SQLAuthority News – My Evaluation of Singapore SharePoint Conference

Earlier this year, I presented at SQLAuthority News – Presenting at South East Asia SharePoint Conference – Oct 26, 27, 2010 – Singapore. It was an unforgettable experience to present at Singapore SharePoint Conference as I was the only SQL Speaker at the event. The event was filled with SharePoint enthusiasts and many other experts from all around the globe. The event was indeed one of the best organized events I have attended in subcontinent.

I just received my feedback score of the event. I was very much surprised and stunned and at the same time humbled. My rating are very high and also my demo was considered as one of the best demos of the whole event. I am not sure how much feedback I can share with the community as the organizer did not specify this to me, but I am quite certain that I am allowed to share my own feedback.

SharePointConference%20(2) SQLAuthority News   My Evaluation of Singapore SharePoint Conference

Speaker – 4.39 (best score 4.74, average 3.84)
Contents – 4.37 (best score 4.39, average 3.65)
Demo – 4.48 (best score, 4.48, average 3.61)

I am very glad that all of my efforts to conduct presentations at the SharePoint Conference finally paid up. I was apprehensive before my presentation on whether the attendees will accept me or not as I am a speaker of foreign technology to them and also an unfamiliar face at the event.

I must thank all of you for the support and encouragement.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

2 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – My Evaluation of Singapore SharePoint Conference

  1. Hi Pinaldave,

    Congratulations, Very Good Rating; :-) Keep it up. Any Idea on SharePoint penetration in Singapore?

    Once, I have met Mr.Michael Noel and I would be meeting Mr.Alpesh Nakar on 4th Jan, 2011 who were presenters @ Singapore SharePoint Conference.

    BTW; Any links to your presentation?



  2. Special character(hexadecimal) in the SSIS package xml export

    I am extracting from DATA Flow Task -OLE DB Data Source to Flat File (output.xml). In the Flat File connection Manager, i have created the column (column0) with the data type unicode textstream(DT_NTEXT) to receive the input from OLE DB Data Source.

    The xml file get generated but the file contains the first character as special character.

    Can you pls guide to fix this issue?


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