SQLAuthority News – Spicejet Complain – Do Not Fly with Spicejet

Years ago I had written about the subject SQLAuthority News – Airline Review – Paramount, Kingfisher, Go Air, Indigo, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Spicejet; today this blog post confirms that there is no change in my ranking. There is one change I would like to propose: Remove Spicejet from ranking completely!

My recent experience with Spicejet has been nothing but terrible. Here are the details. I went for a Performance Tuning Assignment to Jaipur few days ago, and while coming back, I opted for Spicejet as it was the only direct flight to my city. I had whole family with me as I stayed over weekend at Jaipur for some sight-seeing. Jaipur is fabulous city and the most attractive part of Jaipur is the people – very nice, polite, helpful and kind people. I am proud that I visited such a wonderful city and met such great people. Such a wonderful experience was ruined by Jaipur Spicejet staff at airport. As I mentioned earlier, I had my whole family with me – my wife, my daughter (11 months), my father and my mother.

Luggage Screening Issue

As soon as we headed towards the Spicejet Ticketing Counter, the problems began. Till we reached the counter, they did not inform us that we need to do separate baggage screening. We had to reload our luggage to trolley and do the same exercise again with baggage screening, and no help was provided by the Spicejet staff. If you know the Indian System, there are always people available to help you with luggage and this process on any airport and here with an infant in hand, I had to do all the work myself with my father (who is a senior citizen). We were finally helped by someone from another airline to load the luggage back.

Same PNR Seating Issue

We did not get seats together even though we reached there 2 hours early. It was very strange as the flight was starting from the Jaipur and there were not much people at the location. After requesting to ticket counter person, he finally managed for us. I am sure he could have done that for us if he wanted to without our request.

Boarding or No Boarding

On right time, there was announcement for boarding and we were called to board the aircraft. For 15 minutes, we were just standing at the gate. Even the security person got frustrated with the ground staff for the same issue. He suggested looking at the crowd and infant in my hand that Spicejet people should announce boarding if they are ready.

No Boarding

After 15 minutes, the ground staff told us that there is “bird hit” and the boarding will start in next 15 minutes.

Bird Hit – 15 Minutes

After 15 minutes, the ground staff told us that there is some technical issue and 15 more minutes are required.

Technical Issue – 15 Minutes

Ground staff told me that they are finally ready and they will start in next 5 minutes

30 Minutes Delayed SMS

We all got an SMS that the flight is delayed by 30 minutes; the ground staff told us that everything is fixed now and they will start the boarding soon.

All this time, we were getting increasingly frustrated.

Continuous False Information

The ground staff continuously provided incorrect information. After about an hour delay, they announced that their engineer has, in fact, just arrived and they will start looking at the aircraft now. This really got many people angry as so far we were told that they had everything has been fixed and we are about to start. When we asked the same information to ground staff, they said this is the information: “Take it or leave it.”

Hungry Infant in Hands

Due to security reasons, liquid food was not allowed to bring in the aircraft and the flight duration was suppose to be only for 1 hour. We did not have much food for my infant kid and she got very much hungry after she was done with her first serving. I explained this situation to ground staff of Spicejet and requested if they can help me in getting my checked in luggage. They said it is not recommended as flight will start soon and if I even go downstairs they will have to reissue my boarding pass, and it may not have same number or I may face “other” issues. My heart skipped a beat thinking about keeping my daughter hungry for next hour but I just thought if this was all getting over in next hour, we will be at home and things will be fine.

Next 2 hours

Nothing happened… No movement, no information, no Spicejet staff around; the only food stall in the airport ran out of the food and drinks, and the only thing was available was FRUSTRATION. With lots of request, Spicejet finally provided a small water bottle and juice. The hungry and thirsty passengers literally ran for water and the chaos was created at airport. When I tried to take help of the Spicejet staff, he said that he is helpless. This is what I should get for flying in low-cost airlines!

Frustration and Statements

The Spicejet ground staff made some statement. I wish I have recorded it to prove what they were really suggesting there. They did not care about customer and insulted everyone as much as they can. They treated us like people in a camp, where they were left to die. I just do not feel comfortable to write here the statement made by them.

