SQLAuthority News – Last 5 Days to WIN Windows Phone 7 – 140 Words to Win

You can win Windows 7 Phone by writing only 140 Characters. You need to leave a comment over here: SQLAuthority News – Win Windows Phone from Idera in 140 Characters – A Cartoon Challenge of SQL over here. There are so far around 150 comments and I believe that chances of one person to win the contest is pretty decent.

I have been personally using Windows 7 Phone for quite a some time and I really love it.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

4 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Last 5 Days to WIN Windows Phone 7 – 140 Words to Win

  1. Analyze missing indexes with high Avg_Estimated_Impact using DMV. Key lookups, Sorts and table merge reduce the performance.
    Determine unused indexes using DMV as they reduce performance of queries involving Insert/Update.
    Check the fragmentation on existing indexes regularly. Rebuild if the fragmentation is greater than 40% and reorganize if the fragmentation is between 10% and 40%.
    Do not shrink database/ files after rebuilding or reorganizing indexes. It causes fragmentation again.
    Turn on AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS and AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS which would automatically update statistics after query optimization.
    I personally like using Idera SQL diagnostic manager as it effectively helps me in determining bottlenecks evolving from locks, deadlocks, resource Wait Stats & queues, database mirroring and replication.
    Proper database storage planning based on traffic. I feel RAID 10 is good for faster read-Write and RAID 50 for faster reads.


  2. Hey use Idera Tools for SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting & diagnostics ,also to Automate & optimize database defragmentation.It allows you to fix SQL Server issues immediately – from anywhere :).


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