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I am glad to announce that along with SQLAuthority.com, I will be blogging on the prominent site of SQL Server Magazine.

My association with SQL Server Magazine has been quite long, I have written nearly 7 to 8 SQL Server articles for the print magazine and it has been a great experience. I used to stay in the United States at that time. I moved back to India for good, and during this process, I had put everything on hold for a while. Just like many things, “temporary” things become “permanent” – coming back to SQLMag was on hold for long time. Well, this New Year, things have changed – once again, I am back with my online presence at SQLMag.com.

Everybody is a beginner at every task or activity at some point of his/her life: spelling words for the first time; learning how to drive for the first time, etc. No one is perfect at the start of any task, but every human is different. As time passes, we all develop our interests and begin to study our subject of interest. Most of us dream to get a job in the area of our study – however things change as time passes. I recently read somewhere online (I could not find the link again while writing this one) that all the successful people in various areas have never studied in the area in which they are successful. After going through a formal learning process of what we love, we refuse to stop learning, and we finally stop changing career and focus areas. We move, we dare and we progress.

Learning SQL SERVER   Beginning SQL Server: One Step at a Time   SQL Server Magazine

IT field is similar to our life. New IT professionals come to this field every day. There are two types of beginners – a) those who are associated with IT field but not familiar with other technologies, and b) those who are absolutely new to the IT field. Learning a new technology is always exciting and overwhelming for enthusiasts. I am working with database (in particular) for SQL Server for more than 7 years but I am still overwhelmed with so many things to learn. I continue to learn and I do not think that I should ever stop doing so. Just like everybody, I want to be in the race and get ahead in learning the technology. For the same, I am always looking for good guidance. I always try to find a good article, blog or book chapter, which can teach me what I really want to learn at this stage in my career and can be immensely helpful. Quite often, I prefer to read the material where the author does not judge me or assume my understanding. I like to read new concepts like a child, who takes his/her first steps of learning without any prior knowledge.

Keeping my personal philosophy and preference in mind, I will be blogging on SQL Server Magazine site. I will be blogging on the beginners stuff. I will be blogging for them, who really want to start and make a mark in this area. I will be blogging for all those who have an extreme passion for learning. I am happy that this is a good start for this year. One of my resolutions is to help every beginner. It is totally possible that in future they all will grow and find the same article quite ‘easy‘ – well when that happens, it indicates the success of the article and material!

Well, I encourage everybody to read my my blog – I will be blogging there frequently on various topics. To begin, we will be talking about performance tuning, and I assure that I will not shy away from other multiple areas.

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I think the title says it all. Do leave your comments and feedback to indicate your preference of subject and interest. I am going to continue writing on subject, and the aim is of course to help grow in this field.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

12 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL Server: One Step at a Time – SQL Server Magazine

  1. Hi pinal,

    It’s very good. I hope this will also get good response with in few days.

    Once again thanks for giving Very crusial information, about real time problems and solutions for that.



  2. Hi Dave,

    I really love your blog and read every post every day!!

    The title for this blog is somewhat misleading – shouldn’t there be a hint in the title, that it is about performance tuning wihtin SQL Server?


  3. SQL Server Magazine has very good content, been a avid reader of the mag for many years. Great to know that you are going to blogging there.


  4. Great article, Pinal Sir. I was looking for a series on Performance Tunning since a long time. Waiting for your next post. Are you going to discuss about SQL Server Memory Management as well?


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  6. Hi Dave,

    I decided to be DBA last year October. Your new year resolution definitely would help me. I am looking forward to grow with your article.



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