Food Poisoning

Finally, after 4 hours, there was no sign of flight taking off. People were hungry and suffering. My daughter went to sleep after drinking water and only water (any father around to feel my pain!!). Spicejet at last served the food to us. We were given sandwiches, juice bottles, and some nuts. The sandwiches tasted really old and seemed to be uneatable. I still ate some and my mother ate a part of the sandwich. We both immediately felt something fishy in the food which also gave some signs of a stomach upset, and I asked my wife and father not to even touch the food. The sandwiches lead to food poisoning and due to the same, for the next two days, I had a fever with a temperature of 104°. The last time I had fever was 3 years before when I used to stay in USA.

With More Power came More Irresponsibility

Finally, after 4 hours of delay and lots of issues, suddenly they started to board people in the flight. I was happy and stood in the line to board having my daughter in hand. The boarding process was dead slow and when my turn came, the most senior executive of the Spicejet, who was standing at counter validating the tickets, let other people get in front of me and did not allow me to walk in the counter. She continued to entertain others and when I objected, she just refused to respond. I told her that in last 4 hours, I did not complain a single time and kept quite; why is she allowing others to cut the queue in front of me and not paying attention that I have sleeping infant in my hand from last 10 minutes. Can anybody guess her response? She shrugged her shoulders! I just could not take it anymore and I retorted: “I need an answer why I am not allowed.” She did not say anything again and let me go with my family. She once again stopped my father and asked why he does not have boarding pass. My father told her that she has just inspected his pass and gave it to me. She did not believe it. I had to walk back and once again show the pass to her. I ask her name and do you know what she told me – “You can complain where you want to complain.” I told her that I do not like the tone of her voice. She told me – “Thank you Sir, proceed with what you want to do and thanks again!” I think I had enough of bad experience in a day, and I just walked into the aircraft.

Pilot and Customer Fight

As if all of the above incidents were not enough, there was big argument was going on between the Captain of the flight and a customer who came in late. This whole hullabaloo made the flight to start even more late. I just spent my time pacifying my daughter, talking to my wife, and helping my parents.

I still cannot forget the remarks where I was suggested by a Spicejet employee that having an infant is my problem. I still cannot forget the tone with which I was asked to complain wherever I want. I am really upset by the service of this airline. I do not feel good writing this blog post either, but still I felt that it is important to share my experience.

Can anyone suggest where I can complain against this airline and take this matter ahead so that no one ever faces such a difficulty again?

My Experience in Simple Words

My Experience in Simple Words

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

29 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Spicejet Complain – Do Not Fly with Spicejet

    • i would like to mention here that spice jet staff of jaipur is very dedicated towards their duties even i can mention name of one of the staff member Mr. Rajesh Madnani who is totally dedicated to his duty and always help passengers and deal them wid care whenever they are in trouble , so if management has some weak points can remove to make their airline best , regards


  1. Sir i seriously advice you to print this article in the daily newspaper….only that can make these obnoxious people be on line and treat passengers like they have to…….


  2. You can escalate it to media. Court will follow the matter thereafter. Once initiated you will definitely get support as you are not the only one you faced these kind of problems many others had gone through various situation ….and slowly you will definitely find everyone raising their hands with you….. moreover don’t worry about the names of the staff(if you don’t remember) as management knows who were there at that time so you will find the staff member who was there at that moment.

    They should know how to behave specially with the elders and the passengers having infants (as they need more care then young ones).

    also writing this blog is the right step ….. go ahead and teach them the lesson…..

    Take care of your daughter…..



  3. Uhhuh. Luckily I’ve never got such low quality service from anywhere even though I usually use these cheap flights. I feel really sorry for you. And I feel sorry for your daughter also. I have almost 2 year old daughter.

    I personally love flying. Even small trips inside Finland are better than spending the whole day in a amusement park. To be exact I love takeoffs and landings so maybe short flights are better than longer ones anyway :)

    But what I don’t like is security at the airport! I’m not a terrorist! My deodorant or toothpaste is not a plastic bomb! I’ve been hand searched five times in my last six flights and it’s getting really annoying.

