SQLAuthority News – Social Media Confusion – Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Me

No story today – I am sure all of you know what I want to talk today.

I am indeed not happy with how social media is evolving. There was a time when every social media has its own style and concept. Today wherever I go, I see the same thing. Same news, same update and same old thing. I see now a days not much difference between Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. They all have lost their meaning. Here is what I see the use of social media.

social networking logos SQLAuthority News   Social Media Confusion   Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Me

Twitter: For short update of what exactly you are doing right now. Not a story, no game just pure personal update.

FaceBook: Friends Network, photo shares, find old friends and reconnect.

LinkedIn: Business Network, professional resume, job related queries and opportunistic.

I wish that all this social media get their soul back, no more marketing and no more publicity stunt.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

7 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Social Media Confusion – Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Me

  1. Pinal, I dont think social media has any real use othe than marketing and marketing by nature generates competition and eventually, stereotyping since there are only so many ideas anyone can come up with!! Putting it another way, style is not the same thing as soul and I don’t believe it ever had any soul!! Maybe style, but yes when same people get on everywhere they do have the same things to say so that gets a beating!!

    There is nothing wrong with social media except when it gets too personal and too opinionated, and never should be substituted for authentic person to person human relationships.

    My 2 cents.


  2. Social Media are, by nature, a mirror of the society they attract. These social media sites you identify attract the same type and, in many cases, the same people. It is no surprise, then, that they would begin to mirror each other.

    I would wager that owners of social media sites all wish to make money. Homogenization brings more marketability of advertising and a greater possibility of high value initial public offering, should they go public.

    Everything eventually congregates at the middle of the bell-curve. If the thing you liked was good, it will get worse so more people will use it. If it was bad, it will get better so more people will use it.

    If it had character, it will lose it. If it had none to start it will be wildly popular at the outset.

    I think utopia is two doors down. The door is locked and it’s marked “private.” I don’t think anyone is in there.


  3. I agree pinal, the social networking sites are begining to become copies of each other, for example linkedin added facebook like feature of commenting, liking a topic etc…As far as viral marketing (Internet marketing it is a great tool to get the message out…quickly).


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