any way to restore database. This question was ask by me in interview.


    • Hi ShivaR

      I’m currently studying my MCITP course looking to become a Database Administrator. Can I ask how you secured a Trainee Position in particular, as I’m trying to achieve this, I was wondering if you used any sites or contacts in particular.

      Thank you



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