    Last time I got so furious that I almost missed my flight. I had bought a small flashlight on my trip and it was in my backpack. Security didn’t let me take it to the cabin so I had to walk back to the check-in and put my backpack into the cargo hold. I went then back to the security and asked what’s so terrible in a small flashlight, which didn’t even have batteries in it, that I can’t take it in the cabin. They told me that I could use it as a weapon and hit somebody. So now I’m a violent criminal who beats everybody up with a flashlight. Huh!

    I’m a pretty big fellow (190 cm, over 100 kg) and I’ve practiced martial arts some years. I thought about asking the security personel if they really think that I need a flashlight if I wanted to hit somebody and are they going to strap me into a chair in the plane so I don’t go and beat everybody up. I almost said this to them but then realized that I would be spending next few hours in airport jail and face some hefty fines for it.

    Complaining at the airport is a waste of time and if airport or airlane personel wants to get nasty they can call up the police anytime they want. All they have to do is tell the officer that you were acting suspiciously and you’ll be sitting in the interrogation room for couple of hours. My former co-worker had this happen at N.Y. airport when he didn’t remember the exact street address where he was going to live during his trip. He was almost turned back to Finland, with his own cost of course.

    These days I don’t fly much. I’ll be visiting Italy in October though and I really hope that AirBaltic knows its stuff :)


  4. Bad, bad very bad…
    I assume consumer forum should act strictly on such literal harassment.
    I believe such problem’s roots lies deep in to the top executives and management, which must stand corrected. Such “experiences” shall be answered by them. Pilots and ground staff are merely an employee, bound by their limitations.

    They’re in to providing cheap flights on the cost of worst consumer experience; but to attract more business! I wonder how can’t they understand this very basic rule: customer will return on satisfaction; or its business loss.

    Well, better luck next time.


  5. Can’t imagine such an experience with aircraft people. After paying such a high amount for travelling, it is very very bad. Even RTC(Road Transport Corporation) folks give lot of respect to people at my place. Humm… This is really bad :(


  6. Pinal,
    Sorry to hear that. I will suggest put this article on news paper as well contact ndtv 24*7. They have their facebook profile as well, if you do ndtv.com/facebook…..
    I have reported them about slow working acttitude of indian ambessay in uk and after that i am getting quick response from them whenever I contact embassy.


  7. Hi,

    I really sad about ur feelings.

    Because, the reason is you come with your infant child.

    So, U have a blog to post this information. Likewise, most of the peoples face this much incidents, but unable to express.

    Take action to this officers, then only others correct their mistakes.


  8. I don’t have Air India in my ranking list also.
    My first flight to US was the worst experience,

    I’ll share one experience ( I had many)

    I asked water. the old lady showed the attitude, gave me half glass of water. and I was thirsty so I asked more. and she told me, I just gave you water 2 mins back.
    ha ha ha.. what an attitude. I complained about her. but all are same.


  9. Pinal,

    That’s terrible.
    I think nowadays the airlines are becoming more like buses than airplanes fleets, with the difference that buses don’t charge for luggage. They try to cut their costs in all venues, but their prices are not coming down, and when they are about to go bankrupt, they also get bailouts.

    It seems to me that, not only with airlines, but with any kind of service, the quality is going down to the drain.

    Here in the US, the standards are a little higher, but even though, I notice many failure in customer care.

    I had many problems when I used to travel abroad for the company I work. Luggage lost, delays, missing connection flights.

    Once I flew from US to Malta and due to flight delays, I got there 24 hours later and without luggage, I had to borrow clothes to attend a meeting (the stores close on Sundays there), and in my way back, my luggage didn’t arrive either.

    I’m sorry for what happened to you, at least I traveled alone.

    Go ahead with your complains, they deserve it.
    I wish you the best for you and your family.



