SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Cheat Sheet from MidnightDBA

When I read the article from MidnightDBA (I should say MidnightDBAs because it is about Jen and Sean) regarding T-SQL for the Absentminded DBA, my natural reaction was that it is a perfect extension.

A year ago around the same month, I had created SQL Server Cheatsheet. I have distributed a lot of copies of it since I produced it. In fact, while attending TechMela in Nepal today, I am getting many requests to get copies of SQL Server Cheatsheet. When I checked my RSS feed, I realized that Jen and Sean have a perfect cheat sheet for intermediate level developers.

I would like to suggest to all of you to read their post and download the Absentminded DBA’s Cheat Sheet for IntermediateTSQL. It is available in two formats: PDF and Docx.

I just love how the members of the community help each other grow. I am fortunate that I have received excellent feedback/corrections and criticism on my blog posts for so many times. Criticism and corrections, after all, are absolutely needed and make a better community as a whole.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

9 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – SQL Server Cheat Sheet from MidnightDBA

  1. Hey pinal Thanks for all your articles those were very helpful in the past… I just have a question

    Is there any way to capture user details thru Change Data Capture(CDC) in sql server 2008 bcoz I am only getting DML information. Could you please help me in this issue…..

    Thanks in Advance


  2. Pinal any more cheat sheets left??? Can you send me one plz (PDF). I really really like the one you mentioned earlier glossy paper one, but now I adjust with pdf (I print it out at my work place)


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