SQLAuthority News – What’s New in SQL Server “Denali”

I was today doing SQL Server Advanced Training at Bangalore and I had few attendees asked me if I can give them review of the SQL Server Denali. I had not downloaded Denali on my work computer so I could not do demonstration of the same. However, I promised to blog about with additional details very next day.

Denali is also known as SQL 11 and the compatibility mode number is 110.

Here are few details about it.

What is new in SQL Server “Denali”

Download CTP1

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

7 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – What’s New in SQL Server “Denali”

  1. Ahhh … You should have called me for a quick demo on Denali !!!

    I would have loved to show them some cool stuff !!!

    I have close to 3-4 posts waiting to get released by next week on denali findings. There are tons …



    • I agree, I missed and did not think it right at that time. I for sure have called you for the Denali Demo.

      I am sure Denali is going ot be very interesting for others.

      Overall, it was great to meet you!


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  3. sir,

    i m anil gurjar

    i m not getting records from a table which has a integer field and not exists value in that table like::

    table name = table1

    field = id (integer type)

    inserted value = 2,4,9

    getting = 1,3,5,6,7,8 which are i m not gettting.

    please help me

    thank to all who try solution for this.

    Anil Gurjar


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