  10. Couldn’t agree more with you, Pinal! I also hate, simply hate SpiceJet. I have had multiple such incidents – one in which on a flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad they had served a single cookie (with the tray moving so fast that if you blinked an eye, the hostess would move on to the next passenger) and a glass (small, extra-small one) of water.
    I have also noticed that all low-cost carriers also compromise on the quality of the pilots – I have witnessed the landings of the pilots of Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, American, Delta and British Airways – super-smooth. In fact, I find BA pilots the best. SpiceJet on the other hand has a tough time keeping the aircraft steady on the air! Leave alone landing it!

    The low-cost airlines are looting the citizens (SpiceJet is not an Indian entity). Why not give the money to our national carriers or travel by train/bus?

    Is this the way we (India) want to progress?



  11. Hello Pinal.

    You should have noted down the name and designation of Spice-Jet Staff who said: Complain where ever you want.

    You have lot of patience Pinal. I wish I was like you, but If I was in your place, I would surely had fought with that guy for his rude behavior, but I do understand that you had your family with you. Any action of yours would only had made things worse for your family.

    May be you should write an email to Spice Jet customer care.

    I remember, I had same experience when I was coming from Delhi- HYD through Air-India. But I must say, Air India staff was polite and not rude at all. There was huge delay and they do not want to turn AC on. It was very hot inside Air craft, it was just horrible.

    ~ IM.


  12. Hi Pinal,
    Recently I was having a discussion with my colleagues regrading air travel, it is no longer what it used to be, with all the recent cost cutting measures, there is just a lot of animosity when it comes to service. Spicejet management needs to understand that consumer airline is a service oriented industry where the customer needs should be put right at the top….



  13. May be it is late now and probably you already took some actions. However I would have taken below steps:

    1. Formally complain at Spice Jet (http://www.spicejet.com/feedback.asp)
    2. To check if you can sue them for harassment with a local attorney
    3. To run a campaign to highlight your experience with media and online (Hopefully this posting did enough damage to them. At least I will try to avoid them when I am at India)


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  15. Hi Pinal,

    It angers me to hear your suffering. To add on, those insensitive people could not have cared less for even a infant. My god. Unbelievable !!

    Can you try posting this story to DGCA (Director general of civil aviation).


  16. Terribly sorry to hear of your bad experience with Spicejet.

    It happened with my daughter travelling on Spicejet flight (Bangalore-Jaipur via Mumbai) last month when that plane was diverted to Ahmedabad when approaching Mumbai airport. Then spent one hour in Ahmedabad for green signal to go to Mumbai. Flied to Mumbai for disembarking Mumbai passengers and embarking after one hour’s stay. After arrival at Mumbai, pilots and air crew changed their duties and others came after another 1 hour. It led waste of 2 1/2 hours while she spent more than 7 hrs in the plane.

    Suggesting that you will use other airlines flights like Indigo Airlines, etc in future.


  17. I had a very sweet experience with spicejet. I travelled to mumbai from kolkata on 28th of October, 2011 BY flight no. SG 874 SEAT NO. 2A and came back on 2nd november, 2011 by SG 873 SEAT NO. 2C. The crew was wonderful and helpful. The flight reached us before scheduled time. BEST WISHES TO SPICEJET.


  18. On 12th oct, 2011 I have gone to kolkatta from Agartala by Spicejet 874. We have reached to kolkatta at perfect time. The air hosstresses are so helpfull. They are talking with the passangers in very sweet and low voice. I am impressed on the cabin crew and I want to go again and again by this flight.


    • most importantly characters of many spicejet pilots are not good.one of my colleague knew one spicejet pilot,Mr Vaibhav Sharma,1st officer of the same airlines,character wise that man was nothing but a male prostitute.he insisted boarders specially night time international boarders to make physical relationship with him.if they are not willing to do it,that man became very abusive.i think this type of person is unfit for this responsible job.he must be kicked out from the job.


      • Dear Simran,

        Next time you try to defame someone, google about the profession, the industry and correct terminology. The above mentioned pilot is aware of this fake profile and complaint, and will soon file a complaint against you under section 499 of IPC.


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