SQL SERVER – 3 Simple Puzzles – Need Your Suggestions

Last Month, I have posted three Simple Puzzles and I got very good response. I think there can be many interesting answers there. I would like to request all of you to take part the puzzles and provide your answer. I plant to consolidate answers and publish all the valid answers on this blog with due credit.

SQL SERVER – Challenge – Puzzle – Usage of FAST Hint

SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Challenge – Error While Converting Money to Decimal

SQL SERVER – Challenge – Puzzle – Why does RIGHT JOIN Exists

I am also thinking that after such a long time we should have word Database Developer (DBD) just like Database Administrator (DBA) in our dictionary.

I have also created pole where I talk about this subject.

SQL SERVER – Are you a Database Administrator or a Database Developer?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – 3 Simple Puzzles – Need Your Suggestions

    • Every column in a table has COLUMN_ID. If you have two columns in a table and need to add one more. Newly added will have COLUMN_ID next to last created column. i.e. if last column_id was 2, newly added will have column_id 3. That’s why you cannot create a column in between existing one. And for this you have to drop and recreate you table, with new column sequence. Sql Server Management Studio work in a same way i.e. recreates your table.


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