SQLAuthority News – Pinal Dave: Blogger, MVP and now Interviewee by Michael J Swart

Michael J. Swart is a very unique person. I have often exchanged emails with him and also used a couple of his scripts in my presentations (with his permission). Every time I conduct spatial database presentation, I always start with his script where he has drawn the wonderful image of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. I often think he is more of a creative artist than IT professional. However, if you read his blog posts and articles, they are top notch and each article is as creative as his caricatures. He is wonderful, inspiring, creative and most importantly, very humble.

He recently took my interview and asked me some very interesting question. To answer his question, I had to share some of the interesting aspects of my life which I have had never shared in any interview before. He made me share the following interesting facts.

Pinal Dave Caricatures
Pinal Dave Caricatures

Read my Interview

Here are a few questions that I have answered at his blog:

  1. How I met my wife?
  2. Best moments of my life?
  3. How to pronounce my last name?
  4. Who inspired me?
  5. English as a Third Language.

I am also thankful to Michael for drawing my caricature. I really liked it and I am very glad that he took time to do so.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Pinal Dave: Blogger, MVP and now Interviewee by Michael J Swart

  1. Hi Pinal,
    Nice interview and an excellent drawing by Michael.
    Always feel the positive vibes while reading you blog.

    Take Care


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